Whos your Heros of Olympus Boyfriend?

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Who’s your Heros Of Olympus Boyfriend? You may not get the awnser you like i tried to make it accurate! Hope you like it! Hope you like it and you resaults

There is 8 questions and two that does not effect your awnser. You can get, Nico,Percy,Leo,Jason,Frank, And Will! ENJOY THE QUIZZZZ I MADE IT ACURATE I THINK!

Created by: Shmeve1111

  1. (Don’t Hate Me) What’s Your Favorite Color
  2. Who would you like to be your godly parent
  3. Who Would you Most like To be your boyfriend
  4. What’s your ideal first date
  5. Are you Greek Or Roman
  6. Demigod or mortal
  7. (Does not effect awnser) how was the quiz?
  8. Camp half blood or Camp Jupiter? Which is better
  9. What weapon do you use?
  10. Have a good day

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Quiz topic: Whos my Heros of Olympus Boyfriend?