250 Years Without You Part 2

Hiya. Part 2 is out :) If you haven't uh, read part one and would like to check it out, please do :) I hope you enjoy this part. More information comes out. And more in the next part.

I'm terribly sorry if any of this confuses you. Don't be afraid to ask. I don't bite. On most days >:D No, I'm serious. I'm not going to introduce any new characters in this one. Romance will come later on. And other wacked stuff. Try meh.

Created by: Ivoryleaf

  1. "About a hundred years different."
  2. I paused and sat up, staring at Dr. Cooper. He fiddled his thumbs. I blankly stared at him, perhaps having the best poker face ever. I lost it. It was as if I was dangling up high, on the thinnest string. Something in my mind just...snapped. I tried to get up, push past the door and escape. Strong hands held me back and I let out a wild scream. They dragged me back, my legs flailing, while I tried to claw at the furniture to hold onto. "Let go of me!" I wriggled. My head made contact with a man's under jaw and his grip loosened. I turned around and kicked him, feeling adrenaline pump through me. I felt like I had muscles again, not the weak sickly girl being fed lies. I bolted out the main doors to find more corridors. Alarms started ringing out. What was the big deal? I was just one lab rat. They could breed another one. But not me. I raced past the stairs, glaring at the lady at the receptionist. At the corner of my eyes, I saw her pick up her desk phone with a crazy expression. "Move!" I screamed at a bunch of people. They scattered, afraid to get my mad woman rabies. I was going at an incredible rate. Too incredible. Everything around me was a blur. My hearing was keener too. I heard the security repeat a code. No doubt a code to retain me. I let out another yell of frustration as I turned corners and corners. This place had no end. I spotted a window.
  3. I hastily raced to it, feeling no pressure on my legs at all. They felt like air. No weight. I fumbled with the latch. I pounded it with my fists when I saw it was bullet proof. "Get her!" someone commanded. I whipped around and I saw a man finger his taser. My eyes widened and I frantically shook my head and back up against a wall. He came closer but was stopped by Dr. Cooper. My doctor looked so formidable, lab coat billowing out behind him. "Are you going to listen now?" his voice was firm, yet understanding. "Sir...I think we should put her in the mental facility," the guard eyed me nervously. I bared my teeth at him and he shrank back. Apparently I looked scary enough in my white, flimsy hospital gown. Dr. Cooper waved him off and I smugly smiled at him, walking away unsurely. I was led back into another room, this one having a more home feeling. I was pushed gently down on a sofa. I curled up in it, crossing my arms. Dr. Cooper sat to the front of me, leaning forward on his elbows. "What's with this a hundred years junk?" I cocked my head. He sighed and breathed deeply. "You've been in comma for about a hundred years now." My position froze. "What." I was getting ready to run again. I then examined my arms. No sagging skin. Nothing. "What." I repeated.
  4. "You've been in comma for a hundred years now." he repeated, sighing exasperatedly. "So you're saying it's 2100 something?" I motioned wildly with my hands. He nodded. I breathed deeply, calming myself down. "And how did that happen? Why haven't I died yet?" I put my hand to my forehead. "Do you remember uh, what attacked you?" he stopped here and there. The question hit me in the head. "So," I paused, "that's what I am? A, a..vampire?" My mind rushed, like I was on drugs. The question practically gave the answer out. Me, a vampire. I laughed. "That's a good joke doctor," I was in hysterics. Dr. Cooper gave me a disapproving glare. I stopped immediately. "You're not. You're not kidding are you," my eyes expanded. "You are kidding." I jabbed finger with each word. "I'm not."
  5. I gave him a wild look. I think it scared him for a second. "So I'm a vampire," I stated slowly. "No. Not exactly," he shook his head. "What does it mean when you say that?" I've heard him say those words before. "You're a cross breed. A Solune. The Solune," he stated. My mind erased everything I've ever said. I was at loss for words, fumbling with my hands, motioning to the air. 'What?' I mouthed. "A what?" I grabbed my voice back. "I'm not a vampire. I'm a cross breed. Better known as a Solune. What more?" I couldn't help but bring sarcasm into this. How did it come to this? "Why am I not a vampire?" I stumbled over my words. "Because they're not real," Dr. Cooper rubbed his temples.
  6. "They're not real. The man who bit you," he paused. "Was on steroids?" I urged him to continue. "He was synthetic." "Man made?" Dr. Cooper nodded. At this point I was ready to believe anything. Everything matched up. "So, that makes you something pretty impossible. Back then, we didn't have the technology to recreate a vampire. We could only mimic it from the books. Fangs, and all. We are advanced now, we can develop speed and all. But no synthetic could have changed a person. It just wasn't possible." I let the words sink into me. "But here I am," I breathed out. He nodded again. "That's why you're special. First of all, synthetics just couldn't change a person. They're made, not breed. Second, even if magically, that could happen, you two didn't exchange blood currents. He meant to kill you, to drain you. But yet he ran in fright. And left you there. You weren't mean to live," he leaned in. I gasped inaudibly as I realized how close to death I was. "The man who created this organization rescued you. He did research, tons and figured how to create a synthetic. He gave specific instructions to wait for you to awaken. And now you have. It's a mystery to all of us, a feat unknown to all," he continued. "Being the Solune, you can most likely walk in the sun, while others can't. You have more specialties but none of us know it. You are definitely special," he pressed on.
  7. I paused and breathed in deeply. "Hand me a mirror," I demanded. I felt him press a small mirror in my hand. My hand trembled as I raised it to my face. I saw my rich eyes, my nose, my mouth. All exactly the same. Yet I seemed to glow, to radiate. In a way, I was more...beautiful. I had pale, creamy, smooth skin. It was undeniably soft. I opened my mouth and felt for my fangs. There was nothing there. But my canines did seem a bit longer and sharper. Still, there was barely a difference. When I'd stopped being narcissistic, I handed it back to Dr. Cooper. I let out a shuddery breath. "So what next?" I fought to sound optimistic. "You ask me," he shrugged. "You say vampires are man made. They're called Synthetics. Who makes them?" I asked, trying to calm myself down. "We do. Haven't I said it before?" he gave me a skeptical look. I looked away. Things were definitely different.
  8. "So you go around making vamp-no Synthetics for fun huh?" I raised a brow. Obviously not. "People, wealthy landowners, request certain creatures from us," Dr. Cooper mumbled. "Certain creatures? As in trolls and all?" I was certainly impressed now. He nodded. "And sirens, and mermaids. All that. But we make some to use as staff," his expression darkened for whatever reason. "It's time to go. You need rest, even though you probably don't," he half laughed. He handed me a pair of crutches and led me back. I gazed at the busy staff, always seeming to be doing something. What's the use of this big place? What do they do? Training Synthetics? What has this world come to? We passed the tank of octopus, which I now realized where kraken. Amazing. I wonder if there's still human life outside. I would have to find out for myself.
  9. I was back in my bed, not even wincing as I saw the needle poke through my fragile skin. I saw the same dark liquid hang above me. Blood. So I really need it huh? I felt sleep come over me. I writhed around in the darkness, no dreams coming to my vacant mind. It enveloped me until I was nothing.
  10. "Until tomorrow, love."

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