Do you know the show "Friends"?

Friends is one of the most popular tv shows of all time! We all have our favorite episodes and characters. We also pride ourselves on our knowledge of the show, but have you ever put your knowledge to a test.

Do you actually know friends? Here are a few simple, quick questions to test your knowledge of the show. SO put you friends dvd on pause and try out this quiz to see where you stand up against other friends fanatics.

Created by: Kyle

  1. Which actor did Joey butt-double for?
  2. How many pages was Rachel's letter to Ross?
  3. What game show was Joey auditioning for, but was canceled?
  4. Why does Chandler hate Thanksgiving?
  5. What name did Mr. Heckles make up for the cat to try to get rachel to give the cat to him during the blackout?
  6. What is Rachel's favorite movie?
  7. During the Thanksgiving backflash, what song does Ross plan on singing?
  8. Who is Carol's (Ross's ex-wife), life partner?
  9. What song do all the friends sing to get marcel to notice them and come over?
  10. What famous song does Phoebe sing?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the show "Friends"?