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Alright! Part 6 is out! Listen, I just want to say that I am so sorry for the extremely long story and for the long wait. I did rush and I promise you that I'll try to make the other stories smaller and not take so long to make them. It's just a bit difficult, especially with school and grades. Remember, I have to work on school, family, grades, and after-school activities. I hope you like it and if you have any ideas whatsoever, I'd love to know about them.

To betray you must first belong. This quote is from Harold Philby. I hope you like this story and I hope you keep reading my series. Once again, I'm really sorry for taking so long and that this story is long.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. left off: you tried to calm him down and then Layla gasps, "no..." you look at her, " no what?!" you whisper-yell. then..
  2. The windows break down, and the same clan from the attack the other night entered. Carlos ran towards them but he was blown backwards and blacked out after he hit the wall. Luke transformed into a rhino and started attacking as many vampires as he could. The streak got up and attacked. They were doing pretty good. Layla grabbed your hand and pulled you behind the counter and by the stove. You brought Isaac instinctively and she handed you both a knife. "The guys are involved with these vamps. They didn't mean for anything bad to happen. These Vamps are pretty much a gang. They call themselves 'daemonic beasts' or 'D.B.'s' for short. The guys didn't mean any harm. They were so fascinated about meeting a new where-tiger, that they told the D.B.'s. They were newbies in the gang so they didn't know that the D.B.'s only fed on where-tiger blood." you sighed and you couldn't bear to look at Isaac. He was right. He was right all along! And you knew that! You hate it when he's right. Suddenly you flew back and hit the wall. You knew enough to bow your head so that you didn't hit it. Isaac did the same. You looked before you and saw a guy with red eyes and long, bronze-colored hair. He had a long, bumpy-looking nose and thick eyebrows. He smelled like rotten eggs and a rotting dead body. You knew he was a blood vampire. *eew*, you thought. You glanced at Isaac. He had a blood vampire girl. She was really pretty, with short, cropped blond hair, long legs, extremely flat belly, and... Blue eyes, you noticed. She was wearing ripped up, blue booty shorts and a black tank top. Despite the smell, Isaac seemed like he was enjoying being held against a wall by her. You looked back at the beast in front of you. Gross. You pushed him off and readied your knife. He laughed, "Aren't we supposed to meet before we get to the action?" you shook your head in disgust. "Here, let me introduce myself," he bowed, mockingly, "I'm Ronald. Everyone calls me Ron. I like to eat nothing, and drink your type's blood. That's all you need to know." you he looked at you expectantly. You held your knife at the ready, and attacked him. You had the knife against his throat and he was up, against the wall, "I'm your enemy who will kill you. And that's all YOU need to know." you said. He threw off the knife and slammed you on the floor. He had his arm over you and his knee holding down your legs, he said "aww, now that's not very nice. Is it?" you rolled your eyes and bit his hand, which was holding your chin, as if to kiss you. "Who said I was nice?" you replied. He chuckled and choked you. Next thing you know, you're back against the wall. You look at Isaac. The girl had him on the ground and she had one knee on the ground, the other on his chest. There was a knife against his throat and her free arm was behind her back. Her head was tilted over him, as if examining an interesting painting. She showed curiosity in her mind. You tried to burn the hand against your throat but instead it just tightened. You could barely breathe. "Ah! The old magic trick. Fire. I'm... power-proof, you could say. Magic has no effect on me." right when things started to get blurry, there was a voice coming from the distance. "For goodness sake, put her down, Ron! And Emily, how many times do I have to tell you to not kill the victim!"
  3. Ron drops his hand and you fell to your knees. You put your hand gently on your throat and coughed. Wait a minute? Who's the guy? Is Isaac dead?! You turned to the girl named... what was it? Emily! Isaac was under her, same position. He was breathing. You sighed in relief and looked up to the man who saved you. Great, another blood vamp. He had a long, narrow nose, small, pitch black eyes, thin lips, and army-cut black hair. He was wearing black skinny jeans, a red tee, and a black leather jacket. He was a very lean guy. He continued talking, "we share the food, not hog it. Now just knock these two out. The others are useless." you're heart burned in anger and then you stood up and shouted, "You are NOT going to take us! And for your information, we are people, not things. I am not an 'it'!" the man looked at Ron and Ron gave him a "see?" look and the man said, "Just knock 'em out. The girl first. She's kind of annoying. We'll drink her first." you glared at the man and he sort of flinched. Ron faced you and punched you in the face. You were blacking out and the last thing you saw was Isaac being put in a body bag.
  4. You woke up in a gray room. Your wrists, ankles, and your neck were chained to a metal-type of bed. Your eyes adjusted to the bright lighting and you noticed the room features. The walls were plain metal, there was a mirror the size of a large window. The room reminded you of a police interrogating room. You saw another bed just like yours beside you. A person was in it. After blinking a few times, you noticed it was Isaac! "Finally you wake up! You sleep as much as you do on the weekends!" he complained. You smiled. Same ole' Isaac. *How long have I been asleep?* you twin-telepathized. *About 3 hours, ya sleepy head* he replied. *How do we get out of here without those jerks watching us? I mean, I know that mirror is a window type of thing.* you thought, cautiously. You had an idea. He obviously thought it too because he went along with it. You started to speak out loud, "I don't want to wake up yet. Wake me up later." you whined. You tried to adjust yourself to the metal bed as much as you could, then you pretended to fall asleep. Isaac cried, "______. _________! Wake up! You suck. I hate you. Hellooo! We're about to get eaten and you're going to sleep?!" you nodded your head and gave a quiet, "mm-hmm". He sighed, "Whatever... you know what? That's kind of smart. Let's die in our sleep. Goodnight, darling. I'll see you after dinner." you chuckled, pretending to wake a little, "Darling? Ha-ha! Back at ya. Goodnight...Darling." he chuckled and closed his eyes. You did the same. After about 15 minutes, you heard something turn off. You risked a peak and noticed the mirror was now a window again. Nobody was on the other side. *Those idiots fell for it!* you thought to Isaac. He gave no response. *Isaac? Isaac...* you thought. He actually fell asleep. You risked a peak at the corners on the ceiling. Perfect! No cameras. These vampires really are idiots. You opened your eyes and flinched at the brightness of the room. *For a couple of vampires, they sure like the light.* you thought. He was still asleep. You closed your eyes and focused on his dream... he was dreaming of kissing Emily. You rolled your eyes. You had an idea that just might scare him awake. You formed yourself in the dream and right when he was leaning in to kiss her, you took out a blow horn and played it right in his ear. "AAAH!!!" he shouted. You started laughing and he asked, "What was that for? You ruined the mood, girl. I was getting to the good part!" you laughed even more because he was blushing and his eyes were changing between a deep red and a shy pinkish-orange. After you both calmed down, you explained it was just to wake him up. "Hey, you see the buttons beside the bed?" he asked, curiously. You looked closely and found 3 buttons. A red, blue, and yellow. "Maybe one of them unlocks the chains!" you exclaimed, excited. "Yeah... I'll try to push 'em." you nodded. He used his telekinesis to push the red. He was electrocuted. You once again, laughed. Second, he pressed the yellow. A toy hammer came out of the bed and hit him in the head. You continued laughing. At the end, he finally pushed the blue and you melted the button on your bed. You were both set free and he rubbed his head, "that's NOT funny." you cleared your throat but managed to giggle as you spoke, "It is to me." he unlocked the door from the outside and you both took your protective stances.
  5. You sniff the air, "clear". Isaac nodded his head and grabbed hold of your hand. He led you down an empty hall when you stopped. He sniffed the air, vampires. They stink even worse, too. Isaac heard that and he stifled a laugh. You guys looked around for a place to hide. If you went back, someone would notice. Isaac smiled at you then he pointed upwards. He wanted you to use Air power to hold you both up. A wide grin grew upon your face and the wind blew you and your brother upwards. You looked at each other and you had that excitement travel through you that made you feel sneaky and a bit evil. The air felt like an invisible floor. The two vamps entered the room and froze in their tracks. One thing you didn't think of was that they'd smell you. You thought quick and wiggled over to one of the vamps, and then you jumped on him. You landed on his shoulders and he looked up to you mumbling, "what the-" you cut him off as you ripped off his neck. You looked to your side. Isaac did the same and it occurred to you that you did it in unison. You continued walking and found a door that said, "Emergency Exit". Isaac thought, *hey, it's an emergency!* and you thought back, *and it's an exit! Let's go.*
  6. You ran out of the room and walked into another. It looked like it was under construction. The walls were plain, the floor made of concrete, and the ceiling was a little loose. There was one wall missing and no plastic over it. The grass was turning yellow and there was a tall gate with towers in which vampires stood watch. The gate had a person at the door who decided whether to let people pass or keep them locked up. You were already forming a plan to orb out of the gate when something blew you backwards. The man who told Ron and Emily to not hurt you popped out of nowhere. You growled. Ron was holding you against the wall again. "Hellooo! Glad to see you again, hot stuff." He whispered. You rolled your eyes and he grinned, evilly. "Call me that one more time and I'll burn you to ashes, mosquito." You replied. He cackled and the man interrupted, "Excuse me; I don't believe I've introduced myself. I'm Damien. I run this..." Isaac interrupted, "Vampire restaurant?" and Damien glared at him, "House." You protested, "This isn't a house! It's a prison!!" He chuckled, "Not to the gang." He turned to walk away and calmly commanded, "Kill them. Save some for the rest." And with that, he fled the room.
  7. Ron turned to face you. A sly smile grew on his face, "I won't kill you straight up. I'm gonna have a little fun with you first." He leaned in for a kiss. You bit his nose and ducked. You managed to slip out of his grasp and slide under his legs and behind him. Isaac was having plenty of fun. He was the one messing with Emily. You rolled your eyes as he closed in on her. There was a commotion going on in the other side of the building. You felt it coming closer to your point but you didn't care. You had other things on your mind, especially when Ron turned around and was suddenly in front of you. You reached for his nose and ripped it off quickly. He bent down screaming. You felt uncomfortable. If he could, he would cry, but you didn't care. This man was trying to kill you. He looked up at you, "you bit my nose and ripped it off, you crazy cat!"
  8. Then he charged at you and you ended up under him. His knees were on your stomach and hands held tightly on your neck. You smiled, "hey you wanted to have a little fun. Might as well get to know what you're coming up against." He growled and next thing you know, you flipped him on his back, your hands ready to rip off his head. You chuckled, "On the bright side, at least yu can't smell the crap that's coming from you!" Then you couldn't breathe anymore. You released your hands and held them to your neck. Nothing was holding you anymore. Ron stood up, laughing at you, you struggled to breathe and rip off whatever was clutching your neck. This is it. The end... You glanced at Isaac who was on the ground beside you. Emily had a sword at his neck and was ready to lash it. His leg was bleeding, a slas from the sword. You winced as she licked her lips and leaned into his neck. Your eyes started to feel watery, fom the lack of breath.
  9. All of a sudden, Emily fainted and Isaac rolled her off him. He kissed her on the cheek and ran to hurt Ronald. Before he could reach him, Luke jumped on Ron and ripped off his head. Jake focused on taking the others' energy and he made many people faint. After he made the Guards at the gate faint, Carlos focused on opening the gate for you. "GO!" shouted Luke. You obeyed and grabbed Isaac's hand. You pulled him and ran out of the prison.
  10. Something pulled you back and then your shoulder ached. You groaned and dropped to your knees. Isaac's eyes grew wide and red and he shouted, "alright, that's enough of you, bloodsucker!" Then he ripped off whoever's head that was. You started sobbing quietly. You couldn't hold it in any longer and he orbed you away from the gate. You two stopped to rest at a tree and he placed you on a branch. You looked down. Wow! That's high. You rested your head on the trunk and let tears stream down your cheeks. Isaac sat next to you and pulled one of his pants sleeves up. There was a long, bloody cut on it. It looked like a slash wound. He sighed, "Ouch. That's one hot but nasty bloodsucker. Or... at least she was. Who does she think she is? Stabbing you as if you were some kind of animal."
  11. ." You chuckled, "Isaac, we are animals." He looked confused, and then he understood, "oh... well, whatever! She still shouldn't have stabbed you." You smiled. He always knew you. He knew how to put you down and how to cheer you up. A silence passed and you dried your tears. Isaac spoke softly, "I'm sorry." You looked at him, confused, "for what? I should be the one who's sorry." He spoke softer, calmer, "for not believing you. You were right. The guys have good intensions". You smiled. "It's alright. I'm sorry I got us in this mess." He just shrugged. He liked action. It kept him from boredom. He wasn't that sorry for the mess.
  12. You jumped off the branch and landed on your feet, of course. He did the same but staggered a little bit. You put his arm around your neck to support his leg. After at least two hours of walking, you finally made it to the safe house. His leg was bleeding intensely by now and he couldn't help but crack his voice whenever he spoke. He stopped talking and you just started singing random songs to fill the empty silence. Your eyes started to tear up again, and then you blinked them away. "Alright, you ready? Let's go inside." He said. You nodded your head and took a very deep breath, "you relax, and I'll orb us in", you explained. You gathered all your thoughts then focused on the thought of orbing into the tall, hollow tree. As you finished your thought, you felt three hands on your back. You shivered. That normally doesn't happen.

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