Are They Best Friend Material?

Most people (hopefully, counting yourself) have friends. Now, there are different types of friends: close friends, good friends, just friends... then, there are the best friends. These are the people that are always there for you, your shoulder to cry on and basically your far away sibling.

Now, is your friend best friend material? Take this quiz and find out if they have what it takes to truly be the best friend in your life. And, while you're at it, you might as well click on my name. You see it? It's blue, BTW. Yeah, click it and take some of my other quizzes. DO IT NOW. I'm not desperate.... *coughyesiamcough* ;)

Created by: Nikki_Knox

  1. How long have you known them for?
  2. Have they ever made jokes with other people at your expense?
  3. Have they ever teased you about something that you warned them not to bring up again or that embarasses you?
  4. Have they ever talked about you when you weren't there? Said something not-so-nice about you behind your back?
  5. If you felt like complaining to and let it out on them, they would:
  6. Would you consider them honest towards you?
  7. Do they have you share personal experiences with them, but refuse to tell you their secrets/embarassments/mess-ups?
  8. Have they ever spilled a secret about you?
  9. Would they stand up for you in a fight (or something like that)?
  10. Are they the shoulder to cry on?
  11. If you have a problem, or you did something wrong, would they be the first you tell?
  12. Are they mean to you (insults, exclusion, etc.)?
  13. Do you think they're best friend material?
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