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you are reading the finale of the ~Forbidden Love~ series. hey! this is the author of the Forbidden Love series, Cheese1234!! so shout out for my 2 biggest readers who were patient with me and stuck with me all the way, xxblutixx and smokepelt !!!! you rock!!

so hey! i was wondering in my next story, which will be called, "Death Cheaters" would you like me to put it in 1st person (as in i, me, my, etc) or 2nd person(you, your, yours)? please comment. and if no one answers my question im putting it in 1st person. so plz comment and rate!! i'm also making another one called "Immortal" so keep an eye out for these two on my page. my stories, for some reason, do not show up on the new quiz list.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. You raised your chin up high and walked down a corridor. There weren’t any vampires there. You sighed in relief. You did a mental check on everyone who seemed to be ok. But then, you realized you could reach everyone but Carlos. You searched for him but you couldn’t find anything. After receiving a headache from so much concentration you decided to track his scent. You weren’t a dog but you were a tiger. The tiger is a very instinctive animal and could track, or hunt, anything, so that’s exactly what you did.
  2. You caught a sound of chains clinking. As you focused on that, you heard Carlos’s voice and the sound of something snapping. Then you heard a girl’s scream that didn’t last long. You ran towards that sound. It was in the direction of where you were supposed to go. *____, slow down, we’re not ready for you yet.* Isaac thought to you.
  3. Frustration rushed through you, *what am I supposed to do? I heard something snap and someone screamed. *Don’t worry about that. We have everything under control.* Isaac thought back. You were panicking worse in your head, *but Carlos-* Isaac interrupted you, *___ No!* He thought loudly. You stopped in your tracks, wanting to scream from the suspense. *FINE!* you thought back even louder.
  4. You paid close attention to what they were doing. The streak was fighting and healing each other. Joseph was sitting on something like a throne, surrounded by protectors. No one was attacking him. They were all going for Luke and Jake. Carlos was impossible to find and it came to you that maybe he was untrustworthy, but you couldn’t convince yourself of that. You had to trust him. Something was weird, though. Someone else was behind the wall of men with Joseph.
  5. You tried to look but you were seeing through Isaac’s vision and he turned his head to the side, preparing for his next attacker. You pulled yourself away from that fight. *be patient* John thought to you. Some anger boiled inside you; there he goes again, telling you what to do. You rolled your eyes and stood by the wall, making sure no one was coming towards you.
  6. *____, prepare yourself* Isaac though to you. Finally! You started speed walking to the doors that were only so far from you. *Hurry! Get ready!* Isaac rushed you. *Don’t rush me!* you thought back to him. He didn’t reply. You finally stepped right in front of the doors. You quickly examined your surroundings. No enemies in radius other than the vampires in the room in front of you. You glanced in on Isaac’s vision. He seemed fine until he was tackled by 3 vampires at the same time. He was held on the ground. The hairs at the back of your neck stood up.
  7. Your tiger teeth itched to come out. You considered storming in but Isaac already read that from your thoughts, *No, ____. Not yet!* you held back a growl, *but Isaac! You’re going to die! Where are the others?* he grunted, *Doing their rolls. You have to wait! Just hold your position until I tell you not to.* *I won’t let you die* you insisted. *and I won’t let the streak die!* he finished. You sighed loudly and crossed your arms. Sometimes he could be so stubborn. Suddenly, from inside the room you heard, “STOP!!!” it was Joseph. You checked Carlos’s, John’s, and Isaac’s vision. John was inches away from having his head snapped, Carlos was wrapped in chains and against the wall, and Isaac was being chocked.
  8. Then you noticed Luke was in the room. “See, Luke?” said Joseph, “I told you Riley would survive!” *now* thought Isaac. You blew the doors open. You saw everything you imagined and Luke was standing beside Joseph, at first waiting with a positive grin but now he was scowling. “I’m sorry, were you expecting someone else?” you spoke innocently. They both stared at you in disbelief. “What’s wrong?” you asked innocently, “you afraid of ghosts, Joseph?” Luke stalked to you and stopped just inches of your face, “Where is Riley?” you let him wait as you pretended to think, “Oh! You mean the chick that is now nothing but ashes in room #902? Yeah, I think you get the picture.”
  9. Luke reached for your neck but you grabbed his hand before he could reach it, “I don’t think so,” you squeezed his hand and he squirmed. You made his back face you, one arm wrapped around his neck and the other twisted behind his back. “You already killed enough of my family, release Isaac and my friends and maybe I’ll let you live.” He chuckles, “you forget, I’m already dead.” You burn his wrists and he winced. You replied, “I will destroy you. Is that clear? Now let them go.”
  10. Luke looked expectantly at Joseph. The man on Isaac held still. You knew Joseph was going to let you kill him and you hated it. He was a heartless and cruel vampire. Isaac knew as well, he kicked of the man and ripped off his head. Luke struggled against you but you held him firm, sending a jolt of heat through his arm. He hissed. It’s time to take this guy down.
  11. Just as you were about to rip off his head, something tackled you. You flew across the room, your hair blinding your face. You were slammed against the wall and a hard hand held you against it. You blinked and realized it was Jake. Crap, you forgot about him. You hid your disappointment and put on a smile, “Jake! It’s nice to see you again. How’ve you been?” He played along, “Oh, just wonderful. Are you enjoying life?” “Absolutely, it’s great.” his face turned and serious and his smile screamed evil, “Good. Cause it’s about to end.”
  12. Something hit your head. You growled and threw him off you. You fought him off and said, “You forget that I’ve died once. What makes you think I couldn’t survive it again?” He slammed you to the ground, “the fact that this time, I’m killing you.” You head-butted him then stood up to give him a spin-in-the-air-kick where he was knocked sore on the ground. He groaned and tried to get up but you stopped him as you placed your foot hard on his chest.
  13. This was it. Isaac was taking care of Luke, and now you had to finish Jake. Something felt wrong. It hurt inside. You couldn’t kill him. He was already known as a good person deep in your heart. He was too close to you. You knelt beside him and put your hand on his neck. His breath staggered as he came out with a soft chuckle, “you can’t kill me, can you?” you didn’t reply. He closed his eyes, “Do it. Finish me, or are you that weak?” you squeezed his throat, “I’m not weak.”
  14. He whispered softly, “Prove it.” you closed your eyes and thought of everything that’s happened to you; the heartache, the pain, the loss of your family, your life. That was enough to torture him and it angered you that you couldn’t kill him. Then you thought of what he did to Carlos. All your feelings gathered up inside you. Suddenly, you heard a snap and a sigh. You opened your eyes and he was dead.
  15. As you stood up and walked away, you felt relief off your chest but emptiness also, because at some point in your life, he was a good friend, and now that good friend is gone. You shrugged off the feeling and set fire to his body. Then you went on the hunt for Joseph. He was taking on Isaac, who looked like a champion so far. The wall surrounding Joseph before was on the ground, trembling, as if they had been shocked with a tazer. You searched for Carlos.
  16. His hair was fighting the air and his eyes were glowing. He must have been the cause of the men on the ground, having a seizure. Suddenly the men stopped and a sigh escaped the all in unison. They were dead. Carlos returned to normal. He noticed you looking and you blushed a little. He chuckled and you set fire to the bodies for him. He didn’t look surprised about the fire but you heard his heart jump when the fire lit. You giggled and went to help him out of the chains.
  17. “You scared me half to death when you blocked me out of your head.” You said. He smiled, “I don’t like people in my head. You never know what they could be seeing.” You smiled and pulled off the chains, “did you find your sister?” He looked down, “found her, but can’t get her. They’ve made her do some kind of spell on herself. She’s over there. He pointed to the wall where a girl with long dark hair and glowing hazel eyes was hovering in the air. Her hair flew around her, just like Carlos’s was doing a few minutes ago. She really was beautiful but now, she looked lost. She was frowning and her head was down. She opened her mouth, “Carlo- aaaaahhhh!!!!” she screamed. Her scream was more like a screech and her head flew up, facing the roof.
  18. “What’s happening to her?” you asked, about to panic. Tears welled up in his eyes. “I can see in her head,” he said softly, “she put a spell on herself where she thinks I’m killing her.” You didn’t know what to say. He said even quieter now, if you weren’t a tiger, you couldn’t hear it, “she’s actually killing herself.” “Is- is there anything I can do?” you asked. He shook his head, “No. But now that I think of it, I think I can.” He ran to her and you searched for Isaac.
  19. Now he was losing. Joseph gave a hard punch in the gut that lead to a powerful kick in the face. Isaac flew backwards. Your eyes widened at his strength. Joseph really was a powerful person. Let’s see if he can take on two old enemies. As he slowly walked toward Isaac, who had trouble getting up, he spoke, “what’s wrong? You need to take a break? Poor little guy.” You ran and tackled him while saying, “Don’t get too excited. You still have me to deal with.”
  20. You landed on top of him starting with many powerful punches in the face. Somehow, while Isaac was regaining strength, you and Joseph were on your feet. He did a high kick in which you got down and tripped him. Just as quickly, he was on his feet again and going for another hit. You caught his fist in the air and twisted his wrist at the same time you kicked him in the gut with your knee. He toppled over and groaned.
  21. You readied your fighting position and he slowly got off the ground, “Wow. You really are your mother’s daughter. She must be so proud.” He spoke roughly. You ran at him and gave him another blow in his side, “thank you.” You replied sweetly. Joseph got up again and next thing you knew he was in front of you. You felt pain in your head, stomach and nose. Then you were suddenly on your back, blinded by water automatically, and annoyingly, forming in your eyes. A soft chuckle sounded in front of you as a weight balanced on your stomach. You groaned. Then the chuckle became a hard laugh.
  22. Your vision returned after the tears left your eyes. Joseph held his foot on your stomach. Then he balanced on the same foot and more weight pressed against your chest. You gathered all the breath you could and huffed. Your stomach went up and Joseph fell back, on his butt. Now you were laughing. He stood up again and was tackled by Isaac. “Your turn” you breathed as you pushed yourself against the wall to gather your senses.
  23. You checked the room, John disappeared and the streak was gone as well. Carlos was fighting his sister, now. “Ali- Ali- Alison!” he shouted after dogging many of her throws. She threw fire at him and some green stuff that glowed. It looked almost like glowing lightning. Now he held her wrists and she was crying, slowly coming to her knees. “It was just a dream.” He said, pulling her close as he pet her hair. “You’re okay now. I’m here with you. I’ll never let you go.” He whispered
  24. “____” Isaac called. You snapped your attention at him. He was doing fine but Joseph wasn’t. “Why don’t you help me finish him?” a smile pulled at your lips as you walked towards him. Joseph’s breath was staggering. He was cornered and his leg was injured badly. “I rip then you burn. Deal?” asked Isaac. “Deal.” You nodded. He reached forward but Joseph spoke fearfully, “Wait!” Isaac paused slightly, “What?” “The-there are things you don’t know about your parents’ death. Things I could tell you.” Joseph offered. You and Isaac looked at each other. He wasn’t lying.
  25. “Let me live and I will tell you everything.” Joseph spoke. “I don’t know,” Isaac said, “how do we know you won’t kill us?” Joseph smiled, “that’s just something you’ll have to learn on your own.” You and Isaac looked confused at each other. “Don’t believe him!” Alison, Carlos’s younger sister shouted. They both came running over to you. “But he’s not lying.” You said.
  26. “It’s a trick. He’s lying to you. Sure there are things you don’t know from your parent’s death. Things like what they said or what their face looked like. Even things like who else was there. He’ll tell you useless facts. Just kill him. It’s the smart thing to do.” she said, not taking her eyes off him. “What if I tell you that both your parents are still alive and I know where they are?” Joseph tempted you again. You and Isaac hesitated, “what do you mean?” Isaac asked, clearly wanting to know more. Joseph replied, “Let me live and you’ll find out.”
  27. “Don’t listen to him.” Carlos whispered. Isaac glanced at you, “what do we do?” you shrugged and all of you looked at each other. “He’s gone!” Alison screamed. You all looked in the, now empty, corner. Immediately, you scanned the area mentally as you all split up and checked it physically. Everything was empty. Not a soul, living or dead, in sight. “What do we do now?” Carlos asked angrily. Alison placed her hand on his shoulder, “we live the rest of our lives peacefully until he returns.”
  28. As you made your way back to the tunnels you saw a young boy, about Alison’s age. He was bleeding from his leg and was biting back tears. Alison spotted him first and immediately ran to his aid. “What happened?” she asked. “I-I don’t know. Some man came with his leg bleeding. He saw me and touched my shoulder saying something like ‘you will be of use in the future if you do not die now.’ He was such a freak! He tripped me, touched my leg and ran away.”
  29. He looked down, “I don’t have one. I ran away from the orphanage. My parents died in a car accident a year ago.” “Well then,” you said, standing up, “I’m___, this Isaac, Carlos, and of course, Alison. Welcome to the family.” Alison helped him up and he limped to the tunnels where he finished his transformation to the were-tiger. Alison informed him about Joseph, the gang-vampire.
  30. *YEARS LATER* you and Carlos were camping with Isaac, Jamie, Alison, and Blake in the forest. After you all laughed and sang songs by the campfire, you talked about Joseph. “So, he’s still alive.” Blake frowned. You nodded, “and he thinks you’ll be useful to him later on.” “When is later on?” he asked. You shrugged and Isaac answered, “Anytime. He’s probably planning revenge against us right now.” You shivered, “that’s what scares me most. We are his unfinished business. He’s still coming for us and we don’t even know when.” Carlos drew you close to him, “well whenever he’s planning to come after us, we’ll be ready.” “But,” you tried to continue but he put his fingers on your lips, “Shh…” then he placed his lips on your and you melted in his deep, powerful kiss.

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