Are They Really You're Friends??

There are good friends and there are bad friends..... bad freinds arnt worth it... but good friends are friends for life!! friends dont bail from your life when something bad happens or if your not having the best time........ theyre are many problems in friendships... especially with girls (( for some strange reason!! )) friends are supposto be friends fro life or tiddas of bffs or bfls or what ever you call it they are still your friend.

find out if youre friends are really friends for life!! do they have what it takes to be youre friend?? find out by taking a few minutes of youre time to find out!!

Created by: Courtney

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  1. Does Your Friend Spred Your Secrets??
  2. Are they a houlder to cry on??
  3. Are they always nice to you??
  4. Do they loan you stuff??
  5. do you have fights more than once a week??
  6. Do they help you??
  7. do they let you do what you want to do??
  8. Do they share??
  9. Do they get annoyed when you hang out with different people??
  10. do they make you bored easily??

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