4 boys, 3 siblings, 2 girls, 1 world to save (part 6)

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Refresher: You talk to Sam about his pictures, and the house gets invaded by Zeke's men, and then you kiss Tyler. Wow, not much really happened in the last quiz...

I'm going to start writing quotes here! The one for today is "Writing a novel is like driving a car; you can only see as far as the headlights go, but you can drive the whole way like that."

Created by: _ViolaLover_
  1. *Caitlin's Point of View* "Ow!" I exclaim, gripping my right arm. I duck to avoid a sword swinging at my neck, and then spin around and throw a kick right back at them. After I had woken up from my transformation of becoming a vampire, I was able to get us through the walls with ease, while Jake turned us invisible. However, when we were only 45 miles away, we were attacked the guards of Zeke's castle. I've been separated from Ray and Jake, each battling seven or eight men, I've lost track. Currently I've got six men to deal with, and I'm already losing with a useless arm. Don't get me wrong, I've already taken out four of them, but I don't know how much longer I can go, and judging by the looks of Jake and Ray, they won't be far behind.
  2. "˜Don't give up Caitlin!' I hear my sister urge me. "˜______? Why do you keep showing up in my mind?!' I ask her, spinning and kicking the guy to the left of me. However, I stumble and fall after I do this, right into the arms of my opponents. I look up wearily to see Jake and Ray aren't doing to great anymore. I feel a flicker of concern when I see Ray fighting even more men, so Jake didn't have to. "˜Caitlin!' I hear ______ whisper in my head, deeply worried. I weakly struggle to escape from the man holding me. But I guess my miracles haven't run out yet, because a group of people in all black leaps down from the trees that surround us and attack out opponents. My heart leaps in relief from the help from the strangers, and I feel a final burst of energy. I slip out of the man's arms and with a twist of his writs I send him to his knees. I kick him in the face and spin to take on the next foe.
  3. After just a few minutes the only ones left standing are me, Ray, Jake, and the people who helped us. "˜It's okay Caitlin,' I hear _______ whisper in my mind. "˜They're friends, or at least allies.' As much as I trust my sister, these people look rather intimidating, so I dart over to stand beside Jake and Ray. Out of the corner of my eye I see Ray's face whiten as he looks at my bloodied arm. "Who are you?" Jake asks in a very commanding voice. "Relax," a boy says; he appears to be in charge. "We're just part of the royal guard. You're Jacob and Caitlin, correct?" "How do you know?" Jake asks, not trying to hide the surprise in his voice. "Your sister sent us, but we can't really take you back to her right now." "Why?" I ask, desperate to know. "You're new vampires; it'll be hard to control yourselves around her, a human. I'm surprised at how well you're controlling yourselves right now," he explains. "You should be really thirsty." I frown. "Well now that you mention it..." A new girl steps up, looking slightly friendlier than the rest of them.
  4. "Here, I can wrap your arm for you," she offers, pulling out some medical wrap. I see Ray stiffen as I step into the open space separating us from them. "Relax, lover boy," I girl drawls from the back of the black group. "˜What...?' I hear _______ question in my mind. I give a mental shrug and wince as the girl tightens the bandage on my arm. "What do you mean?" Ray demands. I look at the girl, curious as well. She gives a little laugh. "You really don't know? Haven't you held hands, helped each other up, or punched each other since she became a vampire?" she scoffs. The black team melts back into the darkness as the girl finishes wrapping my arm.
  5. I turn to Ray, baffled. "What did that mean?" I ask him. "I'm not positive, but I've got a feeling," he replies, grimly. "Can I see your hand?" I hold it out, still confused. He hesitates before placing his hand on mind. And then, I can't see anything as an explosion of colors erupts in my mind.
  6. *Your Point Of View* I gasp as I'm jerked back into reality. I lay still for a moment, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness; I realize I'm in my room, lying on my bed. I sit up slowly, holding my head; I've got a massive head ache. I jump as I see a shape of black lean towards me. "_______?" a familiar voice asks; Jared comes into the light. "˜Yeah?" He lets out a relieved sigh. "Thank God you're awake." "How long have I been out?" I question. "A couple hours," he replies, sitting down and taking my hand. "What did you see?" I explain Caitlin's experience, and when I get to the part about the color mind thing, he looks at me with wonder in his eyes. "What?" I ask, confused. "Nothing," he replies automatically. "Sure it's nothing, and Santa Claus is real," I say sarcastically. "He is actually," Jared says absent mindedly.
  7. I stare at him wide eyed. "That's not the point. Um, okay...it's hard to explain. Do you know what a soul-mate is?" he asks me. "Um, not really..." I say, giving him a sideways look. "A soul-mate is pretty much the other half of you, they can be-" Jared catches me giving him a disbelieving look. "Don't give me that! I know it sounds cheesy, but it's the truth. The other person, the soul-mate, seems to be everything you're not, but you both have pretty similar dreams, or wishes, or the same passion for something. " "Wow," I say in response, awe struck. "Yeah. The only thing is it's extremely rare for anyone but an average human to find their soul-mate. Most humans actually marry their soul-mate; they meet at a concert, or out at some sporting event they're both into. We have more difficulty finding our soul-mates because our soul-mate could be a vampire who lives forever but we die early in a car accident. Or they're a ghost, whom we would never cross paths with under normal circumstances." I frown. "Aw, that's sad." "Isn't it, though?" Jared's giving me a peculiar look now. "What?" I ask, self-conscious. "Nothing," he says again. "So, if Caitlin and Ray are soul-mates, how come they didn't know?" "It's a little complicated. Usually when non-human soul-mates meet, there's a large flash of light, and the two people pretty much merge into each other's minds for a couple of minutes. However, if the two met during tense situations, like being locked in a cell for no reason in their case, they may get flashes or feelings that they can't quite place that tells them that they belong together. If they both were to really focus and concentrate while in contact, they would end up with the same feeling of two soul-mates meeting for the first time."
  8. "Well, good for them I guess," I say, thinking how lucky Caitlin is that she doesn't have to deal with guy drama anymore. Jared casually picks up my hand. "Yeah, they're some of the lucky ones." He doesn't say anything after that, and I glance over at him to see him staring at me intently. He leans in towards me, and almost involuntarily I lean towards him. When we're a couple inches away from each other's faces, my door flies open with a bang. We jump apart to see Tyler standing in the doorway.
  9. His face is a mask of stone, unreadable. "Sorry if I'm interrupting something," he says without emotion. "Well, kind of," Jared replies, irritated. "It's just that I thought you might want to know that Vḕrus got to the holding place tonight to find it empty," Tyler continues. I gasp. "That means..." I trail off, unable to finish the sentence. "Yes. Bailey and the Malus Populous are gone."
  10. SQUEAKER! What? Did she just say squeaker? Why yes, yes I did. I got tired of reading/writing "cliffhanger" so I looked it up on thesaurus.com and came up with squeaker. Pretty great, right?
  11. Okay, read this if you actually care about why this took so long! Well, it's all because of, you guessed it, SCHOOL! I've had to do two projects, a several page research paper, and studied for two tests. Not to mention practicing my viola for the concert which is TOMORROW! (I'm so excited) Also going to my karate classes (I had to teach three of them tonight. I'm so tired) And now, I get to do another project, another research paper, and study for five finals. All this weekend. I'll see if I can find time to write another one, but you may not get anything for... a week from saturday. My last day of school is thursday, which you can't really count as a school day because all it is is a three hour long awards assembly. Yay. So anyways, I apoligize for not getting this out sooner!

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