Am I Emo? the quizz

There are many vertions of emo, but are you TRULY emo? this quizz will test you on being an emo? now go and find out... are YOU emo?? Do you cry yourself to sleep? do you write poetry, all these factors add up in the emo quizz, maybe someday you will be emo, unless you are emo alwready.

Emo's are awesome, well i say that because i AM emo and i scored 100% on most quizzes, so be emo and complete the quizz!! i hope you get the answer you want and im kinda mumbling now because my internets broke, *cry*

Created by: Aaron
  1. What style is your hair?
  2. What colour is your hair?
  3. Do you wear make-up?
  4. Do you have an up to date diary?
  5. Have you painted your nails black?
  6. What clothes do you wear?
  7. what does your passport photo look like?
  8. what do you do in your free time
  9. Where do you self harm?
  10. what kinda girl/boyfriend do you have?
  11. Are you straight?
  12. if you went to a show/concert, what would be the first thing you would do?

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