An Odd Love Story (part five)

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Created by: icinoddness

  1. Thanks so much to sundaisy, who has been fiercely loyal to my comments. Also, the other commenters- katanasky, _ViolaLover_, and Wolfygirl and angelic4. I can't thank you enough!
  2. Alright, back to the story. The week flies right by, you almost don't believe it when its Saturday. Joshua's party is today. At nine, you get on your favorite pair of jeans and a silky blouse. You pull your hair up in a ponytail and put a flower in it. When you arrive at Joshua's house, you notice alot of people are here. You are skeptical to go in, but you remember Joshua's face when you said you'd go. When you enter, you hear My Chemical Romance's Helena.
  3. You start looking around and then you see him. You smile and wave at him and he starts heading for you. "Hey Carrie, so glad you made it!" No problem, you say.
  4. You guys talk for a while, then he leaves to let you to mingle. You talk to some random people, some of which you've seen at school. Then, you bump in to this cute asian guy.He has black hair and really cute brown eyes. He smiles and says "Hey, what's up? My name is Hideaka, I'm new at your school. My name is Carrie, you say. "Carrie? My friend told me about you. Wow, you really are cute!
  5. You notice Hideaka has a really cute smile, and you catch yourself smiling everytime he smiles. You guys sit down and start talking. You can tell he's really smart just from the way he talks. He tells you he moved here with his family from Japan 2 years ago. You guys both love books, and anime, and the place you guys are the most ( besides school) is the library. You seem to have alot in common.
  6. The party ends too soon, and you don't want to go home. On your way back though, you see you've partied to hard. You can barely keep you eyes open, and when you hit your bed, you intantly fall asleep. You wake up around 12 the next day, and your mom is mad at you for sleeping all day.
  7. You do your chores, then decide to head over to Joshua's house. You knock, and Joshua opens the door. "Hey Carrie! What brings you over here?" I just wanted to see you, you answer. " Oh, thanks. Come in and sit down. Do you want anything to drink?" You sit down and answer no, thank you. He sits down next to you.
  8. You guys talk about music, chemistry, and who is the worst teacher. Then he tells you he plays guitar. Oh really, can you play for me? you ask. " Sure, lets go up to my room. You follow him upstairs and into his room. Its got tons of posters, all of them with bands. You notice mosst of them you really like. He pulls out his guitar and starts playing. He's really good.
  9. After he's done you mimic an audience. Encore! Encore! Encore! He stands up and aks if you want to play, but you've never played.
  10. " Ok." He looks a little disappointed but then he says."Wait! I have to show you my guitar picks!" He gets up and he getsup so fast that he knock you down, almost, but he catches you. You look into his eyes. His lips press into yours and you melt together. After your done you admit to him that he's the first guy you've kissed.
  11. Alright that's all for now! Can't wait for part six?
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