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  • Me likey Vella XD Okay call me what you will, but I can nail a russian accent so I felt like reading her dialogue out loud and sounding like a boss! *fist pump* now back to the story. I did pick up A LOT of hints (because I'm a hint dropper myself) and I think I have how they're manufactured pinned down. What I'm interested in now is how they're treated in the outside world. Are they liked? Is their racism on synthetic creatures? Do they have rights? What are they used for? It's a really fasinating idea to create creatures that don't exsist and shove them into our world there's so many possibilities on what to do! I can't wait to see this series really take off and I really like the hints you give off, so subtle yet they speak volumes. Great job, and Peace out!

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • *smiles mysteriously* ok... let me get this straight- the main character is like the most powerful being/S in the whole universe and gets power, annnddd gets the boys, and lost a lot of years and family...*silent for a while then grins* I LUVVVV ITTTT! *sings i luv it for about 5 more times* okay! Now you get back to writing again, and i'll just be in my head, dreaming about the boys and what drama and action will come along the adventure now.. *squeals in excitment* sorry. now wut was i going to say... *thinks for a bit* ohhhhhh yeaaa ok wonderful writing by the way and i'll just go and surf the internet more and stuff.. somehow i keep missing the Teenage Chronical series and i cant write anything because its way past time. Even the other dramtic stuff and i just cant comment because it's too late. *pouts* anyways i should better go now. Oh and i can't barely go to my ipod or computer that much because i just got my braces... ;( i wish to take them off and touch them with out flinching or crying. So sorry if i dont respond to emails.... IM BLABBING AGAIN! Ugh! ok bye.

  • A little Twilight-y with the whole vampire-and-love-tr iange thing, but oh well. I know you wont make your vampires sparkle, so it's good. Can you make descriptions in the second paragraph now? I keep on forgetting what everyone looks like. PART 5!

  • I was right! The name Noralie is shortened to Nora which rhymes with the main characters name, Kora! This author is making an awesome spin off!

  • I'm going to keep this short since I have to much to say. I loved it. Still a little unsure about Adric. Eh, me going to go eat pizza now.

  • Epic to the point where epic is just too epic.

  • next part. very much enjoy this series


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