A Romantic Hogwarts Story Part 2

Hey! I'm back and I've brought A Romantic Hogwarts Story Part 2 with me! (That was horrible...) I hope you guys like this edition because I kind of had a hard time writing this because I wasn't really sure what to put. Sorry if it's too long. Without further ado, I present A Romantic Hogwarts Story Part 2!

You're _____ _____, a transfer from America who is Australian. You're starting Hogwarts and ready for a brand new start, but there are complications. Starting from your third year, here it is!

Created by: HarryPotter_1D

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  1. Hi again! Yes, I've made a part 2! I changed the story a bit, so that it follows the results in the previous story. It's pretty much the same though. Anyway, I still thank everyone for taking my story. I still thank natuhleegayle, HogwartsLove, bluebird, and spotty dinosaur for inspiring me. I also thank, specifically, Aria and 5thmarauder for inspiring me as well. (You should read their stories. Just saying.) I give credit to a TV show H20: Just add water for the idea of making you Australian and a mermaid. I also have to give credit to a different Australian TV show, Home and Away, because I used the name Matilda Hunter, which is the name of a character that used to be on the show. Anyway, here's part 2!
  2. Here's what happened the last time. You came to Hogwarts from America. You met Fred, George, and Neville at Diagon Alley. You met Ginny, Luna, Draco, Hermione, Ron, Oliver and Harry on the train. You and your best friend Matilda were sorted into Gryffindor while your other best friend Charlotte was sorted into Slytherin.
  3. Professor McGonagall called up the first years to be sorted. "I can't believe Charlotte got sorted into Slytherin!" you told Matilda. "I know! She said she didn't even want to be in Slytherin! How could she be one?" Matilda asked, still shocked. The two of you talked about that for about an hour while the first years were being sorted. Afterwards, Dumbledore made a speech. Finally, it was time to eat. You and Matilda were so happy that all of your favorite foods were there, potatoes, carrots, chicken legs, steaks. You began to take huge portions and Matilda did the same. "Wow, you eat like my brother," Ginny said amazed. "Which one?" you asked when you finished swallowing. "Ron," she said while pointing at him. You looked and saw that he was eating huge portions, like you were. You shrugged it off and continued to eat. As you ate dessert, you met Sir Nicholas, the Gryffindor ghost. "You're the Australian transfer aren't you?" he asks you. "Yes, I am," you reply. "That's remarkable!" he shouted. "I've always loved Australian witches and wizards!" "Thank you Sir Nicholas!" you say to him. "Well, I best be off to talk to the first years," he says. "Ok," you say waving good-bye to him.
  4. "I like Sir Nicholas, he's fun!" you say to Ginny. "He's fun, but you'll hate Peeves. He pulls mean pranks on everyone," Ginny says to you. "The only person who scares him is the Bloody Baron," Neville adds. You turn around to talk to Matilda when you see her, Hermione, Harry and Ron turned around. You see Draco teasing Harry. "Is it true you fainted on the train? I mean you actually fainted?" he asked Harry. "Shove off Malfoy," Ron told him. The four of them turn around while the Slytherins behind them are laughing like crazy. Draco looks at you and you shake your head at him. He stops laughing and turns around. "Harry, don't listen to them," you say to him. "Yeah, I know," he says. "So you fainted on the train?" you ask him. "Yeah, a dementor came," Matilda said. "Professor Lupin cast a patronus charm and it went away." "I was ready to cast one on the train myself," you said to them. "Why is that?" Ron asked you. "The dementor almost went into my compartment," you explained. "Oh, but it didn't attack you?" Hermione asked you. "Nope," you said. "Well, I hope you feel better Harry," you told him. "Thanks," he said. You nodded and then turned around to talk to Ginny again.
  5. You and Ginny decided to go to the common room ahead of everyone else. As you walk towards the tower, you accidentally bump into someone. "I'm sorry," you say turning around. Ginny turns around too and you realize that you bumped into Oliver. "Sorry, _____. How's it going?" he asks you. "I'm good," you say to him. "How do you like Hogwarts?" he asks. "It's different, but good different," you reply. "Are you trying out for quidditch?" Ginny asks you. "No, I'm not a very good flyer," you explain to her. "I bet you're not that bad," Oliver says. "Then you haven't seen me fly," you say to him. "Well, you can still practice," he says. "I would, but I'd bump into a tree," you say. "It doesn't hurt to try," Ginny said. "Fine, maybe I'll practice," you say. "Good. Well, I better get going," he says. "Bye," you and Ginny say to him as you turn around towards the common room. You're at the staircase when you bump into someone else.
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  7. "I'm sorry," you say. You turn around to see that it was Draco who you bumped into."Draco, what're you doing here?," you say to him. "I was apologizing to Matilda," he says to you. "You, apologize?" Ginny asks him. "Yeah, my new friend Charlotte told me to do it. I hear she's a friend of yours," he says to you. "Well, yeah," you say. "And I wanted to apologize for being mean to you and you're friends," he says genuinely. You look at him, then Ginny, and then back at him. "I forgive you," you say to him. "Thank you, and I better go," he says waving good-bye. "What was that about?" Ginny asked you. "I don't know, but he isn't that bad now that I think about it," you say to her. She starts walking up the stairs. "You better hurry up before the stairs move again," she says to you. The two of you quickly run up the stairs until to get to the common room.
  8. The two of you enter the common room without using the password because a friend opened the door for you. "Thank you," you say to them while stepping in the room. You face them and realize that it was Matilda. "Matilda!" you shout while hugging her. "Why are you acting like you haven't seen me in years? I saw you an hour ago," she says confused. "I don't know, I feel like I haven't talked to you in years," you say to her. "That's weird," she says. "I know," you say."Oh, Mat(her nickname), this is Ginny. Ginny this, is one of my best friends, Matilda," you say to them. "It's nice to meet you," Matilda says. "Likewise," Ginny says. "Well, I'm going to bed," you say to them. They both stare at you like you're crazy. "You're sleeping this early?" Matilda asks, for it was only 8. "Yeah, I don't want to oversleep," you explain. "Oh, ok," Ginny says. "And the girls dormitories are upstairs to the right," she says. "Thank you, goodnight," you say to them.
  9. You got up bright and early the next day. When you were ready, you decided to go to the Great Hall for breakfast. You walked downstairs when you saw your two favorite twins in the world asleep on the couch. You walked over and poked both of them on their cheeks and they instantly opened their eyes. "Oi, what was was that for?" George said. "You were right there. It was a perfect opportunity," you explain. "Well, thank you for the wake up call. Good night," Fred said while trying to go back to sleep. You look over your shoulder and see a cup of water. You decide to use that water to wake them up. They both put their heads down again and tried to sleep, even though classes start in a few hours. Since you are a mermaid, you used it to your advantage. You straightened your arm and forced your hand to go up, like you were raising your hand, only your arm was straight. You did that towards the cup of water to make the water so cold that it's almost frozen but is still in liquid form. You then kept your arm straight but moved your fingers closer together, letting you move the water. The moved the water so it was above both of their faces. Then you relaxed your arm and laughed as the cold water dropped on their faces.
  10. "Ok, we're up!" George said. "You realize we're going to get you back right?" Fred asked. "Sure," you say. You head towards the exit when you bump into someone. "Sorry," they say. You look and see it's Neville. "Oh, sorry Neville. I seem to be bumping into people a lot," you say to him. "That's ok," he says. "Are you heading down for breakfast?" he asks you. "Yeah, I want to make sure I eat before I start classes," you say. "Oh, well I have to get something from upstairs so I'll see you later," he says. "Ok, see you," you say as you walk out of the room. As you enter the Great Hall, you see Charlotte and a girl behind you. "Good morning Charlotte, how are you?" you ask her. "Oh hi _____. I'm good. You?" she says. "I'm hungry, but I'm good," you reply. "_____, this is my new friend Pansy," she says to you. "Pansy, this is my best friend _____," Charlotte says to her. "It's nice to meet you Pansy," you say to her. "Same," she says. "You seem like a good friend," Pansy tells you. "Thank you. You seem like a good friend too," you say to her. "I'm glad you're getting along," Charlotte says to you and Pansy. "Charlotte, is it true you told Draco to apologize to Matilda and I?" you ask Charlotte. "No, why?" she asks you. "Well, I saw him and he said he apologized to Matilda and I because you told him to," you explain to her. "Oh no, I asked him to," Pansy said. "How? You didn't know them," Charlotte said. "Well, you were talking about how he insulted your two friends, and I felt bad for you so I told him to apologize," Pansy explained. "Oh, thank you,"you and Charlotte said. "Well, we better get inside," Pansy says. "Ok, I'll see you guys later," you say while walking inside.
  11. The only people you knew at your table was Harry and Ron, so you decided to sit with them. "Hi guys, can I sit here?" you ask them. They look at each other and then at you. "Sure," Harry said. "Thank you," you say while sitting down next to Ron. "How's it going?" Harry asks you. "I'm good, but I need to watch my back," you reply. "Why?" Ron asks. "Well, your brothers wouldn't wake up, so I dumped cold water on their faces," you reply while putting food on your plate. "I just hope they don't kill me," you say before putting food in your mouth. "They won't kill you. They'll probably do the same thing to you," Ron said. Your eyes were wide open. "What?!" you whisper after you swallowed your food. "What? It's only water," he says. "It isn't going to hurt." 'It'll reveal my secret,' you think. "It'll be cold though!" you say instead. You look at the door to see if they were coming. As you look back to your food, you notice Harry was staring at you. You quickly turned your head back to the door and saw the twins entering the Great Hall.
  12. 'Oh no,' you think. You watch them as they take their seats. Fred sits next to Harry and George sits next to Fred. You move over a little just to keep your distance from them. You put more food in your mouth and watched them as they talked to each other like they were planning something. 'I'm being paranoid. I should just stop,' you think to yourself. You stop staring at them so you can eat. You look to your right and you see that Neville has taken a seat next to you. "Hi Neville," you say to him. "Hi _____, why do you look so worried?" he asks you. "It's nothing," you reply. "Really? Then why do you keep looking at Fred and George?" he asks. "Fine. I dumped cold water on their faces and now they want revenge. Ron said they would do the same to me," you explain. "I don't think they would do it now. There are too many people here," he says. "That makes me feel a little bit better," you say. "That's good," he says. "I'm going to go back to the common room," you say to him. "Ok, I'll see you in class," he says. "You get up and walk past the twins when they turn around. "What do you want?" you ask them. "We said we would get you back," Fred says. "I know," you say. "Well, it's revenge time!" George says as he takes a cup of cold water and throws it at you.
  13. The water hits your stomach. You know you only have 10 seconds before you transform. The worst part: everyone is now in the Great Hall. You stand there for 2 seconds taking everything in. As soon as you snap back to reality, 5 seconds have passed. You run out of the Great Hall and try to find somewhere to hide. The first place you thought of was your common room. You begin to sprint to the common room. You get to the stairs when you were suddenly surrounded by water. 'Oh no,' you thought. You fell and had a tail. 'Great, I hope no one sees me,' you think. You began to dry yourself. You straightened your arm and began to slowly make a fist. You were almost done drying yourself when someone appeared and saw you in mermaid form.
  14. You looked and saw it was Draco. "_____, is that you?" he asks. "Yeah, it's me," you say. Just then, you were dry and went back to normal. "Is it just me or did you just have a tail?" he asks with a laugh. "I just had a tail," you admitted. "You're joking right?" he asked confused. "No, I'm a mermaid," you say to him. "Really?" he asked. "Yes, but you can't tell anyone. No one knows but Matilda," you say to him. "Ok, I promise not to tell anyone," he says. "I have a question for you," you tell him. "Ok, go ahead," he says. "Actually there are two. First, why are you here? And second, why did you lie about apologizing?" you ask him. "Well, you didn't know Pansy, and the only other person in Slytherin that knew you was Charlotte," he explains. "What about my other question?" you ask him. "Well, I saw you run out so I wanted to know what happened," he said. "Thanks Draco. That's the nicest thing I've ever heard you say," you say to him. "Well, you better get back," you say to him. "What about you?" he asks. "I was going to my common room anyway," you explain. "Ok, I'll see you in class," he said. You waved to him and entered your common room as he walked back to the Great Hall.
  15. As you enter the common room, you see a boy there. He turns around and you realize that it's Oliver. "Hello Oliver. You doing alright?" you ask him. "I'm fine. Just tired, you?" he asks. "I'm good. Did you just finish practicing?" you ask him. "Yep, I'm going for the quidditch cup, since it's my last year," he explains. "Have you made new tactics?" you ask. "Yeah, I'm trying to make sure that we win," he says. "Well, you better go eat if you want to win," you say. "Yeah, I'll see you later," he says while walking out. You go upstairs to get your things for class. As you're about to go down the stairs, two people come in and begin to argue.
  16. You stay upstairs and listen to their conversation. "Ron, _____ didn't know any better," someone said. You peeked over your shoulder just to see who was there. It was Harry and Ron. "Harry, I told her they would do that. She should've expected it," Ron explains. "How was she supposed to know? She's new here," Harry says defending you. "She thinks there so sweet and that they're so nice, but she's clueless," Ron says. "Ron, keep your voice down. She could be in here," Harry whispers. "She's probably gone off to class or something," Ron says. "Neville could hear you. She and Neville are pretty close. He'll tell her," Harry says. "He isn't here, and neither is she. I don't see her anywhere. Anyway, she should've known that they were such troublemakers when she first saw them," Ron said. "She isn't clueless Ron! She seems to know more than us and maybe even Hermione," Harry says. "I doubt that," Ron says. You couldn't hide any longer. You couldn't take the horrible comments Ron was saying. You stepped out to the staircase. "If I'm so clueless Ron, why don't you just tell me?!" you screamed at him. A tear rolled down your cheek. "I'm so sorry. When did you get here?" he asked. "Just leave me alone!" you screamed as you walked out of the portrait.
  17. You ran out of the portrait and ran to the Black Lake. By the time you got there, you were pretty much bawling your eyes out. Classes wouldn't start for another 2 hours, so you decided to stay there. You saw a tree and leaned on it. You were quietly crying when you heard someone calling your name. You didn't want to talk to anyone, so you dove into the water. As soon as you hit the water, you surfaced. "_____, are you there?" they asked. It sounded like a boy was calling you. You swam to a rock and hid there, but looked to see who it was. You looked to see a familiar face. It was Neville. 'Should I tell him?' you asked yourself. "_____ are you here? I saw you running here," he said. You swam to where he was and then surfaced, knowing that he would see that you were a mermaid.
  18. "_____, is that you?" he asks when he sees you. "Yeah, it's me," you say. "Do you have a tail?" he asks. You turn around to look at it. "Yeah, I've had one for a while," you say admiring your tail. "Why do you have one exactly?" he asks you. "I'm a mermaid," you say. "That explains why you ran out of the Great Hall when you got wet," he says. "Yep, but you can't tell anyone about. Only a few people know and I'm trying to keep it that way," you say to him. "So what would you do if I told everyone?" he asked. "Please don't! I would kill you, which I don't want to do. Please don't tell! I'll be your best friend," you tell him. "You'll really be my best friend?" he asks. "Yeah, you're a good person Neville. Even though I've only known you for a short time, I feel like I can trust you with anything," you say to him. "I wasn't going to tell anyway, but let's shake on it," he says. "Help me out of here first," you say to him. He grabs both of your arms and drags you out of the water. You straighten your arm and slowly make a fist. "What's happening?" he asks you. "I'm heating up the water so that it evaporates and I'll be dry," you explain. "We better get to class," you say. "We don't want to be late." The two of you head to Divination, which you had together. "I want to tell you something that happened after you left, but you'll probably be mad if I tell you," Neville says. "Tell me, I'll try to control my anger," you say to him. "Well, when you left, Fred and George started laughing at you because you ran out. They started saying that you would never out-prank the prank master. They told Oliver about it and he started laughing about it too. They think you're trying to be the new prankster of the school," he explains. "You're joking right? Even if they did say that, they were joking right?" you ask. "I think they were serious. That's why Ron and Harry left," he said. You're mouth dropped open as you entered the classroom.
  19. You sit down a table while Neville sits at a table behind you. You see Matilda walk in. "Hey Mat!" you say to her, forgetting what Neville told you. "Oh, hey _____," she said while taking a sit at your table. "How's it going?" she asks you. You then remembered what Neville said. "Bad," you say. "Why?" she asks. "Fred and George splashed me with water and then laughed at me," you said through gritted teeth. "Calm down, remember don't get too angry. We both know what happens when you get really angry," she says looking concerned. You remember it too. You start using your powers, but you don't know it and you don't have control over it. "I'll try to calm down," you said to her. "Good," she says. Just then Professor Trelawney walked in. As she explained what Divination was, you couldn't keep your mind off of what Neville said. The fact that they did this behind your back made you angry. Really really angry. 'Remember what Matilda said. Don't get really angry,' you thought to yourself. You couldn't keep it in. You just got angrier and angrier. While you were thinking, you didn't realize that you were slowly making a fist. The more you thought about it, the slower you made a fist. The only thing about going slower was that you made everything around you hotter than you normally would. You were almost done making a fist when Matilda looked at your hands. '_____, no!" she whispered. Only it was too late.
  20. Hey everybody! I'm going to stop it here! Anyway, thank you guys so much for the support that I'm getting! You've inspired me to keep going. Sorry if it sucked. I would've posted it earlier, but I read it over and decided to change the entire thing so that it would be better. I hope it was the right decision! Please comment and tell me what you think of this! Thank you! ( And please comment catchphrases I can use so I can use it for my ending to make it sound cooler.......)

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