250 Years Without You Part 4

Hi. Yeah I read the comments and I think some of you are confused. Sorry, I tried to set it out as well as possible. So the guy, actually isn't the british guy. Sorry :\ I decided there will be two. Gotta love drama. And family. And uh, he's a Synthetic. A Synthetic is any type of creature man made by the people. He's a man made vampire.

Also, little bits of how they function and how they are made WILL appear. I'm dropping hints, not giving a full lecture because I tend to space out completely when that happens. I don't want anyone to be bored reading this so..pick up on the hints :) And If you still don't get it, be TOTALLY free to ask. I don't bite. Only cookies though. I want cookies. And Rockstar123, thank you for the suggestion. I didn't realize I used 'I' too much and I tried improving on this one. Enjoy :3 (sorry if it's boring because it's a sorta filler. there will definitely be a lot of fillers because of this whole concept. ack)

Created by: Ivoryleaf

  1. I dozed off.
  2. "You idiot." a new voice filled my head. My eyes blinked open and watched as a young male nurse attached the tubes back on. He gave up and just left them there. "Get up. Training and touring starts today," he mumbled. I stared up into his sparkling brown eyes. He looked like he was 20. Probably is. I blushed when his eyes fell on the sheer hospital gown I was wearing. He got the hint and looked away. I saw he had laid out a white shirt and gray sweats. My eyes shut tight and I pulled them on, the white shirt being about 2 sizes bigger. He stalked away, satisfied his little job was over. I didn't care for his name, having the attitude that he has. But he was kinda cute. Not really. Dr. Cooper came in and led me through the stark white corridors. We paused outside a lab room. The glass panels shone in the sleek covering. He pulled out a credit card sorta thing and swiped it. The sound of gas releasing filled the air. Wow. This place was well kept if it meant tighter air.
  3. Busy bodied surgeons were working on the bodies. I gagged reflexively at the site of all the internal organs. "So how do they build..Synthetics?" I murmured softly, not distracting them in case one of the Synthetics come up with a malfunction. "It's a secret. Let's just say they're more likely, if not, human," Dr. Cooper winked. A young lady with dyed turquoise hair sighed. "How are you doing?" he asked the lady. "Not so fine. I keep messing up on the ears. Each one have some sort of problem. Too large a feet.." she trailed on, giving me the occasional small smile. "____________, this is Noralie. You know who she is, Noralie," he introduced us. "Pronounced Noralie. The 'lie' as in lie. Don't say it like the 'lie' in Natalie. It's different," she insisted. Smiling widely at each other, we shook hands. I loved her already. Noralie took a long gulp from a plastic container filled with water. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hands and set to work. "Adric is the best yet. He is perfectly flawless," Dr. Cooper commented in a low voice. I nodded, slowly entranced by how they built the bodies. They were so...flesh-like. "We aren't so experienced yet in the age. Nora is our best surgeon, which is saying a lot. Pity it takes decades to train one though."
  4. "Age?" my brain was jumbled up. How did the world get so advanced? Man made creatures? Damn. "Our best Synthetic was 600-800 years. Nora topped the charts on the siren. The average is about 300-400." he explained. "How long do I..you know," I gave him a shrug. "Not sure yet. I guess it just comes. But I bet you'll be something," he chuckled. I then realized that Synthetic doesn't really mean the man made vampires. They meant every creature. "Why do you guys make them?" the question has been itching my mind the whole day. Night. Whatever. His eyes turned dark. But only for a moment. "Wealthy estate owners like to order them. They have them for entertainment. Of course they cost a pretty hefty amount," Dr. Cooper gave a jolly chuckle. It felt forced. My eyes slid around. Nothing much to see here. Dr. Cooper guided me out the door. He handed me a map. "Training is here," he pointed his sausage finger to a room. He then left, leaving me there. I tugged on my shirt, though it needed no more tugging.
  5. Following the map, I guided myself there. Many doctors and nurses passed me, giving me wonder filled stares. Clenching the map in my tiny fingers, I found the combat room. I shuddered, thinking that I was probably going to fight. Being the weak girl I am, I don't think I'd fare well. I knocked on the door and it was swung open by a formidable woman. She looked like she wouldn't take any crap from anyone. Any form of crap. Gulping, she led me inside. The floor was lined up with young people. Probably Synthetic vampires. They gave me a look I couldn't tell. It wasn't hostility but it wasn't exactly the welcome I wanted. We were all dressed in the same uniform. White shirt, gray sweats. My eyes locked onto the dreamy pair of grey eyes. I looked away after the instructor had introduced me.
  6. Our instructor, Vella, told me to "file to the back and sit my little butt down". So I did just that, smoothing my sweats along the way. Many turned their heads towards my way. Not that I dislike it but it felt uncomfortable, as if I was being scrutinized. But I was used to it. I don't think they know I'm the Solune yet. Or they'd be bowing at my feet and kissing the ground and feeding me little grapes. In my dreams. Aquarium guy turned around and looked into my eyes and then offered me a little smile. It didn't reach his eyes however. I noticed that his eyes were fringed with dark grey, slowly fading to the lightest grey possible. And then those large pupils. Yeah, I call him aquarium guy since I don't know his name yet. I'm pathetic. I gave him a toothy grin back. He shrugged and went back to staring at the teacher. "I'm now going to pair you up. You two will learn how to combat for the rest of this trimester. And hopefully, when you're out there, you two will be lifelong partners. That's what this is for, bonding time. Because out there, you can trust no one. No one," Vella repeated, holding a finger up. She had a Russian accent which just completed my image of an agent. Also with the strong jaw.
  7. She started recited names. Names that were pretty odd sounding yet striking at the same time. Psh. 2150. "Adric and..._____________," Vella called out. I snapped back into focus. "What?" I mumbled. A few people, wait, Synthetics laughed while some just rolled their eyes playfully. I could get along with them. Aquarium guy held out a hand. "Hey, I'm Adric," he introduced himself. "You forgot to mention that last ni-" he cut me off my putting a hand on my waist and guiding me off. "I'm not allowed outside the dorms after lights out. It's a rule breaker. Please," his feathered eyes begged. I nodded. Dorms? Adric pulled me onto the matt, or cushioned floor. Like the blue ones they have for gymnastics. Ouch.
  8. "The first thing we are going to learn, is the arm twist," Vella grabbed hold of a frightened Synthetic. I didn't blame him. "When they place a hand on your shoulder...or anywhere else, just grab is and twist. Just twist," she slowly twisted till the point where the Synthetic could feel a little. He let out a small yelp of tiny pain. Vella let go immediately and patted his back. "So how do we start this," I rubbed my hands on my thighs, staring awkwardly at Adric. He placed a hand on my shoulder. "What?" I stared blankly, looking twice at his perfect hand. Even the nails, even the nails. "Twist it," Adric nodded to his hand, giving me a skeptical look. I grabbed it hesitantly and twisted it clockwise. His elbow jutted out at an unnatural angle and he let out a little grunt. "You alright?" I grabbed his arm and examined it. "It's nothing," his eyes wrinkled slightly. "If, you bend it just enough, you can break a few bones. Threaten the enemy in that position," Vella pounded a fist on her palm. Man she was hardcore. It was Adric's turn so I placed a hand gently on his shoulder this time.
  9. He looked unsurely at it and held my lower arm. He then turned it slightly, his whole body bending with it. Instead of hurting me, Adric fell to his knees, gripping my arm. I laughed and pulled him up, surprisingly. Never had I realized I was strong like that. Maybe it's just a fluke. Adric rocked on the balls of his feet. "Just do it," I urged him. "You sure?" he raised an eyebrow. I nodded and he gingerly took my arm and gently turned it slowly. I felt myself lose control of that arm, no longer in dominance of it. So surprising how one simple move can result to that. Just one decision. Adric let go quickly and wiped his sweaty palms. "That didn't hurt, right?" his deep eyes peered into mine. I shook my head, incapable of words. "Work it! Work it!" Vella strolled past us, grounding her hands together like bricks. Why pair me up with a girl I can't bring myself to hurt in any way?
  10. My head snapped up. "What did you say?" "Nothing," Adric gave me a creeped out look and inched his hands slowly into his pockets. I looked around wildly.

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