What heros of Olympus charcuterie are you?

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This is a quizz to find out what hero of Olympus you are I’m a new quizz maker pls no hate if it’s not what you expected enjoy the quizz please!!!!!!!

I tried to make it as accurate as possible please do answer honestly don’t try and get what one you wanted to get it will ruin the hole point of this!

Created by: Shemeve1111
  1. Hi I’m a new quiz maker so pls no hate i know it’s not going to be that good...... ARE YOU READY? (Does not effect results)
  2. Who do you want to be your godly parent
  3. Me: piper want to ask a questionPiper: sure! Who would be you boyfriend NOT JASON!
  4. Me:Jason wanna ask oneJason: okay *hides behind me* what’s your favorite Color!?
  5. Me: Percy wanna ask one?Percy: yea? If you could control one element what would it be?
  6. Me: Leo wanna ask one. Leo: you forgot me so no way Jhosé! Hazel:ohh me! Okay what your fave food
  7. Sorry it’s short but i hope you liked it
  8. Haha need 10 question
  9. Hope you enjoy

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Quiz topic: What heros of Olympus charcuterie am I?