Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 8)

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Who will your Hogwarts best friend be? Take this quiz to find out! Although, you only being a first year you can only be friends but that shall change in the years to come! I also need a few co-writers for anyone who wants to help! Thanks!

Recap: You bought a new wand, had strange dreams, returned to Hogwarts, played a prank, discovered the mirror of Erised, and received a new nickname: Elentiya (spirit that cannot be broken), and also had a row with the Fat Lady. All caught up? Good, if not read previous quizzes!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. {Dream} "Do you not understand you idiotic Gryffindor?! For the daughter of a Ravenclaw you have the brains of a Hufflepuff!" Yaxley shouted. "Shove off, Yaxley!" You retaliated. "You little"”" Yaxley started. "Don't, Yaxley. We are to gain the girl's trust, not murder her during negotiating!" A woman said that you hadn't heard before. "Fine, Lestrange! You're boss, you do it!" Yaxley sneered. Lestrange tutted and walked over to you. "Who are you?" You asked as she circled you. "Bellatrix Lestrange, and who are you?" She answered while her black curly hair bounced with every step she took in her black stilettos. "__{First name}__ __{last name}__," You answered quickly. "Yes, I've heard so much about you. And you're father," Bellatrix said as she ran her hands across her bent wand. You stood stock still with no emotion while you contemplated the new information. 'My father knew these people! He must have been a death eater! That explains so much!' "Humph," was all you said. "Now that we're all friends here, let's get down to business," Bellatrix said as she sat on the gothic red couch. "Finally, down to business!" Yaxley said as he sat across from Lestrange. "So, what do you need me to do?" You asked as you sat away from them. "We need you to ****************************," Lestrange instructed. "Why?" You asked. "Do you want to be killed?!" Yaxley asked. You shook your head. "Then do it!" He instructed. You were still puzzled so did nothing. Lestrange and Yaxley took your silence as a yes and left. "Renervate!" Yaxley said, wand to you, as he walked out of the dark room with his black robes trailing behind him. {Awake} "What on earth is ********************?" You said to yourself. 'And that was rude! I understand exactly what they want me to do! Doesn't mean that I WILL do it! I wonder how stupid Hufflepuffs actually are. Probably not very, although I've never met one.' You thought as you stood up from your bed. The whirl shaped scar on your collar bone was very visible, but you didn't mind. You rolled up the sleeves on your pajamas and gasped in horror. You saw the dark mark. "No, no, no, no, no! I have to get this off! Seriously I have no control over what I do in dreams! I would never have let them do that in the real world!" You said as you tried to scrub the mark off of your arm. "HERMIONE!" You screamed as you shook your best friend and rolled your sleeves down. "What, ______?" She asked sleepily. "I need your help like NOW!" You said panicked. "What? I can help you with your homework later!" She said sleepily. "Aguamenti! This has nothing to do with homework!" You said as Hermione was blasted with cold water. "What?!" She hissed. "Follow me," you instructed as you led her toward the Owlery. "Okay? Why did you drag me here?" She asked once you had reached your destination. "I really, really, really need your help!" You cried. Hermione suddenly looked worried. "What is it?" She asked. "Remember I didn't want this to happen and I understand it if you hate me, but I really need help!" You cried as you rolled up your left sleeve. Hermione gasped. "What? How?" She asked. "Death eaters get in my head! I have dreams and what they do to me in my dreams actually happen!" You explained, barely holding back your tears. "_______, I'm sorry, but I don't know what to do! I don't know how to get it off!" Hermione cried. "Maybe Dumbledore can help?" You asked getting more worried by the second. "Maybe. If not, I'll help as much as I can with getting Harry and Ron to accept this," Hermione answered. You nodded and rolled down your sleeve. The two of you immediately went to the headmaster's office.
  2. "Professor Dumbledore?" You asked timidly once you and Hermione reached his office. "Yes, Miss ________?" He answered and motioned for you to sit. "I have a huge problem and I need help!" You cried. "What is your problem Miss _______?" You nudged Hermione to answer for you because you were too guilty and ashamed to do so. "Death eaters can invade her mind, Professor. They gave her his mark," Hermione whispered. You rolled up your sleeve. "Do you think you could get rid of it Professor?" You worriedly asked. "In time, yes. For now, Miss Granger would you please head back to your common room?" He answered. Hermione gave you a sympathetic glance that said 'you'll be fine' and you gave her a look 'Please don't tell' and she left. "Miss _______, what is it that the death eaters want you to do?" "They want me to make Harry an easy target," you answered truthfully. "And I understand that you do not wish to do this?" "Not at all! Harry is my friend and even if he wasn't I still wouldn't!" "Alright, Miss ________, could you please fetch Professor Snape?" You nodded to his question and quickly left. Once you arrived in the dungeons you saw Professor Quirel being interrogated by the potion's master. You didn't wish to interrupt and seem to eavesdrop so you knocked on the wall. Professor Snape was holding Quirel by the scruff of his robes, your scar began to burn at the sight of him and your dark mark began to hum. "Professor Snape, I do not wish to interrupt, but the headmaster needs you," you said. Snape nodded and released the DADA teacher. On the way to the headmaster's office you thought of your mother. 'I don't understand! I've seen several flashbacks of how my mother was killed and they are all different! I don't believe any of them! She died when I was one, not six. My mum was killed by my dad when she was married to my step father. I can assume that mum left my dad when she discovered he was a death eater. Not that I blame her.' The two of you walked for a few more minutes until you arrived at Dumbledore's office. You had an eerie feeling once you arrived, like someone was watching you. "Yes, Headmaster?" Snape asked. "Miss ________ here has been branded with the dark mark and has requested its removal. I understand that you have just the potion recipe needed for this task?" Dumbledore asked with the usual twinkle in his blue eyes. Once he had said that you were branded with the dark mark you had heard a door close and the eerie feeling disappeared without a trace. "Yes, Headmaster. Though, I am afraid that it is a very complex potion and it will be months before it is finished," Snape answered in his usual mocking monotone. Dumbledore nodded and requested your departure. You obeyed and headed toward the common room. Once you entered the scarlet and gold tower you saw Ron and Harry fuming and Hermione trying to negotiate with them. "What's up?" You asked as you sat beside them. Hermione gave you an apologetic look while Ron looked furious and Harry grasped his wand tightly. "Okay. So, how is everybody?" You said awkwardly. "It was better when you weren't in here," Ron snapped. "Okay then, I'll just leave you guys to it," you said awkwardly and before you stood up Harry said the last thing you wanted to hear. "I guess you weren't joking when you told me that you saw yourself as a death eater!" "How do you know about that?" You snapped. "Followed you to Dumbledore's office!" He answered as if it were perfectly obvious. "Well, Hermione, thanks for the earlier offer but I don't think it will do much good. See you at breakfast," you said as you walked away from the common room, crying the very second the portrait closed.
  3. 'Are you alright, _______? Take down your mental wall!' The sympathetic voice of Draco told you. 'No, I'm not alright! It is the worst day ever!' You replied in your mind. 'What happened?' He asked. 'Some death eaters gave me the dark mark and now Harry and Ron hate me!' You thought. You suddenly felt an anger that wasn't your own, but Draco's. 'I'm sorry. I may not understand it, but I know how important your Gryffindors are to you.' 'Did Draco Malfoy just apologize? Someone alert the media! Talk to you later, bye!' You joked and rebuilt your mental wall. Instead of going to breakfast you went to the Black Lake for some peace and quiet. On your walk you saw many furious and disgusted Gryffindors along with some envious Slytherins. 'Draco, how do the Slytherins know?' You thought. 'Let's just say that the Fat Lady loves to gossip,' Draco apologetically replied. You knew you should feel angry, but for some reason you weren't. 'Thanks, Draco.' With that you put your wall back up. "Oh, hi Tatyana!" You waved at your friend. "Hi, _______! I heard what happened," She replied. "Go ahead, hate on me and scream at me like everyone else," you said sadly as you put your hands in a 'hit me with your best shot' stance. Tatyana just gave you a weak smile. "Can you help me study, now? You didn't help much last time because of your wand," she said as she patted the ground next to her. "I would Tatyana, but I've got other things to do," you said apologetically. "That's okay. You have other things on your mind. I'll ask Hermione to help me," Tatyana said cheerily. You thanked her and climbed the tree she was sitting under. You climbed as high as you could and laid down. "_______! You do realize that you're still in your pajamas, right!?" Hermione shouted to you. "Who cares! It's not like I'm welcome in the common room anyway! Plus it's Saturday!" You shouted back. Hermione laughed and attempted to climbed the tree. "Can I assume that you want to talk to me?" You shouted once she got stuck in the third branch. "Yes! You weren't at breakfast and Malfoy said you were here! Now come on!" She shouted to you. "Where are we supposed to talk? I'm not welcome in the common room, there is no where else private in the castle!" You replied. "Just come on!" She shouted to you. You sighed and jumped down from your branch to help her get her foot unstuck. "Thanks," Hermione whispered as you pulled her foot out of a hole in the tree branch. You nodded and jumped from the tree. When you landed you broke your ankle. "OW!" You seethed. "Serves you right you filthy death eater!" Some Gryffindor you didn't know told you as he walked past. You clenched your teeth. "Episkey," you whispered as you pointed your wand at your ankle. "Yikes!" You seethed as your ankle snapped back into place. Hermione thumped down beside you. "You okay?" She asked. You nodded and stood up. You asked where you were going and Hermione said to follow her. You agreed and followed Hermione into the castle and down a few corridors, barely ignoring the filthy glares from 75% of the school. The other 25% were envious looks from Slytherins.
  4. "Can we be there yet? All these dirty looks are going to you as well," you pointed out. Hermione pulled you into an empty classroom and said to sit. "Okay, I'm here what do you need?" You asked as you sat at a desk. "I am so sorry, _______! I tried to talk to Harry and he refuses to see reason! And Ron, he is being a bigger git than usual! I can't believe that Harry would be such a jerk as to do that to you!" Hermione cried. At this you burst into tears. "Hermione, I can't do it! I've only been a death eater for two hours and the entire school knows and everyone's perspective of me has turned upside down! The Slytheirns envy me and the rest of the school hates me! And it'll be months before I can get this thing off! Why don't they understand that I didn't want this to happen!?" You sobbed. Hermione shook her head and sat beside you. She made shushing noises and hugged you until you stopped crying, which was a while. Once you'd stopped crying both of you were tear soaked and eager to change the subject. "So have you figured out what's going on with that giant three headed dog, Hagrid calls Fluffy?" You asked. "Yeah. Nicholas Flamel is an alchemist who created the sorcerer's stone and Harry thinks that Snape is trying to steal it and Fluffy is guarding it. Normally I'd ask if you'd help, but given the circumstances that may not be the best idea," Hermione answered. "Wait. Harry thinks it's Snape? I can help with that, and they won't even know I'm helping. Snape will tell me anything!" You said. "As long as I don't get into trouble!" Hermione said and stood up. You followed suit and headed out the door. 'I really don't care anymore! Hermione believes me and doesn't hate me! She is my best friend and that's all I need.' You thought as you purposefully strode towards the Gryffindor common room. Once you arrived even the Fat Lady was more snooty towards you than usual. "Caput Draconis!" You told her. "Ugh! A death eater Gryffindor! You're not the first, but I suppose that I must let you in!" She said and swung forward. "It. Is. Not. My. Fault!" You raged at the portrait as you entered the common room. "EEP!" A few first years shouted once you entered and ran the other direction. "Yeah. Yeah. Whatever," you said in a pathetic monotone as you laid on the couch. "Why are you here?" Ron asked in an angry tone. "What? A girl can't sit on a couch in her dorm?" You asked. "This isn't the Slytherin common room," he played the lowest card possible. "You are going to listen to me whether you want to or not!" You said as you hoisted yourself off of the scarlet couch. "Well I don't so," Ron said. "Incarserous," you said and tied Ron up so he looked like a dangling puppet suspended from nowhere. You then dragged Ron to an empty corridor. Once you reached the corridor you released Ron from his bindings. "Will you just.........listen?" You calmly asked. Ron tried to run. "Patrificus Totalus!" You whispered as Ron tried to run. Once Ron's petrified form hit the floor you dragged him by his feet into an empty classroom. Once you arrived in the deserted History of Magic classroom you took Ron's wand, locked the door, and un-petrified him. "What?!" Ron asked as he stood and brushed himself off. "You don't seem to understand, Ron. I didn't want this to happen! You think I want death eaters to be able to attack me in my sleep?! I don't! I'm more ashamed of this than anyone! I have everyone hating me other than Slytheirns who want to be me! This is driving me crazy! I asked Hermione for help the very second I noticed it. When she said she couldn't help I asked Dumbledore. Harry left before he heard the whole conversation!" You shouted, ending in tears. "Oh, shut it! Harry told me what you saw in the mirror!" Ron argued. "Yes! When Hermione cast the Confundus charm on it! I actually saw, never mind!" You said as you broke down. "No, what did you see?" Ron asked more sympathetic than he was earlier. "I saw..........*breath in*........ me, my mum, my step dad, with Harry and his parents as happy as can be," you said truthfully. "Wait. You want Harry to be happy along with yourself?" He asked astonished. "Actually, I'd prefer him have his parents than me have mine if I could only pick one," you said quietly. "Whatever! I listened, I don't believe you. Now, give me my wand and let me out!" He said as angry as ever. "Fine you stubborn, thick headed, idiot! I hoped that you would understand that not everyone is how they seem! I guess not. You're just as oblivious as every other git in this school!" You cried as you handed Ron his wand and allowed him to leave. Once his ginger hair, red sweater, and blue jeans were out of sight you cried your self to sleep on Mr. Binns' desk.
  5. "Eh-hem. Miss _________, could you please sleep in your dorm?" The ghost asked a couple hours later. You jerked awake. "Sorry, Professor. Just trying to get some peace and quiet," you said as you stood and walked toward the door. "Try Hagrid's then," Professor Binns told you. You nodded and left. It was 10:30 in the morning and you were now wide awake. You decided to listen to the History of Magic teacher, for once, and go see Hagrid. You walked through the snow to Hagrid's hut and saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione leaving. Ron gave you a disgusted look, Hermione gave a sympathetic one, and Harry looked like he was trying to kill you. You gave them a weak smile that said 'It's not my fault!' "Hi Hagrid!" You waved at the half-giant gamekeeper. "Am I still welcome here?" You asked. Hagrid asked, "Why wouldn' you be?" "Apparently they didn't tell you. I'll tell you inside," you sadly replied. Hagrid entered his hut and you followed. Everything was huge! Hagrid's bed was as big as a small car, the table and chairs just as big, along with everything else. You sat in one of the gigantic moleskin chairs while Hagrid poured you some tea into a large tankard. "Thank you, Hagrid," you graciously whispered. Hagrid nodded and sat across from you. His beard was covering 90% of his face. 5% was covered by his hair and the last 5% was occupied by his friendly blue eyes and smile. "So, what's goin' on?" He asked as he took a quick gulp from his tankard. "Everyone hates me or wants to be me, other than Draco and Hermione, because they think I wanted this to happen! I asked for help as soon as I noticed it and when Hermione said she couldn't help I asked Dumbledore! I tried to talk to Ron about it, but he's as thick as they get!" You cried. "Why do they hate you?" He asked. You rolled up your left pajama sleeve and, surprisingly, Hagrid did nothing, "How did that happen?" "Death eaters can get in my head and mess with me. They get in my dreams and torture me, make me do what they want even when I normally would NEVER do it!" You whined. Hagrid nodded and said it will be fine. "So what is Dum'ledore doin' 'bout it?" He asked thoughtfully. "They're making a potion that's supposed to get it off. It'll take a few months, but I don't know what they're going to do about death eaters in my head. When they got to that part Dumbledore made me leave so he could talk to Snape," you said glumly. Hagrid gave another thoughtful nod and gulp of tea. "Hagrid, I'd better go figure out what Dumbledore needs me to do about 'this' I'll see you later. And thanks for not kicking me out like most of the Gryffindors did," you said graciously as you rolled your sleeve down. Just then Professor Snape came in. "Miss _______ I need you in my office," he said in his deep monotone as his greasy black hair fell in his face. You waved to Hagrid and followed the professor. "Professor? What is it that I am required to do? And is this for the dark mark or the death eaters?" You asked. Snape said nothing, so you assumed it was both, and followed him to his dark office in the dungeons. On the trek there you received grimaces of hatred and disgust along with envy. The entire time you wished to scream 'it is not my fault!! They get in my head!' but you knew it was better not to. After ten minutes of death glares from piers and teeth clenching form you, you and Snape finally arrived in his dark, depressing office. Once you entered the room from the squeaking door you noticed that on one table was a bubbling cauldron and on another were several pillows. You were confused by the pillows but knew the answer would reveal itself in due time.
  6. {Your thoughts} You were one and were being held by your father. "Put her down, you disgusting death eater!" Your mother cried. "Fine," your father said as he placed your infantile body beside a tree stump. Your step father picked you up once your father was a safe distance away. "Every thing will be alright, _______. I promise!" Your mother told you as she pointed her wand at your father. She walked over to you. "Remember honey. No matter what happens I love you!" She said sincerely as she kissed your forehead. She turned her back to you and faced your father again. "Put the wand down and no one gets hurt," your stumpy father told her. "Yeah, no one gets hurt until you have the wand and then someone gets killed!" Your mother retaliated. "You're right. Imperio! Now move aside Evanescent!" He said. "Drop the pet name! It's Jordan!" Your mum replied. "Move aside!" He said again with a sweeter tone than before. Your mother reluctantly listened. "Avada kedavra," your father said, wand to you. "No!" Your mum said and she jumped in front of you and allowed the spell to take her. "Avada kedavra!" Your father said again, wand to you and nothing happened. Your step father was killed next and you were dragged away by the man you still didn't recognize. {reality} 'That was the truth' "Miss ______! You have to concentrate! I will try to invade your mind and you keep me out! We have been doing this for an hour and you have gotten worse!" Professor Snape told you. "I'm trying, Professor. I really am. Could we take a break for a minute or two?" You replied. When Snape gave no answer you took a glass of water from the table that had once been host to pillows. The red cushions were now laden on the floor for when you toppled backwards. You drank the whole glass in one gulp and went to stand in front of the cushions once more. "I'm ready, Professor," you confidently said. Snape nodded and pointed his wand at you. "Legillimens!" He said. {Your thoughts} Blackness, blackness, dark mark, black, black, black, Voldemort, black, black, black, "Fine you stubborn, thick headed, idiot! I hoped that you would understand that not everyone is how they seem! I guess not. You're just as oblivious as every other git in this school!" You saw the incident again and afterwards everything went black until Professor Snape lifted the spell. "Better," he said in his deep monotone. You nodded and passed out.
  7. {Harry's POV} "Hermione, just come off it! ________ has gone bad. I'm sure that all of this was a lie to make sure the death eaters get what they want!" I told her in the common room. "She didn't want it to happen Harry! She woke me up as soon as she noticed it and was worried beyond belief when I said I couldn't help!" She argued. "I was in Dumbledore's office Hermione! He said that ______ had the dark mark! She didn't seem too ashamed of it then!" I retaliated. "Harry, maybe if you just listened to her you would understand!" Hermione whined. "I listened to her. Not that I had a choice. She sort of dragged me to a classroom and told me some messed up sob story," Ron told her. I threw my hands in his direction as if that settled everything. "Her 'sob story' Ronald is the truth! ________ doesn't lie unless she has a very good reason to! And she certainly wouldn't lie to me or Dumbledore!" Hermione argued. I wanted to believe Hermione, wanted to think that _______ was a good person, but something wouldn't let me. "Hermione, you can believe what you choose to believe, but I believe that she wanted to be a death eater! As much as I want to believe you I don't," I told her and watched as she ran to her dorm. "Do you believe her?" I asked Ron. He shook his head and said every word of it is rubbish. I couldn't help but agree with him. "Is it possible that we are being gigantic gits for not believing her?" I asked. "It's possible but like I said, she is mental. Besides how possible is it that death eaters can get inside of _______'s head?" He responded. I nodded and sat beside him on the scarlet couch.
  8. 10. You awoke in the hospital wing three hours later, it was time for Quidditch. It was a Gryffindor VS Slytherin game and it was 10 minutes before the game started. "I'm leaving Madame Pomfrey!" You told the nurse and left without waiting for an answer. You ran to the Quidditch pitch in your Gryffindor robes, you knew you wouldn't get to play because you didn't see Katie in the hospital. "Hermione!" You shouted at your friend in the stands. She waved to you and patted the seat beside her, ignoring all protests from Ron. "Thanks, Hermione. It's good to know that some people believe me," you said as you took a seat. "Who else believes you?" She thoughtfully asked. "Draco and Tatyana," you told her much to Ron's displeasure. "Have I missed anything?" You asked. Hermione shook her head and you watched the game. "I hope Harry doesn't get jinxed again!" You said as the game started. "Yeah, so you can jinx him!" Ron told you. "Once again, I don't want this stupid thing in my arm!" You sternly said. Ron rolled his eyes and Hermione gave a disbelieving look in his direction. The game ended quickly with Harry nearly swallowing the snitch and Gryffindor crushing Slytherin once more. You cheered with the rest of the Gryffindors but didn't join in the congratulatory celebration in the common room, not that you were allowed to. "You'll poison the drinks!" Someone said. So you stayed in the tree by the Black Lake. '________, where are you? Granger's looking for you,' Draco said. 'In the tree by the Black Lake,' you replied. Draco thanked you but some part of you knew that the information was for him. Your suspicions were confirmed when the bleach blond Slytherin joined you in the tree moments later.
  9. 11. That's it! Thanks for reading! What did you think? Like, hate, improvements CO-WRITERS WANTED!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
  10. *IMPORTANT* Anyone who would like to help with the next few quizzes; characters, scenes, things like that; feel free. I'm going to put up a contest in a little bit and you can help me out. Thanks! Bye! Accio results!

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