An Odd Love Story (part three)

Yay part three! ya so Trevor is the football player who has blonde hair, hazel eyes, and great abs. Joshua as red hair and bright, stunning blue eyes. Dakota is the sweet one with brown hair, green eyes and tons of freckles.

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Created by: icinoddness
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  1. Oh my gosh, is she okay? " I dont know, they wont let me see her!" Can you bring me to the hospital? you ask. "Sure thing, just let me grab some stuff." she answers. You get in the car and wait a few minutes, then your heading tward the hospital.
  2. When you arrive, Dakota's mom leds you to the waiting room where you see him crying. You ask him, is she ok? "I don't know yet." He sobs and says, "This is all my fault, she asked me to read her another story, but I did my homework instead! She jumped on her bed to reach the shelf above her window, then she slipped and fell into the window. If I'd just read her another story, she'd be out playing right now!" "Dakota, this is not your fault! Stop blaming yourself!"
  3. A docter comes in the waiting room. " She's stable now, you can come in." Dakota and his mom rush in. She was still unconcious. "What happened to her?" asked Dakota. She had many peices of glass in her, one of which scliced a major vein. She has lost alot of blood. Suddenly Dakota just holds on to you and starts crying uncontrolably. You can't understand how he must feel, but you do understand different people react differently to situations.
  4. After awhile, your mom calls you and askes where you are. You tell her about Madison, and she says she'll be there right away. When she gets there she says her condolences. The docter says she should be awake in a couple of hours but its late and you've had an exausting day, and even though you try to stay awake, your eyes slowly close.
  5. When you wake up, its still dark. Dakota is asleep on your shoulder and his mom is holding Madison's hand and talking to her. You smile and are glad she is okay. Your mom hands you a sausage buscuit and you eat it, glad that its still warm. Not wanted to wake Dakota you dont get up and talk to Madison, so you read a book your mom brought you. After reading a couple of pages, you fall asleep again.
  6. The next time you wake up, everyone is awake and the nurse is checking on Madison. Its Saturday, not that it would matter if it was Wendsday, you'd still be here. Dakota's mom asks to see you outside. You follow her and she says "Thanks so much, I don't know how Dakota would deal with this if it wasn't for you.
  7. The whole day consisted of small talk, and docters and nurses checking in. They said Madison could go home in three days. Everyone was happy to here that. They even had Madison walking by the end of the day. That day you had to go home, though. You finished up your homework, and did your chores. Then you heard a knock on the door.
  8. It was the mailman, giving you a package. You look to see who its from. Its from your friend from your old school! It had a book in it and a letter. The book said What to do if you like more than one guy. You laughed, this is just like her sending you books in times of need. The letter said Miss you! You read the book, its more of a funny book than a serious one, and you laugh alot.
  9. yea no cliffhanger this time. happy or sad?
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