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Hi this is part seven of the ~Forbidden Love~ series. I hope you liked it and I’m sorry it was late. I’m stressing about school. I have benchmarks and finals coming up. And a huge test tomorrow in my worst subject. Just so you know I stayed up ‘till 2:00 in the MORNING to work on this. And I had to wake p at 9:30 the next day. So, don’t nag me. Please give me some suggestions about the story. I’m running out of ideas.

Here is the quote for this Quiz. I hope you like it. I tried to make it relate to the quiz. Please don’t forget to comment and rate. Sorry if the quiz is too long. I hope you like it. "How can you simply be friends with someone when every time you look at them, you're thinking about how much more you really want?" Dawson's Creek

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. Left off: You gathered all your thoughts then focused on the thought of orbing into the tall, hollow tree. As you finished your thought, you felt three hands on your back. You shivered. That normally doesn’t happen.
  2. Once you orbed into the room, despite your hurt shoulder and Isaac’s injured leg, you threw Isaac onto the couch, blew whatever was behind you against the wall, and surrounded it in a small, tight circle of fire. You ran to the kitchen for a knife and put on your game face. You were determined to hurt whatever followed you. You stepped into the fire and immediately lowered it. It was the guys. Carlos was bleeding through his arm, Luke was panting and his clothes looked charred. Jake was the one who looked ok. But, he looked very dirty. Your shoulder started bleeding even more now that your blood was pulsing. You sighed and dropped to your knees in relief. You couldn’t make it to the couch. Someone must have noticed the smell of you and the guys. The Streak came running down the stairs and Jason rushed to Isaac and started healing his leg. The guys rushed by your side.
  3. Luke held you up, Jake started transferring energy into you slowly so that you don’t feel it as a shock, and Carlos took out the knife from your shoulder. “AH!” you groaned. He took it out so quickly that it burned and tears started streaming down your cheeks. He winced, “sorry. I’m used to taking weapons out of Luke. He barely feels anything.” You nodded; you were too choked up to say anything. He healed you but it still hurt. Great! That’s just what you needed! The Streak seeing you cry. You felt better when you saw Jason put alcohol on Isaac’s leg. He growled and started crying.
  4. Once everyone was starting to calm down and heal, we all sat around in the living room, awkwardly. You broke the silence, “boys, Isaac and I would like to thank you. You helped us get out of the prison and you healed me. You saved our lives.” Everyone nodded in agreement and Carlos spoke up, “you’re welcome. We would like to apologize for getting your streak into this mess. We didn’t mean to but, I’m sure that talented young telepath explained everything already. We are so sorry we frightened you when we orbed with you guys. We needed to speak with you.” The boys nodded and avoided your gaze. They stared at the ground, guiltily. “ Since you needed to talk to us, the opportunity is now,” Isaac assured.
  5. The boys nodded and Carlos began, “we are new to the D.B’s. we didn’t know that they fed on tiger blood. They were our only hope to a home. They gave us a home for magical creatures like us. They gave us a home for people who stand out and are treated like crap for who we really are. It was a home for outcasts. It was exactly what we needed." Layla sighed and said, “bottom line is, they need a place to crash and they’re wondering if they can join our streak.” Isaac grinned at Layla. She seemed to lose patience after everything that has been happening. You looked expectantly at Isaac and he gave you the “don’t even think about it” look. Then you telepathized, *Please?! After all, they did save our lives.* he looked at you, critically *yeah but they got us into this mess in the first place. We’ll be putting our streak in danger and I won’t allow It.* Isaac never looked at the bright side of the situation. You stood up and motioned Isaac to follow you. He sighed and got up, slightly limping. “Give us a minute to discuss things. Get to know the streak.” You announced. You and Isaac walked into the tiny kitchen area.
  6. He started the argument, “no! No, no, and NO! I won’t allow it!” He whisper-yelled. Your turn, “why not? He replies, “Because it’s too big of a mess. Too much violence” you rolled your eyes, “don’t give me that excuse, you loved today. You love the adventure, the action, the thrill of not knowing what’s gonna come next or if you will die any second!” he growled, “I will NOT allow it.” “You won’t but I will. They might have gotten us into this mess and they admit it. That shows that they are taking responsibility for it. Now they’re helping us get out. These guys have no home and no money. The gang gave them a home and if the guys go back to it then the gang will find them. This gang is dangerous. They will NOT rest until they kill whoever must be killed.” He spoke, “yes, _____. What you have to understand, though, is that they will look for them. This gang kills the entire family. The whole streak will die. You wouldn’t risk that for a few guys, would you?” You didn’t answer he was about to leave when you said, “What if it were you in their position? Huh? All they have is hope and each other.” By now, the frustration was getting to you and tears came down your cheeks.
  7. He faced you and said, “Then I’d find a way to survive or die trying.” You didn’t reply. He thought he won this fight but as he started to limp away, you grabbed hold of his arm and thought to him, *what would Mom and Dad do? Huh? If they found a group of hopeless boys asking for a place to stay and a family, what would Dad to?* he was a sucker for your father. Dad was always so proud of him. He was Isaac’s Idol. It felt bad to bring up the parents but, you both knew that your parents would take them in with open arms. He thought back, *______, don’t bring them into this. Please.*
  8. you were determined on winning this fight, *what would they have done? You haven’t answered my question.* he sighed and turned to face you, *they would have welcomed them to our family and protected them to their last breath.* you smiled, *so what are we gonna do?* he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead. Your tears dried. He led you out the kitchen as he still had his arms around you, only from behind. The guys shifted their seats uncomfortably. You giggled quietly. *you still think they think we’re going out?* he chuckled quietly, *let’s mess with them a little* he put his chin on your head and rested his arms around your shoulders. You grinned and thought, *get your arms off my shoulders or I’m gonna burn them off.* he let you go and took your hand, leading you towards the couch. The guys looked at Isaac anxiously.
  9. “We’ve agreed to let you stay. The only problem is that we don’t have a place to sleep. We ran out of rooms.” Isaac said slowly. The guys cheered and you both laughed. “I’ll give up my room for one. You see, we have a rule that only blood related people share a room.” You said. “Well, where will you sleep then?” asked Luke. The streak glanced between you and Isaac as the guys had a completely puzzled look all over their faces. You both laughed even more and shook your heads, “there is no way I’m sharing my room with HIM!” you cry. Isaac shouted, “I agree. We can barely live with each other. Let alone share a room!” the streak laughed and the boys still looked confused. You waved them off and the guys relaxed.
  10. The boys grouped into each other and Carlos spoke, “I’ll take the room since I’m the leader of this group. Where will my men sleep?” *I haven’t thought of that* thought Isaac. *I got it!* you thought. “Umm, I’m so sorry. I’ll start building the two extra rooms after school tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind but, I can lay down some blankets and pillows in the kitchen and the other person can sleep on the couch.” You say trying to reason with them. The guys nod and Luke shouts, “I call dibs on the Kitchen!” Jake chuckles and says, “I guess I’m stuck with the couch. But, I only sleep a few hours or so. It’s not like I’ll get any pain anyway.” You all smile and laugh. Arturo grabbed some blankets and pillows and set up the kitchen floor in 3 seconds max. Luz cleaned out your stuff from your room and put them in the living room, “hey, where are you going to sleep, since it’s not with Isaac?” you hadn’t thought of that.
  11. Carlos speaks up, “I won’t take your room if you don’t have a place to sleep.” You shook your head, “no, take it. I have a better Idea.” Layla must have read your mind, “But, won’t you get cold?” you laughed, “I’ll take a blanket. I’ve always wanted to sleep there.” “Where?” asked Isaac. “The balcony, or canopy or whatever you want to call it.” You replied. Carlos looked horrified. You laughed even more, “Relax, Isaac wouldn’t let me sleep up there since we moved into the forest. It sounds awesome.” He seemed more relaxed but then Isaac protested, “_____, you’ll get sick. I won’t let you sleep up there. Especially when the date is coming up.”
  12. .” You felt your eyes burn with tears. Every time that comes up, you want to cry. It reminds you that you’re not free. You can’t choose your love because you are reserved for a person you don’t even know. Jake notices your expression and slowly walks over to you. He carefully gave you a soft pat on the back, trying not to offend your streak. You most likely thought he was worrying about seeming too friendly when Isaac was nearby. You shook your head and swallowed your tears. Though, you noticed Layla bow her head. She must have read your mind again. Layla could easily understand another person and relate to their feelings. “Ahem… well, I think we are done here. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the canopy. Isaac, I won’t get sick. I have blankets, my extremely hot temperature, and the leaves. I’ll be fine. This meeting is adjourned.” The streak fled to their rooms and the boys into theirs. Isaac stood there staring at you angrily, “my room. NOW.” He commanded. You groaned, “Fine.” And folded your arms as you walked up the stairs.
  13. . Once you entered his room, he locked the door and thought, *I run the meetings, not you.* you thought back, *we both run the meetings and you aren’t my boss. How many times do we have to go over this?* his eyes were shifting between hot pink and red, *as many times as you realize that I’m the oldest. I make the decisions and you are NOT sleeping on the canopy* you growled and this time said out loud, “I’ll sleep wherever I want to. You’re not my boss! I am NOT going to the date and when I’m old enough, I’ll run away and be free from anything imprisoning me!” You covered your mouth, realizing that your eyes were flaming red as was Isaac’s and Carlos is right down the hall. Isaac held you against the wall; you hated how he was stronger than you. He spoke quietly so that only you could hear, “________, I know how you feel. You think I like this? I’m going through the exact thing you’re going through. We’re the same. Just like we were when we were younger.” You burned him off and held him to the ground, “when we were younger, we had parents to help us through this kind of crap.”
  14. You stood up and walked towards the door. Isaac stopped you, “________, I don’t want to fight again. Let’s work this out.” You folded your arms and pouted just like you were three. He spoke softly, avoiding your gaze, “let’s make a deal: I’ll let you sleep on the canopy as long as you go to the date.” Your mouth dropped open. What? He’ll LET YOU? You never needed his permission! But then again, he would probably carry you down to his room once you fell asleep. You had no choice. *Fine!* you thought angrily then you marched off.
  15. After an hour of sobbing into your new leaf bed, the leaf, that was the entrance to the canopy, was shaking. You lifted it and saw Carlos there. You hoped he didn’t hear your conversation with Isaac. He gave you the most innocent face and you almost melted with his innocent eyes, “may I come in?” he asked politely. You held the leaf open and motioned him to come in with your hand. “Thank you” he said softly. His voice was so attractive and soothing. It was exactly what you needed. You fixed a few leaves together and made a spot beside you for him to relax on. He spoke soothingly again, “Are you alright? I heard you crying. I wanted to make sure you were okay.” You dried your tears and sat up. He followed your motion. You sniffled, “I’m fine. Just a little upset.”
  16. Your voice cracked a little. Ugh! He frowned, “I hate to see you so unhappy. Is there anything I can do?” You tried to form a smile but it came out as another frown. You spoke sarcastically, “yeah, killing me would be great.” Your voice cracked again. “Is a hug alright? You seem like you-” you cut him off as you threw your arms around him and sobbed once more. He didn’t mind. He rubbed your back and whispered soothing words into your ear, “never think you’re going through this alone. Never believe no one understands you. Never say that all hope has disappeared. For sooner or later, everything will fix itself before you. Might I say something?” “Hmm?” you mumbled, “I think you’re pretty. I think you’re charming. However, I know you’re beautiful and I know you’re sweet.” You stopped crying and he pulled you away. He gently wiped away your tears and you stopped crying. But then, you thought of how sweet he was. How cute, handsome and how much he cared. You thought of his heart-melting voice and then you started to sob again, for you could never have him. You are reserved for another.
  17. “It’s getting late. I’m sorry to leave you alone. Please, get some rest. Don’t think about your problems.” He was about to get up but you were afraid to feel alone, “wait. Could you please stay a little longer? I can’t sleep.” He smiled and lay down in front of you. He started to play with your hair as you two stared into each others’ eyes. “So, you know almost everything about me and all I know about you is that you’re involved in a gang and your only family is Luke and Jake.” He made himself a little more comfortable and started staring at the stars, “I’ll tell you my story. When I was younger, my parents died in a shoot out during their anniversary in a diner. I didn’t know of my powers then. I only knew that I was different. My uncle inherited my sister and me after the funeral. He was a businessman and he worked for a gang. I never knew who it was but I knew it wasn’t good. A year later, I turned 11 and my sister 10. We walked into my uncle during a meeting one day. That was my worst mistake. My uncle was in financial business and he had his supposedly, ’greatest idea’. He offered my sister as a slave to the man. Of course I didn’t let him. I fought as much as I could until my uncle said he’d sell me as a bonus. And the deal was that my sister and I would work off his debt until it is paid. Then, once it’s paid, my sister and I would work as slaves for him until we died.” You gasped.
  18. The poor guy. He continued, “The man had me work as his spy for his enemies. I was nearly killed but, I killed them with my powers. As for my sister, she worked as a maid through his mansion.” He started crying and you whispered, “If it’s too hard for you, you can stop. You don’t need to cry too.” He shook his head, “it feel good to talk about it again. Then, I was being chased by men with guns. I was 12. I ran into the man’s bedroom and saw him about to hurt my sister. She was corned and crying. That’s when my Powers took the best of me and I killed him. I don’t know how. He just fell to his knees and died. I grabbed her and climbed down the tree outside the window. We fled to the streets and that’s how we found the D.B. we didn’t become part of the pack until a few months ago. We just followed them for protection.” You were both silent. “Well, I think I’ll take my leave now. I’m tired. Goodnight.” He stood up and left.
  19. You fell asleep almost immediately. You had another weird dream. You were lost in the forest and Mom and Dad were walking towards you. You refused to have another nightmare so you woke yourself up. The bad thing is, to wake yourself up, you rolled over. You fell off the canopy and landed on the cold, hard ground. You groaned and Luke appeared and ran towards you, “____! Are you okay? That was terrible!” you laughed at your action. You’d rather fall off an 80 foot tall tree from the very top, than have another nightmare. Luke seemed to relax after your laugh. “Your fine. Phew!” he mumbled, “you scared me.” You sat up, stretching your aching back, “what are you doing out here?” you asked. “Thinking. I always get out thinking every night. It’s been a habit.” You looked out into the dark woods, “what about?” he sighs, “It’s a little personal. I don’t mind telling you, but, you might be disturbed.” “I think I’ve heard worse” you said, remembering Carlos’s story.
  20. He smiled and began, “It was last year. I was going out with this human. She was beautiful. Her name was Lilliana. I met her in a café in Italy. I were sent on missions and I tried to avoid her. I didn’t want her to get hurt. I just, couldn’t avoid her. I fell in love with her. We started going out but then, this one mission.” He put his head in his hands, “you see my mission was to kill a where-tiger for not paying money. I didn’t know they were going to feed on them. I just killed because they told me to. I was a fool. The man was begging for his life, saying he had the money. He said it was in a vault. I had mercy on him so I gave him the chance to lead me to it. We entered this one room. Then, I saw her chained to the wall, sobbing. U still remember her words, ‘Luke? What’s going on? Help me.’” He began to sob quietly, “I didn’t know what I could do. Before I had a chance to help her, the man unlocked her and held her by the hair, threatening to slice her throat with a knife. I made a deal with him. If he let her go, I’d tell the D.B. that he wasn’t there and he fled before I could kill him. Once I told them that, the D.B. punished me for not getting to the man fast enough. The punishment was the most horrifying scene I had ever seen. They took her. I walked into my room one day and I saw two vamps holding a person kneeling, with a bag over their head. I noticed it was a girl since she was whimpering. Two more men grabbed my arms and they said it was to make sure I didn’t do anything harsh or foolish. They said this was my punishment. The punishment for lying to them about the man. They removed the bag in it was Lilliana.” His voice broke. “It was my Lily.” They forced me to watch. I saw the whole scene.
  21. They cut her long blond hair into a guy cut. Then they slashed her with a knife 200 times. I counted. They broke her legs, bruised her right arm, and stabbed her shoulder blade. They hurt her. They hurt my Lily and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was useless. I was just a spectator. I can still hear her scream. They cut open her shirt and left her only in her white undershirt and booty shorts. She was barely breathing. Then, one man bit her neck and the other bit the other side. Her worst scream was when they dragged their teeth all the way down to her collar bone, and then they drank. Right before they could drink, she said, ‘Luke, I don’t care what happens to me. I love you.’ After she was dead, the men left and I was left alone with her corpse. It was my entire fault. I’ll never forgive myself for it.” You barely noticed you were crying and you helped him up, “I understand this was hard for you. I’m so sorry. But, I’d like to say, do you think she’d be happy if you spent every night crying over her, or would she be happy that you moved on?” and with that, you both walked into the tree and he quietly bid goodnight. You started walking up the stairs when you ran into Jake, “hi” you both say. “Would you like to join me? I can’t sleep.” He requested. You both sat on each couch.
  22. “What’s up?” he asked casually. “Nothing much, just fell off the canopy and started chatting with Luke outside the tree.” You replied casually. He nodded, “hmm…” then his eyes bulged open, “what? You fell off the canopy?!” you started laughing at his reaction, “yeah. Crazy right? I didn’t want to have another nightmare so to wake myself up; I rolled over and off the canopy.” He shook his head, grinning; “Now you are one crazy, weird, and incredibly hot cat!” your heart jumped a little, “thank you.” A silence passed and then he said, “I really am sorry I got you into this mess. Heck! I’m sorry I got myself into this mess.” “Oh yeah, how’d you even get involved with the D.B.? I know about Carlos and Luke but, not you.” He sighed and made himself comfortable on the couch, “last year I was barely changed and I tried human blood. It was a drop of blood after a guy got in a fist fight outside a school yard. I knew I was a vampire. Just not an energy one. I tried it but it tasted gross. Then, I touched the guy and I found out, after he fainted, that I only took peoples’ energy. I was careful. I knew how to control it after a few months. I would travel from city to city until I ran into the guys. They were on a mission. They were about to get killed until I came in and took the guy’s energy. That’s how they welcomed me into the D.B. It’s not the most inspirational story but, it’ll do. It really made me feel special and appreciated.
  23. . Since Carlos took me to the gang and stood by me while it was being decided whether I should be a part of it or not and he always risked his life for us, he was decided to be the leader to this team. I was glad it wasn’t me because he looked like he was going through a lot of stress.” You both laughed but you still weren’t sleepy. You wondered, “Hey can you do me a huge favor please?” he looked at you questioningly, “what?” You replied, “I can’t sleep. Would you mind taking some energy so that I can sleep?” He smiled widely, “my pleasure.” You were so sleepy after he touched you; he had to carry you up the stairs and onto your bed. He gave you a soft kiss on the forehead and whispered, “Goodnight. Don’t fall off the canopy” and then he left.
  24. Okay, so on this next part, every time you see () it’s the name of the guy you like. You fill it in got it? Good. _______ still means your name. I know its long but don’t worry, it should be ending soon.
  25. You fell asleep immediately. *your dream* you were wandering the forest by the waterfall. Ugh! The date! You turned to run away but instead ran into the same guy from your past nightmares. He was still as good-looking but he was evil. He kind of looked that way too. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked. You groaned and walked around him as you called back, “away from you!” he was in front of you in a flash then he slammed you against a tree. “I don’t think so.” He replied. You gasped and cried, “()!!!” The man cackled and whispered in your ear, “He can’t save you. He’s got his own problems right now.” He signaled behind him. You glanced and saw () on the ground being held down by a bunch of where-tigers. “NO! ()!” you screamed. Then shouting came from around you. It sounded like Isaac arguing with someone. You didn’t know who but it echoed all around you. Everything started spinning but all you could hear is Isaac arguing and the man laughing.*end of dream* you woke up from your dream with a gasp. It was just a dream. Phew! Although, Isaac was still arguing. He sounded very angry so you rushed downstairs and saw…CLIFFHANGER!!!

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