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Hi guys! I'm working on these quizzes a lot more now. I don't know exactly which is going to be the last quiz of this but it might be late because I'm going to be making another one after it. I hope you like it and I have an Idea for my next quiz. But I need an idea for how to finish this one please tell me if this quiz is too long. I know I haven't been here in a while so I want to fill you guys in. I have one question for you: do you want my next series to be paranormal? Please answer in the comments page.

And I almost forgot the quote for this quiz. I hope you like it. It's funny because I spaced out while my friend was talking to me and I just started writing this. It scared me. It just naturally came to me: love is hate but hate is not love. There is no difference but there is no similarity. Choose who you love and Choose who you will hate. Hate is not love but love is hate.

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  1. "What did you see?" the words left your mouth, softly. He shook his head. I saw...
  2. "I saw them". He whispered. You were confused, "Who's them?" he turned to face you but as soon as he saw your eyes, he closed his and held you tightly. "The guys. The new guys to the streak. Jake, Carlos, and Luke! But, they looked different. Well, at least Carlos didn't. It was weird because he had that evil look in his eyes. Luke's eyes were a very light blue rather than green. And Jake's hair was darker and his eyes were black. "You were in shock. Why would your mother be afraid of the three men you might be in love with? "I-it's just a dream," you stuttered, "It couldn't have been real. They weren't alive when it happened. Or at least not old enough. It couldn't have been them." He looked you in the eye and whispered, "Have any of my dreams ever been "˜just a dream?'" You looked away. It's true. It's never been "just a dream". Every dream always meant something. You turned away from his gaze, your back to him.
  3. "I don't want this. I didn't ask for this. I was supposed to be normal. I hate being a were-tiger! I hate it that we can't choose who we want to love and I HATE that I'll never be who I want to be!" you shouted. You opened his bedroom door, ready to leave and you turned to face him before you exit the room, "and I hate that I'll NEVER be free." You spoke softly. The sad look conquered his eyes and you took off down the hall and into your room.
  4. Tears welled up in your eyes and everything went into a blur. You went to your room and as soon as you opened the door, you got this dizzy, light-headed feeling. You immediately got a massive headache and you knew it wasn't because you were crying. A nasty taste began to bore into your tongue and you didn't remember eating something this gross. You put your guard on and the taste slowly began to fade away. What was going on? Was this an attack? You slowly crept down the stairs and found everyone sleeping. As if they collapsed on the ground. You used your air powers to push you upstairs quietly and you swung open Isaac's bedroom. He was fighting the feeling.
  5. He was on his knees with his hands pressed against his head, as if he could squeeze the pain out. You rushed beside him and touched him slightly. He took a deep breath and you had your protection on him. Something was up. You both stealthily stalked down the stairs and found only three people awake. And this made your heart drop. You choked and your eyes watered. It was the guys. And they looked exactly how Isaac described them. He was right. Just as he always was. Carlos's hair was fighting the air, though there wasn't a bit of wind in the room. Luke was formed as a wolf and flashed his teeth at you. Fangs appeared in Jake's mouth and his eyes were black.
  6. "no." Isaac breathed. "NO!" he shouted. "suddenly, anger welled up in you. Your eyes turned red and most sadness escaped your body and was replaced by rage. "how could you?" you whispered, sadly. No answer. This time you shouted, "HOW COULD YOU?" Luke flinched a little. Carlos was mixed in his own spell and Jake stared emptily in your eyes. "I gave you everything! We took you in! we fed you! And you lie?" the last sentence faded into a disbelieving breath. Luke stared at the ground, still in wolf form. Carlos looked unreachable and Jake's hands balled into fists. "ANSWER HER!" Isaac yelled. A soft growl rippled through Luke and Jake roughly spoke, "what do you expect me to say? We've been in the D.B. a very long time, Luke and I. We're experts at lying. It was your case that was never truly finished. We were ordered to finish it and put it in the book."
  7. "Finish what?" you asked. Luke transformed into a human again, this time answering with a serious tone, "Finish you." Then he attacked, jumping at Isaac. Jake whispered something into Carlos's ear then appeared behind you. "I thought you were good." You said. A grin pulled at his lips and he pushed you against the wall. Your heart beat sped up and he was making your arms feel useless. His eyes were so attractive and his lips were close to yours. Your breath was caught in your throat your gaze was fixed on his. He breathed slowly as he whispered, "And I thought you were dead." As you were trying to focus on getting out of his grasp, he closed in on you.
  8. His lips began to touch yours and your protective bond broke. You shut your eyes and visions began to play in your mind. Visions of the night your parents died. When you and Isaac were trapped by the two vampires. Both of them were with blood-red eyes and evil grins. Every picture and every feeling began to swirl inside of you. You blinked hard and opened your eyes to the sight of Jake's eyes closed and his lips against yours. Then you realized your guard was down and the migraine returned. Your legs weakened and you felt like you were collapsing in his arms. Your hands were gripping his arms tightly while your nails dug into his skin. However, he showed no sign of emotion and his lips didn't leave yours.
  9. If anything, he held you harder in place and his mouth curved into a smile as he chuckled, "I'm sorry. Did I get your guard down? I've wanted to kiss you for the longest time." He said as he puckered his lips again, leaning in. He seemed in perfect control and he was praising himself for that. You couldn't help but whimper. The pain in your head felt like someone was pushing a monster truck with needles onto it and your inner tiger was tearing inside your skin, trying to get out. There was nothing you could do. You felt completely helpless. You felt utterly useless. You felt... human.
  10. His lips formed into a malevolent smirk and he finally freed his lips from yours. He began to laugh violently and he spoke, "if your parents weren't dead already, they'd probably kill themselves knowing you'd be doing this. But, they're already dead. I would know." Then he leaned in again and a growl rippled from his lips as he dug in for more. You tried to breath but he was blocking your air source. He noticed and gave you some air. You used this opportunity to say something, "what do you mean, you would know?" you tried to push him away but he only slammed you back onto the wall.
  11. "I mean I was there, and so was Luke." He let you go and you collapsed, too shocked to move and too much in pain to react. You couldn't hold it in any more. He went too far and you couldn't do anything about it. The migraine changed into the voices screaming from that night and tears rolled down your cheeks, one after the other. You were on your knees and your hair was covering your face. Your hands were trying to support your weight but they still shook.
  12. You felt like you were going to puke but you didn't have anything to throw up. Jake knelt beside you and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. You hated him. Even after saying the things he said and doing the things he did, he still acted polite. He was still acting somewhat like a gentleman. And you hated it. You were crying. You were hurting. You were betrayed. "We'll explain everything that happened later." He whispered, "After we turn you in to the original D.B." silence. All you could hear was your soft gasps and sniffling. Isaac! How could you forget Isaac?
  13. You turned to the side and glanced over at him. He was in the same position only he wasn't crying and he was gripping his stomach. He was breathing heavily and he looked at you, too. Then the voice came into your head, *they might have taken our powers but they can't separate our blood. We are twins. Telepathic twin. Can we do this or can we do this?*you wanted to go along with it. You wanted to so badly but, you knew you couldn't, *Isaac, great pep talk, really, but our tiger has been sealed from us. We are as good as mice being captured by cats: dead.*
  14. Before he could think anything, Luke kicked him in the gut. As for you, Jake grabbed hold of your hair. You struggled but the more you did, the harder he'd pull. You were on your knees with both your hands gripping your hair, trying not to make it hurt so much. He was crouching in front of you with an evil grin on his face. "We've got so much to tell you. But right now, let's just start with goodnight." He leaned in with another hungry kiss. You looked at his eyes that now shone a bright red. Yo could see the hunger and the wanting in his eyes and then you got dizzy. You were lightheaded and he let go. He chuckled. The last thing you heard was your mother's scream.
  15. You woke up in a gray room. You were chained to a wall with your arms together, above your head. Your ankles were contained by the same hard material. You thrashed about, desperate to escape. You were so angry at yourself. How could you let this happen? Argh! It's your entire fault! You were so angry, a large tiger growl ripped out of your throat. Pure rage absorbed your body. *Finally you're awake!* it was Isaac in your head again. He was chained the same way only there was one more chain around his neck. He was across from you. They chained you in a way where you were facing each other. He thought to you, * and it's not your fault. We all fell for It.* you sighed.
  16. *It is my fault. I brought them here. I forced you to take them in. I did everything. I gave them a chance.* you replied. *_____-* he was cut off by the door opening. It was Luke. He marched in, believing everything was normal. "Hey _____!" he said cheerfully. You glared at him. He continued, "You look different. Did you cut your hair?" you didn't reply. You refused to! No way were you going to let him get the satisfaction. He saw that you didn't reply and he walked towards you. "Such beauty," he whispered, twirling your hair, "and yet, such stubbornness." He slapped you. Luke slapped you. This couldn't process in your mind. You looked at him in shock, your moth wide open. Isaac was struggling behind him, trying to defend you.
  17. Luke completely ignored him. He cupped your chin with his thumb and index finger. They were cold and strong. He made a pouty face and spoke as if he was a toddler, "aww. Did I hurt you? Poor baby!" you growled and he grinned. He stroked the side of your face with his icy fingertips. You felt the jolt of ice down your neck, your arm, and your leg. He stopped at your knee. You glared at him, knowing you were immobile. He held a grip on it. You knew that since you were contained, he could hurt you in any way. You kept still, hoping he wouldn't hurt you. But he had other things on his mind.
  18. "Say you love me." He breathed on your ear. * Fine* you thought. Then you replied, "You love me." Isaac stifled a laugh. And you grinned widely, knowing he would be angry. He tightened his grip on your knee. You couldn't help but exclaim in pain. He held your pressure point, "Why don't you see if this is funny!" he stopped and you could breath. "You know what I mean. So say it." He demanded. You spit on his face and said, "I can't lie". He wiped the saliva off his face and you heard a snap. That's when you felt the jolt of pain run up your leg. "AH!" you exclaimed. He glared at you and said, "And I can't control myself". You looked up at him, eyes black with hints of red.
  19. Then the door swung open and in walked Jake. You turned your attention to him and bared your teeth, hissing. He smiled, happily and then someone walked in behind him. Your mouth dropped open and Isaac's eyes widened in shock when you saw who it was. It was... CLIFFHANGER!!!

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