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  • Hmmm... I still don't get the 100 and 250... Anyway, I loved the way you explained everything. To tell the truth, one of my favorite things about a si-fi is the world and the explainations that revolve around it :3. Anyway, a guy? Oooh. Is he going to be the only one? Considering the title, I think he is.PART 3!

  • Ha! This quiz is just like the Synthetic book. I think it was the Rise of the Siren book, the main character had turquoise hair and had a pet octopus. She was making a siren for some weirdo! READ THE BOOK! It is amazing

  • I want a hott British emo with dark dair and jade green eyes! Bt great quiz but needs some more romance, with the guy i just described. Nd oh, 1 question, who is doctor cooper exactly? Try not 2 bite! :p

  • I want a pet Kraken now... Anyways loved it. Brittish?... Not a big fan of Brittish accents. I like Scottish and Irish accents better. Also Russian accents. Sometimes Dutch or German accents. But Brittish... Not really.

  • OMFG! British? If I had a British accent, I'd never shut up. Anyway, your writing skillz = epic! :)

  • Holy crackers, i know this is a late post and i know this will be short because u most likly wont read it, but wow.


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