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"Friends" is an amazing TV programme! And I hope you can take the time out of your day to do this quiz that I have created for all you "Friends" lovers out there. Anyway, on with the show! After this next paragraph.

Are you sure you have got what it takes to go all the way and get a good score??? Are you really, really sure??? Well you better be because some of these questions are quite challenging. Don't say I didn't warn you, because I did!

Created by: Alicia

  1. Lets start off easy. What are the names of the six friends?
  2. Another easy question. How many seasons are there in "Friends"?
  3. Now onto the hard questions. In TOW The Girl From Poughkeepsie, how much money did Joey have in his right hand when he was working as a waiter for Monica?
  4. Who delivered Carol's baby in TOW The Birth?
  5. In TOW The Birth, Carol mentions the name of Susan's first girlfriend. What was her name?
  6. In TOW Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs, what does Joey call a cow's opinion.
  7. In TOW The 'Cuffs, when Monica is catering for her mum and she loses a fake nail. Which finger was it on?
  8. What are Monica's initials?
  9. In TOW The Cat, which card did Joey think the robber stole?
  10. In TOW The Dollhouse, what peice of furniture for her dollhouse was Monica trying to show off while everyone was admiring Phoebe's dollhouse?

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