Love!!!!!!!!!!! part 1

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Hello. This was created by me. Holister Luv. This is my first quiz and i hope you relly like it. If you have any suggestions please comment.,Holister Luv.

Guy descriptions... Mike really hot with muscles a little taller than u with flippable blonde hair and blue eyes. Luke full of himself player who actually really likes u bu doesnt know how to express himself he has brown hair and blue eyes. K your best guy friend who is sweet and kinda shy ,but got over his shyness he is the same height as Luke and Mike.

Created by: Holister Luv

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  1. Hope u enjoy this quiz. It is my first one so plz don't be mean. So your 16 and your name is Sarah.
  2. Beep! Beep! You groan as your alarm sounds. Today was the 1st day at your new high school since u and your mom just moved to California. What do u wear?
  3. So u wear what I want and grab your car keys. Bye honey says your mom. But u are already in your car turning the music up all the way. BTW you have a lamborghini. You think?
  4. You park your car and head to the counselor for your schedule u bump into a really hot guy and almost fall on your face but he catches you in his strong arms. "Thanks i'm sarah." You say blushing. " no problem saving hot girls is my specialty. Though none that I have seen are quite as pretty as you Sarah." He says.
  5. Aww you think to yourself than continue on. You finally get to the office only to see another cute guy standing outside the principals office. He is taller than you with brown hair and ocean blue eyes. What do u say?
  6. He sees you and begins to smile. You think his smile is so adorable. Until he talks to u. "U must be Sarah. " he says with a smirk checking u out. " ya I am. Who are u?" You say. "The guy of your dreams babe." He says putting his ARM around u.
  7. Then u see Mike coming in the office. He looks heartbroken cuz weird dude still has you in his arms. "Luke,get off of Sarah." He says. "Can't u tell Sarah and I want some fun." Luke says to Mike. " Get off of me Luke. If u think I'm easy cuz I'm new here u are so wrong u a**" you say.
  8. Luke gets so upset and is about to punch you in the gut. When Mike blocks it and punches Luke til he started to bleed. " come on Sarah let's get u to class." Says the counselor. Meanwhile, Mike and Luke continue to fight until the principal sees them and calls 911 for Luke and Mike cuz they are both bleeding pretty bad.
  9. The rest of the day goes by so slowly until u notice one of your best guy friends from back home is attending your school. His name issomething really long and weird so u call him K.
  10. He sees u and his face brightens up. He has been your bff since kindergarten. He is a little taller than u with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He walls over to u. Says hi and hugs u. Then he whispers in your ear......
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Come back for part 2. Plz comment and rate.
  12. Who do u love?

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