1D- Are you a True Directioner?

There are a lot of Directioner's out there! If you have One Direction Infection than spread it around! Please tell your friends to take this quiz! One Direction Infection should be all over the world! :D

Are you a true Directioner?? If you think you are... Take this quiz and find out! You might be surprised by the result!! Let us spread the One Direction Infection!

Created by: annoue
  1. Who is the oldest?
  2. Who is born on September 13th?
  3. What is Liam's favorite color?
  4. Finish the lyrics: 'If I'm louder, would you see me'
  5. What is Harry's full name?
  6. Who shares an apartment?
  7. Who's favorite color is Green?
  8. Who is Irish?
  9. Harry's birthday is on the...
  10. Who created the name 'One Direction'?
  11. What place did One Direction get in the X Factor?
  12. What song did Zayn sing at his audition on the X Factor?
  13. What season was it when they were in the X Factor?
  14. What other year did Liam audition for the X Factor?

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Quiz topic: 1D- am I a True Directioner?