Zombie survival quiz

In the world of the undead there are those who would become legends and those who well...... die. will you destroy the throngs of undead in your way or will you become another faceless killer

do you have what it takes to survive? can your friends count on you? will you be known as a hero or a fool? now is the time to decide. its time to enter the world of the dead and dying.

Created by: Matt Weimer of matts myspace
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  1. if you noticed a friend had been bitten, how would you react.
  2. what is the better weapon?
  3. what is the best location to hole up?
  4. what is the better transport?
  5. what is more important?
  6. if you could bring one of the following what would it be?
  7. you hear crying on the side of the road what do you do?
  8. if you see one or two zombies, is it safe?
  9. how many people should you rely on?
  10. will praying help?
  11. and finally, who would be most likely to survive.

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