Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 7)

Who will your Hogwarts best friend be? Take this quiz to find out! Although, you only being a first year you can only be friends but that shall change in the years to come! I also need a few co-writers for anyone who wants to help! Thanks!

Recap: Sonya and Blackwell had a swear-off which included plates, magic, and knives. You found out that Sonya is a witch that had used to attend Hogwarts. Blackwell ALMOST killed you and he broke Sonya's wand. Sonya has basically adopted you and your last name is now, __{your last name}__. And Hermione was crying and her parents aren't too fond of you at the moment. Caught up? If not go back and read the last one and ones before it! Also, comment/rate, you know the usual things that I ask from you! I'll shut up now and let you read. "Accio quiz!"

Created by: Blahh45

  1. Read the top! Thanks! Also, if options are a little lazy, I'm sorry, although they shouldn't be too lazy! Also, I'm sorry if I slip into first person, I proofread these before I publish them usually, but sometimes I overlook that.
  2. After two hours of walking through the freezing cold you finally arrived at your new home, with Sonya. You were no longer __{your first name}__ Blackwell, you were now __{your first name}__ __{your last name}__ and you decided to start over. You decided to forget about Blackwell for the time being and focus on your friends and school. You were done being Blackwell's lap dog and you knew that, as soon as he woke up, so would Blackwell. When you arrived at a two story house in a different neighborhood, you fingers were numb and your face was freezing. You felt as if you could sneeze icicles any moment. You saw the white washed house with its redish porch and black awning, the icicles hanging from each corner and the snow piled high on the black, pointed roof. 'This is my new home! And it's wonderful!' You thought as you saw Sonya fumble with her keys with numb fingers. "I hate opening doors the muggle-way! I swear, if only I could still use my wand!" Sonya raged through shudders and shivers. "I'm sorry that Jonathan is such a b****," you said as you rushed to the safety of the covered porch. "I honestly couldn't agree more, but you being only 11 really should mind your tongue. Language as sharp as that should stay locked until your at least 13," Sonya scolded as she finally unlocked the door. You apologized and ran into the comfort of your new home. "Ah! So warm!" You said as you took your boots off. You walked over to a blue couch and plopped down. "So what are the rules here?" You asked once Sonya sat in a matching blue arm chair. "There are a few rules, but I promise not to be a drill sergeant! Now the rules are you must be in bed by 10:30 every night, I said in bed, that doesn't mean that you have to go to sleep then that's just the time that I need to sleep so I need you quiet. The next rule is that you must ask before you head to a friends house or have them to come here, you also have chores. Now, for chores each week you will get seven sickles if you complete all tasks correctly, and your chores are to clean the house ESPECIALLY your room and walk the dog, that's it," Sonya explained. "Alright, fair enough. You give me a house and I repay you by keeping it clean. Now where's the dog? I love animals!" You replied as you looked around. "He's at the vet right now but it's late so you should head up to bed," Sonya answered. "Where is my room?" You asked. "Upstairs, third door on your left." You thanked Sonya and lugged your things upstairs. You were immediately surprised by your new room, it was surprisingly extremely sophisticated. The walls were a beige and had a long, tall window in the center of the wall that was farthest from the door; had a wooden floor; a mahogany dresser with a mirror; a walk in closet; and a red covered bed with a mahogany frame. Also there was a red carpet in the centre of the floor. You were suddenly distracted by your owl, Pyra seemed dreadfully out of place, due to her black coloring contrasting with the bright room. You strode to your owl and untied the two letters from her leg. You read the one from Harry and Ron first.
  3. The letter read; '______! Are you okay? We can't believe that you almost died! We just hope that whoever your living with is better than him. Anyway, good luck and we're sorry about your awful dramas, even though it isn't our fault. See you soon, Happy Christmas! Harry, Ron, and the whole of Gryffindor Tower (Ron had to read your letter out loud).' You smiled, set the letter aside, and grabbed the other letter. This one was from Hermione. 'Are you alright!? Blackwell didn't actually physically hurt you, did he? I swear you could have avoided almost dying if I hadn't hidden in the washroom on Halloween. Also, if it weren't for the rule that we'd be expelled for using magic outside of school, I would definitely full body bind him for months! Anyway, I hope where you're at now is better than at Blackwell's. Good luck with your dramas! Happy Christmas, Hermione.' You smiled and set to write replies. The first one to Harry and Ron. 'Hey Harry, Ron, and my concerned Gryffindor lions! Thanks! I'm alright, I'm living with Sonya and she is awesome! Happy Christmas Eve, Christmas is tomorrow! How are things at Hogwarts? As for the drama"”it helps me with a lot of things. Like acing my Hogwarts' classes and dealing with things most people can't, I know that you understand that feeling Harry. Anyway, I'm supposed to be sleeping now. Night! ______.' You set this letter to the side and wrote Hermione a reply. 'Hey Hermione! I'm doing good, a little tired but good. Living with Sonya is much better than Blackwell! My room is amazing, although it seems empty without my desk and T.V. And LOL, if I know you then you are too nice to body bind someone without an actual reason, like if he had actually hurt me. But, it's the thought that counts. Anyway, Happy Christmas Eve. See you soon, ______.' You then sent Pyra to Hermione's house then to Hogwarts. After closing your window, you walked to the washroom attached to your room. You brushed your teeth and took care of everything before climbing into the warm embrace of the scarlet comforter. {Your dreams} You were on a gigantic board with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Ron was hurt and Hermione was staying with him as you followed Harry to a room full of potions. You saw a familiar looking one after reading a strange rhyme. "Pick that one." You instructed Harry. He picked the potion as you had instructed and........... {Awake} "They're poisoned!!" You awoke screaming. You noticed that the scarlet covers and white sheets where twisted around you making you feel as if you were choking. You saw Sonya above you with a worried look on her face. "Sorry, just a dream," you said quickly while seeing that it was 9:30 in the morning. Sonya nodded and told you to get ready to go to Diagon Alley, you and Sonya were to buy your wands in a few hours. You thanked her and dressed in a grey t-shirt and black skinny jeans with your brown knee-high boots. You took your severed wand and hoped that Ollivander could repair it for you.
  4. Nothing interesting happened in Diagon Alley so I'm going to skip to Christmas Day. "Happy Christmas, Sonya!" You greeted your now-legal guardian with a smile. "Happy Christmas, _____." Sonya replied. You hopped happily down the stairs in your green dress with reindeer embroidered on the hem in red thread. You stopped at the bottom step and stared in amazement. "A Christmas tree?! With presents?! I've only lived here for like two days!" You shouted. "Some of them are from me, some from your friends, and some from Blackwell," Sonya replied. "Blackwell?! He never gets me presents, unless a broom counts," you said as you sat beside her. "A broom for Quidditch definitely counts!" Sonya said, shocked. "A Quidditch broom, yes, but I mean like a broom for cleaning," you said, disgustedly. Sonya nodded. "Who's do you want to open first? You have Blackwell's, Harry's, Ron's, Fred and George's, Hermione's, Hagrid's, Draco's, The Weasley's, Tatyana's, Snape's, Neville's, Oliver's, and mine. Now who are all of those people?" Sonya said as she took a deep breath at the end of the long list. "They're a bunch of my friends, although Snape is a teacher I don't know why he sent me something. I'll open Blackwell's first," you said while taking a small red box that Sonya handed to you. Sonya nodded for you to open the box. You were prepared for the worst, but you were pleasantly surprised by the box's contents. It was a Hippogriff necklace. Inside the box was an old looking note, you read aloud, "The Hippogriff, the animal of nature that proves that Ravenclaws and Gryffindors can come together to create something beautiful, another example is you. Happy first Christmas, _______, love you. Mom." There was another note, this one from Blackwell, you read aloud, "Your mother was planning to give this to you 11 years ago, before she died, I didn't want to give this to you but now I have no choice. Wear it with pride, Happy Christmas. Jonathan." You said you loved it, which you did, and happily put it on. 'If I was only 1 at the time, then why did she write a note? Did she know that dad was going to kill her? If so, than why didn't she stop him? Or was she planning in reading it to me?' You thought. You then opened Snape's present; it was a snitch. There was a note as well. You read aloud, "I'm not often fond of Gryffindors, but your mother was my second best friend, next to Potter's. You look just like your mother and act like her too, which is why I have taken a liking to you. Your mother was the Ravenclaw seeker and also very watchful. Happy Christmas Miss. Blackwell." You knew that not many people knew that your last name was now _______, so you didn't mind the Blackwell comment. You took the snitch and the note, you noticed that the Hippogriff around your neck had a clasp on its back. You quickly opened it and found an armpit deep abyss. "Nice job Mom, wit beyond measure, wit beyond measure," you whispered as you dropped the notes and snitch into the necklace. You opened the rest of the presents. Neville gave you a book on plants because you both took a liking to Herbology, although you not as much as Neville. Ron gave you candy. Harry got you a picture. It was you, Harry, Ron, and Hermione beside the fallen mountain troll. 'That's weird, I don't remember taking a picture then, must be a wizarding trick,' you thought as you placed the picture in the memory book Sonya had given you. Fred and George sent you puking pastilles and ton-tongue toffees (no where near perfected) which you placed in a keep box that Tatyana had given you for Christmas. Hermione gave you a BFF necklace. The Weasley's sent you a teal jumper embroidered with a deep blue _{your first initial}_. Hagrid sent you a book about magical creatures, mainly dragons, and Draco sent you a snake bracelet intertwined with green, red, gold, and black snakes. A note was quickly scrawled with it. 'Maybe we could be friends? After all, I didn't enchant this to have the colors of Slytherin and Gryffindor!' It said, and Oliver had given you a broom caring kit. Then, you arrived at Sonya's present. She had given you an advanced spell book. "In case you ever meet someone like Blackwell again," Sonya told you. "Thank you, now here, open mine," you shoved a small white box wrapped in red ribbon into her hand. Sonya looked flattered and graciously took the box. Inside was a necklace that you'd had for years, it was a red ruby heart. "It's been my good luck charm for as long as I can remember, I have a new one now, and you could use some luck with guys," you joked as Sonya put it on. Sonya laughed and told you to send your presents to your friends. You thanked her and rushed to your room. Once you had entered your room you ran straight towards your walk-in closet. Pyra had arrived late last night with letters of good luck from your friends and some people you really didn't know. You took very poorly wrapped parcels from your closet and wrote thank you letters to everyone who sent you something. You had bought Harry a foe-glass, it allowed him to see his enemies and how close they were to him, although yours was pocket sized and also a way for the two of you to communicate, almost like wizard video chatting. You bought Ron candy, candy, and more candy. You gave Neville a pack of seeds for watermelons, he had told you how much he loved the melon. You sent Hermione a book about amulets. Blackwell got a small ring that told him the right thing to do. You sent Draco a letter saying that you would be his friend and apologized for not getting him anything. You sent the twins muggle pranks, a peanut brittle can that shoots springs and whoopee-cushions. You sent Mrs. Weasley a muggle cookbook, sent Mr. Weasley any useless muggle items that you wished to be rid of, sent Bill an extra fang earring and Charlie a book about what muggles think of dragons. You sent Hagrid a Hippogriff whistle. Snape received a defense against the dark arts handbook. You sent Oliver a quaffle, and sent Tatyana color changing earrings.
  5. "So much stuff to send!" You groaned as you tied the Hogwarts gifts to Pyra's leg and sent her off to deliver them. After you had sent Pyra on her way you ran back downstairs. "Sonya, could I go to Hermione's for a while and bring her over here? I promised she could spend Christmas with me," you yelled as you reached the last step. Sonya said it'd be fine and you rushed to the end of the concrete driveway. You thrust your right arm towards the road and waited for the Night Bus. You boarded the purple triple-decker bus and told the Jamaican shrunken head to take you to Hermione's house. You arrived on Hermione's street at noon. You walked the five extra minutes to her house. Once you arrived you were tired and becoming rapidly enveloped by laziness. You knocked on the door twice and saw Hermione's bushy hair greet you. "Happy Christmas, Hermione!" You said happily. "Happy Christmas, _______," Hermione replied not as cheerily. "You coming? I did promise you that you could come over for Christmas," you said as Hermione gestured for you to enter her house. Hermione nodded and said, "If you can get my mother to allow me to, she took your last letter from me about Blackwell and won't allow me to come!" Hermione complained. You nodded and approached Mrs. Granger. "Mrs. Granger, could Hermione please come over?! I don't live with Blackwell anymore and in fact my new guardian is quite kind." Mrs. Granger consulted her husband and finally, very reluctantly nodded. You thanked Hermione's mother sending your _{hair color}_ hair flying as you turned on your heel. "Hermione, go get your trunk. You can stay with us the remainder if break if you'd like," you told Hermione. Hermione rushed upstairs, her pink jacket trailing behind her. You then had a polite conversation with Hermione's parents about...... everything really. You thanked them once Hermione had descended the stairs and politely swept her away. You and Hermione walked to the bus stop and summoned the Night Bus, you freezing in your dress and Hermione quite comfortable in her long sleeves and pants. You stepped on to the bus with Hermione in tow, a little shocked by the shrunken head and the speed of the bus, and sat on one of the many leather seats. The two of you soon arrived at Little Whinging where the two of you trudged through the snow to reach your door, not saying a word to one another. After about ten minutes of snow and painful silence you reached your house. It was more beautiful than ever, decorated in its Christmas lights and snow coated grounds. You noticed that Sonya had locked the door so you had to knock. Knock knock "Sonya! You locked the door!" You shouted. Sonya soon opened the door in her red, white fur-lined dress. She apologized and admitted the two of you inside. "Hermione, this is Sonya. Sonya, this is my very best friend Hermione," you introduced as they shook hands and Hermione sat down. "Hermione, here's your present," you said happily as you headed Hermione the parcel. She thanked you and unwrapped the colorful red and bell encrusted parcel.
  6. "Wow! I love it! I need a new book!" Hermione exclaimed. "Open to page 258," you instructed while placing a loose hair behind your ear. Hermione did so. "Eye of the dead. *flip a chapter* Amulet of life. *flip* Amulet of death. *flip* 258! Amulet of friendship," Hermione said. You motioned for her to look closer at the page. "Wow!" She said as a red amulet appeared from nowhere. You put it on Hermione. "Happy Christmas Hermione!" You whispered as you sealed the clasp on the amulet. "Happy Christmas _______," she breathed. "Now, let's have breakfast!" You said. "But, ______, it's noon!" Hermione argued. "Like I said, let's eat breakfast," you said in your smart aleck tone. Hermione rolled her brown eyes and laughed. She followed you into the kitchen and sat down at the mahogany table. It reminded you of Blackwell's kitchen after Sonya had remodeled. 'No! I'm starting over. I am not a Blackwell. Nothing reminds me of Blackwell!' You thought to yourself. "______, are you okay?" Hermione asked. You had been hitting yourself on the forehead. "Huh? *stops hitting self* Yeah, I'm fine, Hermione," you assured her as you walked to the white-washed cupboard. "I'm having toast, what would you like?" You asked your bushy haired friend. She chuckled and rolled her eyes. "I'll be having lunch, so, I'll take a sand which," she answered. You laughed and went to fixing lunch/breakfast. After a few hours of eating, talking, joking, and laughing you went to sleep. You found that an extra bed was hidden in your closet. Hermione slept on the mystery bed and you slept in yours. 'I wonder where the bed came from' you wondered as you drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
  7. The last few days of break flew by! You spent New Years with the Grangers and stayed at their house for the remainder of the holidays. Before you knew it, it was January 5 and time to return to school. For the first time someone actually saw you off at the train, instead of half a mile away from the train station. Sonya took you all the way to King's Cross and walked with you through the barrier. You heard the familiar whistle of the train and saw the familiar scarlet steam engine. "Thanks mom," you said by accident. Embarrassed you corrected, "Sorry! I meant thanks, Sonya." Sonya gave a beaming smile when you called her mom and smiled as you rushed to the train. You quickly found an empty compartment and waved from your window. "Bye, Sonya!" You waved. "Bye, ______! Good luck! Keep clear of the mountain trolls!" She shouted. You nodded and waved until Sonya was out of sight. Once she was out of sight you sagged into the seat farthest from the window, propped your feet up, and slept for the entire ride. {Dream} You were at Sonya's house, but something seemed.........different. There was something more strange than usual, and something more normal than usual. Everything was decorated exactly the same, but there was an eerie feeling around the house. "You shall join the death eaters, ________! Or I shall torture you into madness and kill you!" A cold voice said. "You loathsome demon! I'll never become a death eater! Kill me if you wish, you murderous son of a b****!" You shouted. "Milord, is it possible that we could use the girl? After all she is his friend. We could use her as bait?" A nervous voice asked. Suddenly two figures appeared in front of you. One you knew as Yaxley. The other was too horrible to remember, your memory was frozen in shock. "You are NOT back!" You shouted defiantly. "No, no, you see, your dreaming you insolent mudblood!" The voice; Voldemort, screeched. "You little!" You shouted as you rushed towards Voldemort. "_____, stop. It isn't worth it," an unfamiliar voice said. "This is just a dream. This is just a dream," you said in a panicked tone. "This is just a dream!" You said brightly. The person holding you back was a man, "Why so happy?" "I can take out all of my anger at Voldemort in a dream," you said as if it were perfectly obvious. The man released you and you began shouting with a fire a volcano couldn't match. "Do you know him, you insolent b****?! Do you know my father?!" You shouted in a voice so loud that the 'sonarous' charm would've been ashamed. "Yes, I knew him. His name was *inaudible words*," Voldemort answered. Suddenly you heard a hissing voice, one that you understood. "Kill her, Naigini!" All you saw was a green head with a mouthful of fangs. Suddenly you jerked awake. {Reality} 'Who the h*** is Naigini?' You thought. You saw Hogwarts getting nearer and nearer. You quickly ran to the washroom to change into your robes. Once finished you looked in the mirror. You didn't see yourself, you saw a young girl with a father and a mother. "Mum," you whispered. The man from your dream grabbed you by the arm as you saw your plump father pull out his wand and point it at you. You were dragged away as your mother was murdered with the killing curse. "I remember," you whispered as you felt warm tears fall down your face. "No! I will NOT cry! They're gone, there's nothing I can do about that! I need to stop pretending there is!" You scolded yourself as you dried your tears. "Hogwarts!" You heard various voices shout as you exited the washroom.
  8. "Hogwarts," you whispered with a smile. You ran to your compartment and reached for the luggage wrack. "Eee!" You squealed as two snakes crawled from your trunk. One was green and black, the other red and gold. 'How the heck did that bracelet come alive? Malfoy, I swear to Merlin that I will kill you if these snakes hurt me!' You thought as the snakes crawled up your hand. A voice startled you. It was a voice from nowhere, a voice inside your head, a voice that you recognized. 'They won't hurt you, ______,' the voice said. 'Huh? Malfoy?' You responded in your head. 'Oh, silly me! Here I thought we were on a first name basis. But, yes it's me,' Malfoy responded sadly. 'Oh, silly me! Here I thought you were some jerk who jinxed the 'lower class'!' You responded rather sassily as the snakes re-wrapped themselves along your wrist. You heard a laugh in your head as you built a mental wall. You grabbed your things and walked off the train, nearly forgetting your wand. After you had taken your new wand, Phoenix, rosewood, best for DADA, and brown, you ran off the train to surprise your friends. First, you took a piece of parchment and scrawled. 'Can't come back to Hogwarts. ~{your name}' and sent Pyra with the letter of lies. After about five minutes, in which time you found Hermione and told her of your prank; she obviously didn't take a liking to it, you headed to the Gryffindor Common Room. "_______ you really shouldn't have sent that letter! They'll be so worried!" Hermione scolded. "Which is EXACTLY why I did it, Hermione. Apparently, after two years, you haven't figured out that I have a very SICK sense of humor," you joked while playfully shoving her. You had accidentally shoved her into a classroom. Inside was nothing other than an old mirror. "Erised strae hruoy tubec afru oy?" Hermione whispered. You knew exactly what it said, 'I show not your face but your heart's desire.' Although, something told you that it was something you needn't tell Hermione. ''I don't know," you calmly lied. You looked in the mirror and saw something that shocked you. You as a death eater! "Did it work?" Hermione asked. "Did what work?" You asked, appalled by the contents of the mirror. "The confundus charm. I cast it on the mirror. Did it work?" Hermione explained. You nodded relieved. You looked again in the mirror, and found its contents realistic. It was you, your mother, your step father, and........Harry with his family? happily as one big family. "I've got to go!" You said anxiously and bolted through the door. You ran faster than you usually could've to Gryffindor Tower. "Caput Draconis!" You shouted at the Fat Lady. "Ah! You scared me!" The Fat Lady shrieked. "Sorry! I'm a little startled myself. By something from earlier and YOU NOT LETTING ME IN!" You shouted. "Well! No need to shout!" The Fat Lady said offended. You apologized. The Fat Lady still wouldn't let you in. "Merlin! You idiotic portrait! Let. Me. In!" You shouted getting annoyed. The Fat Lady relented. "Thank you!" You sighed as she swung forward. You entered the common room quietly as you saw almost every Gryffindor crowded around the window. You could barely see your owl among the black robes of students. You tip-toed to the mob of Gryffindors. You tapped the nearest Gryffindor on the shoulder and motioned for him to be quiet and move aside. You did this until you reached the center of the mob; Harry, and Ron. You covered their eyes with your hands and out on a southern accent. "Guess who?" You asked in a valley girl tone. "No clue," Harry said. "I don't know any valley girls," said Ron. "You guys are so pathetic at this game!" You said in your normal voice. They instantly whipped around. "_____?! Bloody h***! You just said you couldn't come back!" Ron said as he hugged you. "Yeah, ______! Don't do that to us!" Harry added as he hugged you. "I know, I'm awful! One thing you need to know about me, I have a very sick sense of humor!" You said cheerily. Suddenly Fred and George came up to you. "Okay! Now we know, you are awesome!" "And that's a lot coming from us!" They said. You thanked them and Harry dragged you away. "Where are we going?" You asked. "I have to show you something!" Harry said. The two of you were ignoring the shocks sent to yourselves. "What it is?" You asked. Harry shook his head and lead you down to the Corridor you had just ran from. You walked into the exact room you had just fled to see that Hermione had left. "I see my parents. Ron sees himself finally besting his brothers. I was wondering,mid it's not too personal, what you see?" Harry said as he stopped in front of the mirror. You decided to use your sick sense of humor once again. "I saw myself, as a death eater," you said as you looked into the mirror. 'It's not a lie,' you thought. "A-a-a d-death e-eater?" Harry asked shocked as he grabbed his wand and edged through the door. "Don't worry! Hermione had cast a confundus charm on it when I saw that," you laughed. Harry relaxed and put his wand away. "Okay! You got me. So, what did you ACTUALLY see?" Harry persisted as he walked back toward the mirror. "I saw me with my mom and step-dad. I also with your parents. All of us were as happy as could be," you said as you stared into the mirror once more. You saw your mother; with her short brown hair, blue eyes, friendly smile, and blue shirt and skinny jeans; saw your step-father; his black hair crazy, his brown eyes so happy, a smile that had made your heart melt with sorrow, a plaid red shirt and jeans; saw you just as you were; saw Harry happier than he was at the moment; his father smiling, his glasses digging into his cheekbones, his green brown piercing your soul as if he were X-raying you, his green shirt tucked into his black pants with his wife at his side. Harry's mother, you thought, was as pretty as your mother! Her red hair cropping her face perfectly, her green eyes so kind, her purple shirt fit so perfectly and her black pants matching perfectly. Finally you were brought back to earth. "You Me with my family?" Harry asked with a hint of well-hidden appraisal in his voice. You nodded. You felt the tears on your face so you didn't face him. "Your heart's deepest desire is for BOTH of us to be happy?" He said. You nodded and chocked back the sobs as you said, "I know how miserable you are without them. So am I. For some reason it feels like, like, I knew them. Like they knew them. I would rather have you have your parents than me have mine," you said truthfully. You had stopped crying and turned to face Harry.
  9. Harry was staring at you in shock, admiration, sorrow, and hope. His expression was strange. "Harry, no offense but all the different emotions on your face, they make you look like a constipated elephant!" You joked. Harry dropped every emotion in his features and replaced them with happiness. "How do you even know what that looks like?" Harry asked. "I worked at a zoo, don't ask," you said, reliving your encounter with the largest elephant in the zoo. Harry laughed. "Thank you, Elentiya," he said. "Who?" You asked as you looked behind you to find no one. "You!" Harry laughed. "Okay, in that case, what the heck does Elentiya mean?" You asked. "Spirit that cannot be broken, that's you. Your mum was killed by your dad and you would rather have me meet my parents than you meeting her," Harry said as he hugged you. "Elentiya, I like that. I really do. Thank you Harry," you said. "Your welcome. That's what I'm going to call you from now on, Elentiya __{your last name}__," Harry said as he released you. You nodded and laughed. The two of you walked back to the common room in a better mood than when you'd left. You arrived at Gryffindor Tower in about ten minutes. The Fat Lady was still rather upset with you. "Do I have to let you in?" She asked once you had said the password. "If you don't want to be screamed at, I advise it," you snapped. The Fat Lady gave a heavy sigh and swung forward. "What was that about?" Harry asked. "We had a bit of a row earlier. It's amazing, I never thought that a portrait could hold a grudge for 15 minutes," you joked.
  10. Sorry! I know that this is a couple days late, but I had massive writers block so I hope it turned out okay. I'm sorry for the lack of options, but who is your Hogwarts BFF? Rate/comment/ the usuals. Also, what do you think of your new nickname? I was reading Throne of Glass and it was a name that I really took a liking to, and it truly does mean spirit that cannot be broken. Thanks!

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