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  • I hate whoever made this quiz!!! They don't know the meaning of the word emo!!! Emo is about expressing your deep emotions! Not cutting yourself and being depressed ALL THE TIME! You said at the end 'I hope emos die cause that's what they want' WRONG WRONG WRONG! That's so STEREOTYPE! wE EMOS ARE SOOOOOOO MISUNDERSTOOD, No wonder we get upset a lot, we always get insulted!!! And self harming has nothing to do with being emo either, that's stereotype again! YPU'RE SO MEAN!

  • Self harming does not mean your emo. That is such a stereotype. I cut before I even knew what an emo was. Emos who cut because it makes them "hardcore" are stupid bandwagon jumpers. Cutting is a way to release stress and relax, not a proof of how emo someone is. I am not emo and I love cutting when I am stressed.

  • wow...okay...I took this quiz because I was legitimately concerned about my self harming...and I get "half emo, maybe you should start cutting!"

    I am shocked and downright disgusted. Don't romanticize this issue, it's f---ing disgusting for people who really suffer from it.

  • How is self harming good? I don't get it... ur encouraging people 2 kill themselves...why? Being an emo is mainly about letting your emotions out, listeneing 2 amazing bands, and dressing differently NOT about killing urself. Cutting ur self is a big thing not somefing 2 be encorouged. Seriously..why?Get a stress ball or something!

  • 62% cut yourself and you will be emo

    No no no no no emos don't cut, if they do then they do its not a thing. What kind of quiz supports cutting I mean really, messed up big time

  • The quiz creator needs better grammar and, has no idea what a real emo is like .It called me emo when I am scene. S/he told me selfharm when I already do.

  • the person who made this quiz eather knows nothing about being a true emo, or is a stupid poser... im gonna make a quiz and it will be a hell of a lot better that this one you can count on that

  • @xxxbrokenxxx I AGREE!!!

    @Me Myself and I it helps. we emos dont think its "cool" to cut. At least if your cutting your not killing yourself.

    @12723 stress balls never helped me, but when i felt the urge to, i cut soap.\

  • The person that made this quiz doesnt kno anything about being emo. That poser. Just becuz u self harm doesnt make you emo. -.- waste of my time

  • i want to became an emo but one of my friends is emo and then when i go to school with my new look she will say that I'm a copiy cater.and i have a boyfirend.Whay happens if he doesn't like me for my new look.

    Should i became an EMO ?????????????????

  • I'm emo, who knew? Oh right I did, my parents do, everyone does! I cut myself who cares?

  • this quiz doesnt explain emo not all emos cut i do on occation but to release my feelings and i love to wear black and bright colors .......... and lovegirl123 i think f--- what other people if you wanna be emo then do it and if ur boyfriend complains then tell him this is who you want to be and if he doesnt like it then oh well thi is who i am

  • Ehhhh

    Well I am sorta emo and have selfed harmed but telling me to do it more is harsh bro

  • what the HELL is this? You are telling people to self harm if they want to be emo, do NOT put a message like that out!

  • 52% emo!

  • i dnt see y cuttin yourself is cool and i wudnt be proud 2 do it. i dnt hate emos but i wud neva turn 1 miself!

    Me Myself and I
  • 52%
    Its coz I self harmed
    So what !!!!!!!!!


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