How Well Do You Know The Friends Sitcom?

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Here we have a Friends show trivia quiz! (that you're probably are only taking out of boredom) Still glad you have come along to test your knowledge on the famous sitcom Friends!

Some of the questions are easy and some are completely random. I hope you love the Friends sitcom because why else would you be here? Anyways, have fun!!

Created by: PCRRJM (FRIENDS)
  1. Lets start easy, how many main Friends characters are there?
  2. What is Rachel's middle name?
  3. What is Joey's middle name?
  4. What is Monica's middle name?
  5. What is Chandler Bings job? (According to Rachel)
  6. Where did the cheesecake, that Rachel and Chandler were eating, come from?
  7. What was Monica's Hockey nickname?
  8. What was Monica and Ross's Dogs name when they were younger?
  9. What is the joke Chandler said to "Bing what a interesting name"?
  10. What did Chandler choke on in S. 6 Ep. 5?
  11. How many colors are in Phoebe's bedroom?
  12. What is Phoebe's birth mom's name?
  13. What Color was the shirt that Ross left at Mona's?
  14. Who did Phoebe think was her Grandpa?
  15. When was Friends released? (Don't cheat and google it!)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know The Friends Sitcom?