Summer lover part 1

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This is a fun and sad story and ofcourse romantic.Well your name is Nicole.You go to your dads but you dont want to go.He robbed a few banks when you were 7 and he was in jail for 5 months,He left you for a long time and this is your first time seeing him and your 17.You find to new friends well the first one is a guy called Steve.You met by an accident that happend on the beach next was a girl who worked at a small hut your age

This is a quiz That might show you how people might live.Is this how your life is?I'm sure?And While I was doing this quiz I needed to quiz some romantic intress.I needed to think and Most of all have fun and I hope you have fun aswell,bye

Created by: cats
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  1. Your mother sends you to your father in New York for the summer.With your sis and bro.Your sister is 12 and your brother is 9 your 17 and you do not like your father because he robbed a bank when you were seven.He went to jail for 5 months.So your name is Nicole.So your driving in the car in the front playing your ds.Your brother is moaning,'give me the ds'.You arrive at the house and then go past your dad to your room.The first thing you take out of your bag is?
  2. Your mom gets into the room and drops your bags.'Can't I go back home with you,mom'.You ask.No sweetheart spend some time with your dad.She kisses you on the head and leaves.You dress up into what?
  3. Your by a small smootie hut near the sea.You order a lemon smootie.Your walking by the surfboard rent home when a you fall over a surfboard.Your smootie spills all over the sand.You go all pink and then look above.It was a guy with only his shorts,no top!He had really light blue eyes and Blonde hair.He says'I'm so sorry,I am so clumpsy'!You answer
  4. He takes your hand and says'My name is Steve,I am 18 years old.I live here with my mom.I now how to surfboard.You hear your sister calling you run down to her and you ask
  5. You run back to Steve and say'I'm nicole'.He asks'Are you from here,because I dont see you around!You say......
  6. You go down to a small ice-cream hut beside the smootie hut.There was a girl your age.'Hi my name is Olivia,But call me livi'.She says.You say'hi my name is nicole'.She askes your age and you both say your 17.She askes'do you have a boyfriend'?
  7. So while you get an ice-cream you meet up with Steve again.'Hi Nicole,Are you free tonight'?You say'Yeah ofcourse.He says'Well today is a party of my friends.Will you go?
  8. So you get home and dress up what do you dress up into?
  9. You get out the door and well your gone.You see aa crowd of people you don't know at all.There you see Steve.Your walking up to say hi to him.But Olivia is there,He takes her hand and kisses her on the cheek.You yell'What the hell,Is going on,I was your date!Why are you kissing Olivia'.Olivia says'God,And I thought you are grown up'.She walks away.You say'What is happening,You asked me'!He says'She's my cousin'.Cou,cou,cousin?You mumble
  10. 'Well,Sorry Steve,I just really like you and I was suprised that you asked me and then kidsssing another Girl and I got Caught up with my yelling,Im so so so sorry,Steve'You say.He just looks at you and then he goes.You cry of your mascara.He looks at you from the ice-cream hut and you wave.You go home sadly.You hear someone calling you.It was Steve.'Steve'!You yell.'Hi Nicole.I am so sorry that I was so angry.I know it happend to me alot of times,And by the way Olivia says shes sorry too'.Thanks Steve and you walk slowly.'And wait'He says.I got something for you.He kisses you on the cheek.'Gosh,thats the nicest thing a guy gave me.
  11. You Say'I wish I was living here'.Well I guess you could come visit over once for a while.You shake your head.'Why not,Nicole'.'No Steve,I can't.I do not like my father.He robbed a bank when I was 7 and was in jail for 5 months and he left us for years.This is my first time seeing him since then!He says'Sorry to hear that Nicole'.You are right beside your door,And your about to go in,But Steve said'Will you please be my girlfriend for this summer.You hug him and say We'll meet at the beach tomorrow morning,Bye and go in.Hope your waiting for next time bye

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