4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, 1 world to save (part 3)

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HEY STORYQUEEN! You challenged me to translate CEREBRUM i optima est semper accipitur in the comments in the last quiz, and I can't by myself xD I really am taking Latin this year, but I don't recognize half of those words. I know optima is very good, semper is always, and est can mean either he is/exists, or it could mean and! So I looked up the phrase and whichever Latin translator I was using said it means "CEREBRUM i aristocratic is always to consider oneself indebted" I have no idea if that's right, most of the time those translators are terrible, leave me a comment!

To EVERYBODY ELSE: I'm so so so SO sorry this is late! But it's here now! I've got a couple things to say. 1 Please excuse my spelling/grammar. 2 My Latin vocabulary is limited so bear withh me. 3 Here are the guys powers : Sam healing, Jared super strength, Tyler telekinesis, and Ashton telepathy

Created by: _ViolaLover_

  1. Just as you reach the top, you hear glass shattering and Bailey screaming. You sprinted down the stairs, all 4 flights of them, encountering Tyler on the way down. You finally reach the kitchen, and see Ashton standing over Bailey, her head bleeding, and he has a broken plate in his hand. It gives the appearance that he just hit her with it. Wait a minute, Bailey's crying. "˜This doesn't add up' you think. Bailey NEVER cries, well, except for that one time with her family... but she's broken bones, been hit with baseballs, she even split her hand to the bone with a knife, and not once did she cry. To think about it, you've never even heard her scream before, and you've known her for seven years. Bailey stares up at you, and...her eyes flashed red? No...that was just the lighting...right? Jared is yelling and Ashton, who is just standing there, Sam is helping Bailey sit up, and Tyler is standing next to me, looking deeply confused.
  2. Tyler notices you looking at him. He pulls you out into the living room and asks "What's wrong?" You slowly shake your head and whisper to him, "Bailey never cries, well, this one time but this isn't even close to that event. Also, I swear I saw her eyes flash red. What's wrong with you?" Tyler's eyes hardened with every word I whispered. "The guys don't ever really act like this, it's almost as though they're under...a spell." Tyler's eyes widened. "I've been so blind! How can't I have seen this?!" you look at him confused. "What?" "You don't think that's Bailey, right?" You nod. "I only wish..." Tyler trailed off. "If what?" "How fast to you normally pick things up?" He asks abruptly. "Um, I don't know, why?" "Can you do it in a few minutes?" "Maybe?" he grabs your hand and drags you up the stairs to his room. He locks the door and faces you. "I need you to channel some energy to me, I think that's a clone downstairs, and she's controlling the other guys' minds."
  3. You slowly nod. "Just tell me how," "For beginners, it's usually best to retain contact to the person you're channeling your energy to." He holds out his hand and you take it. "Now imagine energy flowing down your arm to my hand." You focus, and begin to feel something happening. Tyler lets go of your hand. "That worked," he told you, "you're to humble." "What are you going to do anyway?" "I need to clear the guys' mind, and dispel the clone at the same time. Come on, the sooner the better." You follow him back downstairs to the kitchen, where everyone still was. Now Sam was cleaning Baileys head, Jared was hovering, looking useless, and Ashton was cleaning the mess on the floor.
  4. You stand behind Tyler lightly touching his back and start sending your energy to him. You see "Bailey" look up at you curiously, and see the shock register in her eyes as Tyler shouts "Malus argus, non est; vá¿‘rum lá¿‘brum!" (That's roughly translated as "˜evil monster, do not exist; free the men'...I've got a limited vocabulary...give me a break xD) Bailey screams with anger as she tries to lunge at Tyler, to stop him from saying the spell; you tensed, preparing to face her, when she disappeared. The other guys groaned and held their heads. Strange, you felt like doing that too, or even just taking a nap right here on the floor...that sounded even better. You started to sway from light headedness when Tyler caught you.
  5. "Why am I so tired?" you mumbled to Tyler. He smiled lightly down at you and said, "That's what usually happens when you use your powers for the first time, you'll feel better in the morning." Out of the corner of your eye you see the other guys straighten up, looking confused. "Dude, what happened?" asked Jared asked. "Why do I feel like someone just ran over my head with a semi?" Ashton questioned. "Who is she?" Sam gestured to you. "I'll explain everything, come on lets go to the study. _______, you should get some sleep," Tyler says. "No *yawn* problem," you reply as you trudge up the stairs. For the first time, you finally got what people meant when you actually fell into bed. You were too tired to care even about changing. As you were fading out to dreamland, your drifting mind felt a pull somewhere, very similar to what happens when you visit your brother and sisters mind. Too weak to resist, you let your mind go where it was being pulled.
  6. You look around, you were in some sort of field with a lot of dead grass, and in your own body too...so if you're not in your brother or sister's mind, "Where am I?" you wonder aloud. "You don't recognize this place, ______? It's the field from our elementary school." You whirl around to see...BAILEY?!
  7. "Bailey?! Is it really you?" she furrowed her brow and said "What do you mean, is it really me? Why wouldn't it be?" You frown, and reply, "I'm not sure if I can tell you...you have to prove it's really you. How did you meet my sister?" You ask. Bailey looks confused, "She accidently tripped me when I was getting off the bus in the third grade, why? What's wrong _____?" you sigh in relief, it really is Bailey, then you laugh harshly. "Well, I've been living with a clone of you for the past two days, my parents were killed, I don't know where you, Jake (my brother), or Caitlin (my sister) are, people are trying to kill me, and oh yeah, I have to get married to one of four guys I hardly know as soon as this whole thing is over!" You were shouting at Bailey by now, and she stood there letting you vent. When you finished raging she came over and hugged you, letting you cry into her shoulder.
  8. Finally, you regain your composure. "How am I here anyway?" You ask her. "This is a spirit dream," she explains. "I brought you here because I need to tell you a couple of things. You look at her curiously and ask, "What do you need to tell me?" She took a deep breath and started. "______, I've actually known about Taldrizel for 6 years now. My parents were sort of your guardians, and the malus populus (evil people) killed my family in their efforts to get to you. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you." You stared at her in shock, feeling hurt, but then you understand. Bailey, who can read you like a book, saw that you weren't mad, hugged you. "It's okay, I forgive you," you tell her. "Thanks. Another thing too, I know where Jake, Caitlin, and I are being held." "You do?! Where?!" you exclaim. She started to tell you, when black forms materialized around you.
  9. They looked like wolves, if wolves could be woven out of shadows. They were pitch black except for their eyes which were blood red. Bailey cursed in Latin and shouted to you, "Ambridge! We're in Ambridge!" The wolves leapt, their teeth bared and you...
  10. Woke up screaming. You were breathing really heavy and you felt all the blood rush out of your face. You heard a thud in the room next to you and cursing, and farther down the hall a door being opened followed by running footsteps. You leaned back against your headboard in shock when Tyler and Sam burst into the room, followed by Aston with a baseball bat. They glanced around the room looking for malus populus, and when they didn't see any the glanced back at you questioningly. They ran to your side and Tyler asked, "What's wrong? Why did you scream? What happened?" All you could do was stare straight ahead, remembering the razor sharp claws and teeth tear into Bailey's flesh...you started shaking violently. "Guys, she's in shock, let me heal her." Jared finally limped into the room as Sam reached for your forehead to heal you.
  11. "Look who's late to the party," snorts Ashton. Jared threw him a dirty look and said, "Excuse me if I tripped over your stupid textbooks you left in my room. What's wrong with _____?" "We don't know," replies Tyler. "Would you guys shut up? I need to concentrate," snapped Sam. The guys fell silent and Sam placed a hand on your forehead, and a green glow filled the room. You blinked, surprised. You felt a million times better.
  12. "_______, can you tell us what happened?" asked Sam gently. You explain the dream you had, and the guys looked stricken when you got to the part about the wolves. "What were they?" you asked. "They're a creation of the malus populus. They were created for the sole purpose of invading spirit dreams, they break the connection. They attack the person who was sending the dream, it wakes them up and leaves them paralyzed for a while," Ashton explained. Your eyes grew wide. "oh-kay? Well what about Ambridge? The place Bailey said they were being held? Can we help them?" The guys exchanged looks, as if they were saying "˜YOU say it' with their minds; well for all I knew that could have been. Finally Jared says, "_______, we were assigned to protect you. We can't exactly bring you into battle to rescue them. Your life is more important than theirs." You flinched at the bluntness, but then ask, "But what about the prophecy? It says Jake and Caitlin are important, we can't just let the malus populus keep them locked up." They freeze, and then Sam swears. "She's right, we can't. But we can't leave ______, and we can't take her into battle..." Sam scowls and finishes, "we have to call Vḕrus."
  13. THE END! OF THIS QUIZ! Sorry I took so long guys, I had a massive case of writers block. But I'm on a roll now, hopefully this next part will be out sooner! Comment and rate!!!!!!!

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