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  • WHAAAAT?!?!?! F--reaking.. >.> *mind blown* wow that was such an unexpected twist XD darn it! Why did Luke have to be my favorite? T.T he's the worst out of them :/ One thing I'm wondering about though is you mentioned "original DB" what is the significance of it being the "original" one? Maybe it doesn't mean anything, and I'm just trying to come up with excuses as to why the guys are completely evil XD

    ANYWHO *bounces* I'm happy this one came out relatively quickly ^^ really happy actually... as to your next series, yeppers, I vote for supernatural... based only on that I enjoy those types more and that you've done excellently with the genre already. Can't wait for part 11! That cliffhanger is already killing me D:

  • i'm ok with arranged marriages now since the guys are evil this is what i'm going to i pull myself up with those chains with my energy and i fall done with the chains i swing them to Luke's face

  • awesome twist, Cheese-sama! :D

  • *down


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