Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 6)

Hello! Who will your Hogwarts Best Friend be? Only being a first year, not many things will heat up between you and your guy friends, and enemies. Good luck, thanks!

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Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. "It's all right. It's okay. Don't worry, I'm here," a comforting voice told you. "He-he, he killed her!" You shouted through sobs. "It's okay. Everything will be alright," the voice said again. You looked up to see Sonya holding you in a mother-like hug. "I-I just always thought, that he was a good man! Well, I guess I always wanted him to be!" You sobbed. "Shh-shh-sh-sh. It's alright now. You know what they say, it's always darkest before dawn," Sonya whispered. "In that case, I'll need sunglasses," you joked through sobs. Sonya chuckled and stood, "Would you like some?" You nodded, jokingly. "Accio sunglasses!" Sonya whispered. A pair of black, tinted sunglasses came whiz-zing through your open window. "Your-your a witch?" You asked, shocked. Sonya nodded. "Then why where you afraid of the owl?" You asked, attempting to catch your breath. "I thought it was for me. I noticed that it was a Hogwarts owl, and I didn't want Jonathan to know," Sonya replied. "Yeah, Blackwell can be a real pain in the-" You were cut off by Pyra landing on your shoulder. "Why do you call him Blackwell, anyway?" Sonya asked as you carried Pyra to your desk. "If I don't, he throws stuff at me and grounds me," you said matter-of-factly. Sonya thoughtfully nodded and allowed you to read your letter. It was from Harry.
  2. You tore it open. It read '_____, I'm so sorry about that. I know what it feels like, unfortunately. Although, I would like to give you as much information as possible, I'm afraid it would take pages upon pages. So I'll just tell you when you come back. Unfortunately we don't exactly know who your father is, only that he is dead; his name was blurred out and scribbled on. I'm sorry to tell you that you are like me, only they weren't killed by Voldemort. We did in fact find something, well Ron and I did, Hermione went home as well, she left the day after you did, N.F is a friend of Dumbledore's. See you in a few weeks, Harry.' You smiled and then cried. 'Harry is much less fortunate than me as far as parents go.' You thought, trying to smile through the pain. It turned out as more of a demented smirk than a smile. Sonya noticed your sudden breakdown. "Sh, sh. It's alright. What happened?" She said. You thrusted the letter into her hand and she read it. "Harry, Harry, Harry Potter. Oh, of course! Son of Lily and James Potter." Sonya said more to herself than you. "Hmm. So your name is ______ Blackwell? I think I remember someone having a daughter named _____ but her name wasn't Blackwell." You quickly noticed the comment and answered quickly. "I wasn't born a Blackwell. He's my cousin, on my mother's side, according to him anyway!" "Well, like Harry here, I'm afraid I don't know his name," you began to sulk. "But I do however have a picture of him, and your mother." Sonya finished. She began to fish around in her purse. "Why do you carry a picture of my father?" You asked. "Oh, it's not your father that tempted me to keep it, but your mother. She was my best friend." Sonya sighed as she pulled a book out of her seemingly-never-ending purse. "No wonder you seem so much like how I've always imagined her," you said, realizing how stupid it sounded, you laughed. Sonya nodded and flipped to the third page of the red, leather bound book.
  3. Sonya handed you the book with care. You looked at the picture. You saw a skinny woman, about 17, that had short brown hair and a friendly smile. Next to the woman was a plump man with red hair. "My mother was beautiful," you whispered. "My father. Well, he looks like a ferret gone wrong," you laughed with an icy tone. You stood from your seat at your desk and went to Sonya. "Thank you!" You whispered, hugging her. Sonya nodded and walked toward the door once she was released. She yelled back, "Oh! I remember something about your father. He was a Gryffindor and your mother was a Ravenclaw!" Sonya then trekked downstairs. You wrote a quick letter at your desk. 'To Harry, and Ron. Thanks guys! I have found out that my cousin's girlfriend was my mother's best friend. I have done very little so far. Also my cousin has a bombshell in store for himself. His girlfriend is a witch! She's also very nice, unlike him. I wish you both luck with your search. Also, happy almost Christmas! I'll send your gifts when I can. Love you both, _____' You sent Pyra through the window to deliver the message while you dressed for the winter weather. You put on a long-sleeved black and grey striped shirt, black sweatpants, and your fuzzy white boots. You ran downstairs while slipping on your Gryffindor hat and scarf. If anyone asked you would say you made it up and knitted them. "Blackwell! I'm going out, don't wait up. I'll probably be back tomorrow or tonight!" Without waiting for an answer you slammed the door behind you and ran through the snow.
  4. You ran a few blocks and stopped at a vacant street. You thrusted your right hand towards the road and yanked it back. You soon saw a purple triple-decker bus appear from nowhere and you toppled backwards in shock. It was the Night Bus: you had read about in the Hogwarts' archives. A tall, skinny man stepped from the bus. "What you doing on the ground?" He asked a little smug. "I've not gotten used to the sudden appearance of the bus," you snarled. The man straightened his black, tattered necktie. It contrasted quite nicely with his tattered brown jacket and pants. The man, you guessed who was in his teens, fished for something in his pocket. When he had found it he began to read from it. "Welcome to The Night Bus. A great way to travel for the standard witch or wizard. I am Stan Shunpike and I shall be your conductor for this evening." Here he cleared his throat and gestured, actually he shoved, you into the bus. He grabbed your brown trunk and made a scene of hoisting it into the luggage cart. "Where 'ou 'eaded?" A Jamaican voice asked from nowhere. You turned to see a green shrunken head with dreadlocks. It was talking. You gave him the name of the street that Hermione lived on, and sat on one of the couches. It was still day so they hadn't yet been replaced with beds. The shrunken head suddenly shouted, "Yeah, yeah. Take it away Ernie!" A man with grey hair bolted upright from the steering wheel, gave an evil laugh, and floored it! You were quickly pulled to the back of the bus where you almost broke a window. Although you did put a dent in the rear of the bus. "OOWW!!!" You shouted, having your voice drowned out by the shrunken head. Although you couldn't quite hear what it said, it sounded like, "Hi, the lounge races," but you had enough knowledge to know that that wasn't what he had said. You guess it was something along the lines of, "Why the long faces." After about five seconds you arrived at the far side of town. 'Wow! What is one hour by car, is five seconds by bus!? Huh!' You thought as you left the train. After about five minutes of walking you reached Hermione's house. It was 7:30 and you knew the Grangers didn't go to bed until at least 10:00. Yet you still felt weird standing on their doorstep, although you didn't know why. You rang the doorbell as a beautiful chime echoed in your ears.
  5. After the third chime, the door was opened. The man who opened the door, whom you didn't recognize but knew as Mr. Granger, looked like Mr. Weasley but with a longer face and brown hair. You suddenly realized why you were so awkward: you hadn't been to Hermione's house in a couple of years. "Um, Mr. Granger? Sorry to show up uninvited, but may I come in? I need to speak to Hermione, it's urgent," you said while your cheeks heated themselves. The man looked you over, "Sorry, but I can't do that miss. Because I don't know who you are." You shook you head, embarrassed, and replied. "My apologies, sir. I'm _______ Blackwell, sir." You thrust your hand toward Hermione's father. Mr. Granger smiled an unfriendly smile and shook your hand reluctantly. After about half a second of hand shaking, Mr. Granger stepped away from the door. You saw Hermione's mother on the red love seat, looking quizzically at her husband. When she saw you enter the room, she nodded and told you, "She's upstairs." You nodded, thanked the Granger parents, and walked quietly upstairs. After you had reached the landing to Hermione's bedroom, you had a plan.
  6. You tiptoed to Hermione's door, only to see that she was staring out the window. You heard a quick whimpering noise and saw her shoulders shake up and down. You quietly walked to her and stood behind her, quietly. "She'll hate me now! I ignore for months and I tell her through an owl?! I was afraid, I shouldn't be in Gryffindor!" Hermione shouted, making herself cry more. You decided to abandon your previous plan to scare the living daylights out of her, and became the concerned best friend. You sat down beside her and asked jokingly, "Alright, who's gonna hate you now? I'll slap them upside the head for it!" Hermione still jumped and sobbed more. You put your arm around her shoulders in a sisterly way and allowed her to cry. "Hermione? What's wrong? Shhhhh shhhh sh. Calm down, and tell me, Hermione," you whispered. Hermione took deep breaths, shuddered, and then calmed down. "How can you not be yelling at me!? Why aren't you saying to keep away from you?" Hermione asked. "Why would I yell at you Hermione? Your my best friend! Now tell me, what is wrong?" You whispered. You knew how fragile Hermione was, and raising your voice would just make it worse. Hermione gave a whimper and you patted her shoulder. She finally decided to stop crying and tell you what she was so worked up about, even though you already knew. She flung her arms around you and sobbed. "_______, I am so sorry! I shouldn't have ignored you. I'm as cowardly as a Slytherin crossed with a Hufflepuff! I was just so afraid that you would hate me! I'll-" You cut her off, "Hermione. You were as brave as a Gryffindor times a million! Anyone would have been worried about that! I'm sure that Godric Gryffindor himself would've been afraid to tell his best friend that their father was a murderous brute! You were right to be afraid, but I do not hate you! Now, calm down. I am sad that you ignored me, (Hermione nodded and cried again) BUT you had a good reason. If I'd had known something like that about you, I'd have ignored you too. Even if I didn't like it." Hermione nodded and began to cry into your shoulder again. You just gently made shushing sounds as Hermione gathered herself.
  7. Hermione slowly pulled herself together. Once she had, your sweater was tear soaked, but you didn't mind. She sighed, "Thank you _____. You always know how to make me feel better." "It's alright. Wow! *looks at phone* You've been crying for an hour! You must have drained yourself! I'll go get you some water." You stood up and walked to the kitchen. "Excuse me. Mrs. Granger may I get a bottle of water? (Mrs. Granger nodded) Also, I'm not meaning to pry, but how long has Hermione been crying?" Mrs. Granger sighed and said, "Before you came, as soon as you replied to her owl." You nodded, "I'm sorry about that, but she's alright now." Mr. and Mrs. Granger nodded in unison. You thanked them and headed back to Hermione's room. When you arrived Hermione was laying on her bed, eyes shut. You knew that her eyes just hurt from crying, so you decided to scare her again. You tiptoed to her bed, jumped and screamed. Hermione immediately jumped up, grabbed her wand, and asked ''What?!" You just shook your head and laughed. Hermione sighed, chuckled and laid down once again. "Hermione? Are you........mad at me?" You asked anxiously. "No, why?" She asked as she quickly sat up. "It's just. Well, your parents don't seem too fond of me at the moment." You admitted, ashamed. "Oh, they're being stupid. They think that it's your fault I was crying because I started crying when I read your letter." Hermione stated, sadly. "Oh," you sighed sadly. "They're honestly just being idiots. I tried to tell them that it was the fact that you wrote so calmly in your letter that made me cry," Hermione said matter-of-factly. You nodded, still a little upset. Hermione nodded and bit her lip looking sad. 'Okay, Hermione is getting that look on her face that she gets when she is about to cry, so let's change the subject' you thought. What do you wish to change the subject to?
  8. Before you could change the subject, Hermione already had. "______? ______? What do you think? Hello?" Hermione was now waving her hand in your face. You snapped back to reality, "What? Huh? Sorry, zoned out," you muttered, averting your eyes from the window. Hermione sighed, "I said, I wonder what Harry and Ron would like for Christmas. What do you think?" "Hmm, if I know Harry he will probably get something awesome from the professors, he already has a broom. How about, hmm," you trailed off, thinking, while resting your chin on your hand. Hermione offered, "How about a new textbook?" "No, Hermione. I know that you love your studies, but they'd rather eat Hippogriff dung!" You joked. Hermione nodded quietly. "Oh! How about a sneak-scope?!" You smiled. "What's that? I mean why would Harry want one?" Hermione asked. "It's like one of those spinning tops, only it spins when someone untrustworthy is near. He has a lot of people who like him, use him, and hate him, so it might come in handy." You replied. Hermione nodded. "You can get him a sneak scope, I have something for him that goes along with it," you said. "What about Ronald?" Hermione asked. "Hermione, did you honestly just meet him? He'll love it as long as it's edible!" You joked. Hermione laughed and nodded. "I'll get him $20 worth of candy from a muggle store! He might enjoy something new!" Hermione explained. As soon as she had finished you practically shouted, "Introduce him to the wonderful world of Reese's and Hershey's!" Hermione nodded. "I've got to go. Christmas Eve is tomorrow!" You said as you left. "Can I come over for Christmas Eve and stay for Christmas? We celebrated Christmas yesterday" Hermione asked. You suddenly realized that Hermione had never been to your house on holidays, you also realized that you hadn't mentioned your father which is why you came. "ABSOLUTELY!" You shouted. Then you left.
  9. 11. Once you had descended the stairs, you realized that it was now 9:30. As you reached the living room, the Grangers gave you an evil glare. You went off, "Look, I didn't make Hermione cry! In fact, she was crying because of herself! She was worried that I would hate her because she ignored me for months just to tell me that my dad murdered my mum! She was crying because she was worried! If you want to know more, ask her!" You shouted as you began to cry. Hermione's parents were taken aback by your sudden outburst. You ran outside, crying. After about ten minutes of crying and cursing your father under your breath, "Why did the god ---- man exist? Why couldn't the mother ------ have just died before he killed her? I mean what the he** is wrong with him? The only piece of s*** excuse I can think of is that the b**** was f****** mental!" You stuck you right arm toward the road, unknowingly, and almost got run over by the Night Bus. Luckily the shrunken head watches for trafic! The bus stopped less than 2 yards away from you. You instructed the shrunken head to take you home once you had a boarded the bus. You the laid down on one of the many white beds scattered throughout the bus. After about five minutes: you'd had to stop to pick up a few other witches and wizards, you arrived home.
  10. Once you entered the redecorated kitchen, you noticed something that you wished you hadn't: Sonya and Jonathon having a swear-off. "You're a f****** witch?! You should burn at the stake and go to h***!!!!" Blackwell shouted. You noticed Sonya crying, wand in hand. "You god d***, insensitive, s*** for brains muggle!!" Sonya shouted as she sent a shield between Blackwell and herself as he threw things at her. They continued to shout. 'I can't use my wand, it's broken. I can't hurt either of them. What can I do?' You thought as your eyes bolted around the room. "Aaahhhh!" You heard Sonya scream. Blackwell had begun throwing knives at her. Sonya's wand had been snapped in half by the largest steak knife in the kitchen, causing the shield to vanish. You'd had enough. "Shut the f****** h*** up you b******s!!!!!" You shouted as loud as you could as you threw a handful of glass plates on the ground. Blackwell stared at you, deranged. You hoped that he would put the knives down, but just in case you gripped the nearest item to defend yourself. Blackwell had a look of bloodlust in his eyes as he pulled another knife from the drawer. He threw it at you, only missing your head by a foot. You noticed the drunken way that he walked, and took advantage of it. You ran towards Blackwell with four sharp knives. 'I won't kill him' you thought as you saw the disturbed look on Sonya's face. You tackled Blackwell to the ground, shoving the knives through his pant legs and sleeves. You had only pinned him down for the knives hadn't collided with any piece of skin, although, you knew it would only work for a moment. Sonya was now bawling her eyes out as she grabbed her severed wand. "Go get your trunk, ______. It's not fit for you to live here any longer." Sonya demanded. You nodded and asked, "Where are we going? And when we get there, can I go shopping? It is almost Christmas Eve and I have a few gifts to send." Sonya shook her head, "You are coming to live with me. And I'm afraid that I can't allow you to send your gifts at the moment, you can hand them back at school." "Oh, I understand. Thank you, Sonya!" You said as you ran to your room.
  11. When you arrived at your blue and green room, you realized, you wouldn't miss it. You didn't spend very long reminiscing, but you quickly packed. You'd had to take a few garbage bag to put all your things in. You'd never unpacked your Hogwarts' trunk so you laid it on your bed as you packed everything else. You saw that Pyra had returned, but she didn't have a letter. You let the black owl in and scrawled a quick note. 'Sorry, can't send gifts. Will give them out at school. I almost had a knife through my head, so I'm moving in with Blackwell's, now ex-girlfriend. Sorry again! Wish me luck, ______. P.S. Send this to Hermione ASAP, she is expecting to come to Blackwell's tomorrow!' You sent Pyra to Hogwarts with it. After you had cleaned out your closet and all of your possessions, you left your room without a second glance. You dragged your items down the stairs with not much difficulty. You had piled everything onto your trunk and tied them in place with the rope from your window ladder, which you had decided to leave behind. "Ready to go, ______?" Sonya asked as she dragged the drunken Blackwell to the nearest couch. You nodded as you joined her with the task. You glanced at the clock, midnight. After you had dragged Blackwell's seemingly lifeless body to the living room, Sonya and yourself walked away without a single regret. "So, I guess it's too late to head to Diagon Alley?" You asked. Sonya nodded, "Why?" "A troll broke my wand in half on Halloween," you calmly explained while pulling your severed wand from your pocket. Sonya nodded and said that she'd need a new one soon, as well. The two of you walked in silence for about two miles through the snow. Until Sonya broke the silence, "_______, do you still wish to carry the name of Blackwell?" You shook your head. "Okay, how about we change your last name to __{your last name}__?" Sonya asked. You nodded vigorously, '______ ______? It suits me.' You thought. Finally, the cold became too much. "Sonya? Do you have a car? Or maybe we can take the Night Bus to your house? Or are we walking?" You asked, shivering. "My car broke down at your cousin's house. No, we cannot take the Night Bus because I don't wish to be in debt to Stan Shunpike again, so I guess we'll walk another few miles," Sonya answered with a sigh. You nodded as you added a few more layers to you outfit.
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