A dog romance. -pt.3-

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Sorry that this quiz took so long! I promise,or swear if you like that it won't happen again! So I hope you forgive me because how long it took! So please enjoy my stories again!

If you forgive me then you are such a pretty girl. This quiz is for girls only! If you don't forgive me then your so not cool! So please forgive me! I hope you enjoy it.

Created by: Quiz/story teen girl
  1. You heard Athena waking up. So you woke up and panted. She got up and got dressed. She said,"Bye I have to go." Then she went. You were bored. You thought,"Would she be mad at me when I steal treats from the treat bag?"
  2. You looked at it. You thought,"I think she will." You went to your bed and looked out the window. You heard a car pull in. It was Athena. You barked and howled. She had a camera,like always.
  3. Then she came in. You jumped on her. She said,"Hey. Did you steal treats?" You barked. She said,"Good girl! Here's a toy." She handed you a stuffed squirrel.
  4. You took it and put it on your bed. She said,"Jack is coming over." You wagged your tail. You heard a scratch on the door. Athena opened it, It was Jack. He came to you and said,"Hey _______. Nice to see you!"
  5. You said,"Nice to see you to." He said,"My owner sent me here because his mom is coming. She is staying for a full week. Because her husband is abusing her and calling her names. She's allergic to animals with fur."
  6. You said,"Ok. I have an answer about being yours forever." Jack said,"What?" You said,"It's a huge yes." He wagged his tail and licked your ear. You barked. Athena put the camera on you and Jack.
  7. She said,"I guess they found love." You said,"You can stop now." He stopped and went to the kitchen. There was a blue and a pink bowl down with food in it. He said,"I think the pink bowl is yours during the blue bowl is mine."
  8. You said,"I think so to." So y'all ate. He said,"I forgot something." So he went to the door and whined. Athena let him out. You waited. Then he came back with a stuffed duck.
  9. He said,"This is Mr.Quackers." You grabbed your squirrel. You said,"This is Mrs.Pine." You put it back on the bed. Athena had the treat bag. You and Jack were in front of her waiting.
  10. She looked at the camera and said,"I told y'all. They are crazy over Blue Buffalo." Then she handed y'all a treat. She said,"I'm ending the vlog here. Always be yourself! Bye." Then she turned off the camera.
  11. You said,"I'm soooo bored that I died of boredom right now." Jack said,"What about we play tug of war with Mr.Quackers?" You said,"OK." So he grabbed one end and you grabbed the other end.
  12. You tugged and he tugged. Then y'all both pull each other. Then he said,"I guess we have the same strength." You said,"I guess so." Then he put Mr.Quackers on the bed with Mrs.Chestnut. He said,"They are like us. In love and happy."
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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