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Ok, so make sure you've taken the first parts. And recap: 'Alex' message: just a few days of being alone then. Alex message: see, i still dont get girls :( I mean WHAT'S THE POINT?? i'mma com and find ur house NOW. i dont where u live yet but i get my ways. ;/

Please stay tuned. And I hope you like it. I think that all the endings are gonna be sad, sorry.

Created by: random person
  1. June 30, Thursday 7:11AM. Alex message: see, i still dont get girls :( I mean WHAT'S THE POINT?? i'mma com and find ur house NOW. i dont where u live yet but i get my ways. ;/ [Psh, really? I don't think he'll ever make it here] Alex: offline. [Nice, so you managed to get offline. I'm getting off] *gets up and closes labtop* [Gonna get a banana]
  2. *leans on pillow* [Just me and Troy left home, Mum's at work and Dad's getting to the gas station... what am I doing? It's not like I'm nervous or something. Besides he's not gonna make it here] *snuggles into pillow* [I wonder what he's doing right now] *door creaks open* [ALEX?!] "Oh, Troy it's just you" said Alex. "I'm bored" Troy complains "Can I stay in here?"
  3. *shrugs* "Sure" Alex answers. PLANG! *jerks head towards window* "What was that?" Troy asks. "Uh... stay here I'll see. No, Troy. DON'T" Alex yells but Troy walks to the window and looks down. "Who is that?" Troy asks "It looks like he's trying to say something" Troy said making a move to open the window. "Does he have blonde hair?" Alex asked. Troy looks again and nods.
  4. Before Alex could do anything else, Troy opens the window. "Oh, sorry! Where's your sister's bedroom?!" Alex hollers from below. [OH MY GOD, HOW'D HE GET HERE?? He is so stupid] "Troy, tell him I'm over the next window" 'Alex' whispers to Troy. Instead he hollers back down, "She's right here" he points right at her.
  5. "TROY!!!" 'Alex' screeches as she chucks a pillow at him. Troy bolts out the door. "What do you want?!" 'Alex' roars out the window. [Huh, he's wearing a red cap today] "Meh, just wanted to hang out, eh?" he answers. She frowned. And then she points to the front door. He nods and heads over there.
  6. *gets downstairs* "How'd you get in here?" 'Alex' asks him when she sees him closing the door. He points to Troy. 'Alex' gives him a I'll-deal-with-you-later look. Troy scrams to his bedroom and turns on the cartoon channel. *both stands uncomfortably* "Um, wanna drink?" 'Alex' offers.
  7. "Uh, no thanks" he answers. "Ya sure? We got pop and Dr. Pepper" "Hm, maybe I'll take Dr. Pep" said Alex. *both heads to kitchen* [I'm so glad we're doing something else now]
  8. minutes later. "You like Power Grid?" 'Alex' suddenly pipes up. [I have no idea why I just said that] Alex shakes his head and shrugs. "Never heard of it" he said. "How bout Sorry?" 'Alex' asks. He chokes. "Who plays Sorry? That game's loony. What else you got?" he asked.
  9. "Let's see then" said 'Alex' motioning him into the basement. He follows. "We've got... 15 board games down here" she comments. "Whoa" said Alex. "My grandpap gives us a board every Christmas. Alex nods. "Hm, you look in that stack, I'll search this one" said 'Alex'.
  10. 2 minutes later. *both their hands knock into each other and land on the same box* They both look up and lock eyes. "Monopoly" they say at the same time. *pulls it out* "Classic..." Alex whispers. *both grin* "Play it?" 'Alex' asks. "Play it" said Alex. *minutes later* "I am totally winning, why can't you see that? My money is gonna collapse if I add one more dollar to it" said 'Alex'.
  11. "I'm gonna win and that's final" Alex shot back. *she shrugs* *five minutes later* "I WIN!" Alex hollers as 'Alex' pouts. "I call replay!" she yells. "Nope, I'm done, how about tomorrow" said Alex.
  12. "I got you to hang out with me, HA!" he laughed. "How did you find out where I lived?" "Not telling" *runs at him and nails him to the wall* "I want an answer, now." "Nope" *he grabs your wrist* "You are so weak, Alexi" "Quit calling me that!" "Oh, I thought you were used to it by now" said Alex.
  13. "Let go of my wrists, I'm not gonna claw you" said 'Alex'. "I don't think I trust this big cat..." "Oh shut up" *knocks cap off* [His hair's all flippy now... what is this feeling I'm having??] "See what I mean? You just nearly scalped me!" shouted Alex. *just stares at him* "Uh... Lexi?" he asks kinda freaking out.
  15. "Oh my god, I am so sorry. I-I didn't mean for that to come out" 'Alex' squeaked. Alex doesn't look at her and let's her go. The floor suddenly seemed very interesting to both of them. And then Alex breaks the silence. "I don't like you Alexi" he said "I love..."
  16. Ok, now click on how you feel about Alex. Your result will conclude Alex's sentence. "I don't like you Alexi. I love..."

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