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  • Awwwhhhh your Cedric and Harry are so cuuuuute xD oh oh oh! Draco means "dragon" in Latin and Saphira is a dragon, so it's a perfect match ;) I really shouldn't be on GTQ right now, but I really wanted to read this and see how it's going. After all, it's not everyday the legendary Aria gets back to writing (and I'm very very glad you have :3 it's going very smoothly)

    P.S. Oh shush, you're nowhere near being a s---ty writer

  • @HogwartsLove- I can't believe it. First you, and then Nat. It's so amazing to hear your opinions on my story! I'm actually working on the next one right now, haha.

    @xxblutixx- I'm trying to make my softie side for them. I know softie isn't a word but I like the way it sounds. Draco is going to have a moment in the next one and it's going to be adorable if you're a Draco fan. I love hearing your feedback! (:

  • I really love the way you can portray the characters! You're doing a great job at revising, by the way! I can't wait for the next edition! Haha, but forget about my patience xD I adore your writing style!

  • I lovee the way you made the characters, you are a great quiz writer


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