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Good luck on this quiz its more of a short story if anything hope you enjoy comment if you like it or if you dislike to any comment at all would be nice have a epic day.(*>)

Come on you know you wanna try a bit its not the best quiz ever know what i mean ah whatever just enjoy this quiz if you do wanna play leave a comment if you think its alright or if you dislike something about it.

Created by: ZenIsaac

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  1. You watch t.v and see that a cult in your town is killing people the police reports say that they are eating there victims what do you do.
  2. How big is your town?
  3. You where getting ready to do whatever you picked above when you heard a slam on your door what do you do?
  4. What is your bodies best attribute at the moment?
  5. The man breaks in the door and comes at you and is Limping what do you do? (His coat is bloody and month is torn he is also over weight its a tight hall)
  6. Are you over weight?
  7. the man blocks your exits you grab a chair and break it on his chest yet he does not go down but then you grab the chair leg Where do you strike now?
  8. You hit him with your strike he goes down for a second But then gets back up then you slammed the chair leg in to his head he dies you hear Screaming outside what do you do?
  9. You hit him with your strike he goes down for a second But then gets back up then you slammed the chair leg in to his head he dies you hear Screaming outside what do you do?
  10. You get in your car And drive for a while you see a giant hordes of what you call now *zombies* what do you do?(you have a pickup)
  11. What are you wearing?
  12. Are you good with firearms?
  13. you crash your car you get out in a bit of a daze you see 7 zombies coming at you what do you do
  14. You deal with the 7 zombies besides that its a mess right now your in the heart of the town and its chaos right now you see people looting stores you see cops cars passing by you see zombies eating people you see buildings on fire you see people killing zombies you see other people who crashed what do you do?
  15. do you have friends and or family?
  16. You see a giant horde of zombies and cops hopelessly holding them at bay 19 of them get by and come at you. you panic and run in a building and closed the door what do you do now?(the door is made of very hard glass)
  17. What is the best Weapon Listed here
  18. While holding the door you see a woman coming down the stairs she looks at you. you yell for help she goes up stairs you hold the door the zombies are pushing and the glass is slowly cracking on it what do you do?(if the door opens there is a chance the zombies could get you fairly fast)
  19. How would you rate yourself in a zombie outbreak? 1 to 10
  20. She Comes back with wooded boards and nails and is barricading the door what do you do?
  21. She is done boarding the door and starts boarding the window you help her after making it secure you and her talk what would you say?
  22. After a bit of talking she says that she wants out of here to but she cant leave her father behind what do you do?
  23. How do you turn into a zombie
  24. She talks you into going to the Uhaul Store tomorrow but for now its night she shows you to a room up stairs and the leaves the room you look around looks secure you call you family/friends but get no reply cause the phone lines are down what do you do?
  25. Did you tell the truth?
  26. Am i going to make a part 2

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