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Hey guys! So sorry for my lack of inactivity! I've been in a slump for a while and had writers block. I have also been busy trying to come up with original ideas for my Wattpad series "The Lost Daughter of Hogwarts"! Well, I hope you like this and please comment!

Recap: Last edition was @chopinssonata's edition! Special thanks to her and her awesome ideas! You went to Hogsmead, broke your wand, and Draco scared Neville. Hope you like it! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. A week has passed since the Hogsmead trip and, still, no one knew what had become of Mrs. Norris. The staff had received letters of complaints from Madame Rosmerta, the Three Broomsticks bartender, about her over flowing pub. She had said that it was good for business, but it was much too crowded. Upon receiving similar letters from Zonko's, the joke shop, and Honeydukes, the candy shop, Dumbledore decided that the trip was to remain for third year student and above. It was breakfast and things had already begun to have drama and hilarity!
  2. Ron reached for the blood red envelope in his bird, Errol's, mouth with a quivering, pale hand. "Hey, Weasley, what's the howler for!?" Seamus asked loudly. Laughter rang trough the hall and you shot them all a threatening look. "Ron, if you don't open it, it's going to explode," you told him matter-of-factly. He nodded and popped open the letter from the gold seal. "RONALD WEASLEY!" Mrs. Weasley's voice echoed through the hall. Ron was pale with fright of his mother as the shouting continued. "HOW DARE YOU STEAL THAT CAR?! I AM ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!! YOUR FATHER'S NOW FACING AN INQUIRY AT WORK AND IT'S ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT! IF YOU PUT ANOTHER TOE OUT OF LINE WE WILL BRNG YOU STRAIGHT HOME!!!" It shouted as it lifted itself into the air. The floating letter turned towards Ginny and calmly said, "Oh, and Ginny dear. Congratulations on making Gryffindor! Your father and I are so proud." You couldn't help but laugh at the sudden change of tone in her voice. It went from 'I'm gonna kill this twit!' to 'My lovely sweet child!' Ron looked as if he was about to vomit and Harry had an expression a thousand words couldn't explain! The hall erupted in more laughter than it had the day you howled back at the howler. And that is saying something! The laughter died down and you and the Golden trio ate your breakfast. After Harry an Ron explained that a tree had nearly killed them, they're lucky not to be expelled, and Ron's wand is now broken it was time for class.
  3. After you completed almost all of your classes, in which nothing interesting occurred, the four of you walked to DADA. The room was full of smiling pictures of Lockhart and of his books. "Ego maniac," you mumbled as you sat with Hermione. "Shove off, _{Nick name}_! He's awesome," she said dreamily. "Hermione where did your common sense go? Apparently you don't realize he's a complete phony!" You said. She slapped your arm and continued to gaze at the Professor as he walked in. "Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Now I must warn you: you might find yourself facing the worst in this very room. It's my job to prepare you for these things so please do not scream it might provoke them!" Lockhart introduced as he pulled a cloth from a bird cage. "Pixies?!" You asked disappointedly. "Freshly caught, actually. They are actually quite a burden. Let's see what you make of them!" He corrected as he opened the cage. A mob of pixies flew out and everyone began to panic. Well, everyone except you. "Pesky pixie pestranomi!" Lockhart chanted to no avail. A pack of pixies took his wand and snapped a chain that suspended a dinosaur skeleton from the ceiling. There was a group of Slytherins under it so they would get crushed! "Can't believe I'm doing this," you whispered as you pushed the group out of the way. The entire group that you had just saved where enemies of yours! You ducked down as you saw there was no way you'd be able to move out from under it. You put your head between your knees and wrapped your arms protectively around your head and neck. The bones would have killed you if you had been standing! Even though it didn't kill you, you could here a few of your own bones crack. "Thank you," one of the Slytherins told you once they could see you. "Anytime," you wheezed as Hermione, Harry, and Ron helped you up. You yelped in pain as you tried to walk. "Let me fix this," Lockhart said bravely as he whipped out his wand. "No thank you. This is more of Madame Pomfrey's area," you said quickly. "No need to bother her, I'll just fix you up in here," he protested. "No, I'd rather have Madame Pomfrey do it. Plus, I'm afraid you'll mess the spell up and make me a lump on the floor," you argued. "Now, now. You're just delusional!" Lockhart smiled. "Help me," you whispered to Ron. "How about I take her down to the hospital wing?" Ron offered. You let out a breath of relief. Without waiting for an answer from Lockhart, Ron picked you up piggyback style and left the room.
  4. "Thank you so much!" You told him as the door behind you shut leaving the two of you in the corridor. "Anytime. A nutcase, old Lockhart is," Ron responded as he carried you up the stairs. You nodded and rested your had against him as you fell deep in unconsciousness and eventually into a coma.
  5. You awoke in the hospital wing a few days later to see Hermione by your bedside. "Hermione!" You squealed and tried to sit up. "You're awake! I was so worried about you, _{Nick name}_!" She looked up from her book. It was easy enough to tell that she had been crying and hadn't slept in days! "What did I miss for classes?" You asked groggily. "I'll teach you later. We don't have any homework! Not even from Snape!" She answered. "How long was I out?" You asked as you examined your now blood stained hands. "About a week," she answered shyly as she let her bushy hair fall into her face. "A week?!" You shouted. "Yeah. Ron said you passed out just outside of Lockhart's room. Said he carried you up the rest of the way here. Harry, Ron, Neville, even Malfoy, and I have been watching over you to make sure you'd wake up. Started to get scared after day three," sh regaled. "Any more been petrified?" You asked while fearing the answer. "No, thankfully. Just Norris. I'll bet my entire library that it was just the twins pulling a sick prank," she rolled her brown eyes. "That positive?" You joked. She laughed and it lifted your spirits. You felt so good that you attempted to get up. Hermione pulled the covers from you and you were in a new set of school robes but your torso was harder and bulkier. "I thought nurses couldn't put twelve year olds on steroids!" You joked as Hermione helped you to your feet. "It's called a turtle shell, Miss. ________. Be thankful because if you didn't have it you'd be skin flavored pudding," Madame Pomfrey bustled over to you. "Better than what Lockhart've done to me," you muttered with a smile. It was the last class when you'd finally gotten your things from Gryffindor tower. Well, actually Hermione got them for you. Said you weren't strong enough to climb so many stairs yet.
  6. Lucky you, you had DADA as your first class! You were fearing the worst as the two of you walked through the door. Instead you saw the entire class writing notes that were written on the board. No, not notes. They were lines! They said, 'Next time a student is in danger during this class I promise to help them.' "A bit contradictory, don't you think?" You announced yourself. Everyone's attention turned to you. "Well, Professor. As a teacher it is you job to care for any and all students in your classroom at the current time. If you actually battled a banshee then why can't you have enough courage to push a student out from under a falling dinosaur? If a twelve year old can do it, then surely it must be insulting if you can't top a scone year," you hobble to your seat with Hermione's help. "Sharp tongue, sassy attitude, she's back!" A Slytherin shouted happily. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I know you," you turned to the girl. "Name's Nikila. Friends call me Niki," she answered and walked toward your desk. "_{first name}_. You can call me _{Nick name}_," you shook her hand with the one that had the least blood on it. "Nice to meet you, _{Nick name}_," she smiled. "The feeling is the same, Niki," you smiled and she walked away. "This is a classroom, not a playground," Lockhart said kindly. "Might as well be. Be of more use then," you muttered while looking at your book.
  7. A few minutes before class let out Lockhart grabbed even your attention! "Well! Ever since the incident with the Caretaker's cat, Dumbledore has allowed to construct a little dueling club. Anyone wishing to participate need only meet in the Entrance Hall after dinner," he announced. "You going?" Hermione asked as the bell rang. "Yea!" You smiled as you walked to dinner. The four of you; you, Hermione, Harry, and Ron; sat at the Gryffindor table. The good was already on the table and Neville had piled your plate high with fruits, vegetables, and a few BBQ wings (your choice on why you eat). "You need to eat. Haven't done so in a week," Neville explained as you looked at the mountainous plate. "Yea, _{nick}_, we've got Quidditch tomorrow," Harry said as he sat across from Ron and next to Neville and Hermione. "You mean, I still get to play?" You asked amazed. "According to Wood. Don't believe me? Go ask him," Harry answered Ashe pointed down the table to the seventh year. You stood up, with Ron's help for you still hadn't gotten used to being in the turtle shell, and walked to Oliver. "Hey, Oliver!" You announced yourself. "Hey, _{first}_!" He responded as he saw you. "I was just wondering whether or not I'm still on the team?" You asked. "As long as you can fly, you can play! Been thinking over the summer: Alicia gets hurt way more than she should. Like to be permanent chaser?" He asked. "Oh my gosh, yes!" You smiled. "See you at the game tomorrow. Have Harry tell you what you've missed," Oliver answered. You smiled and squealed in your mind ad did a mental victory dance. "Ok, thanks!" You breathed gratefully.
  8. He nodded and you went back to your original seat. You slapped Ron in the head as he was eating your dinner. He groaned and rubbed the back of his head as he devoured a golden apple. You rolled your ______ eyes and grabbed another golden apple from the basket. You ate it in silence and once you finished you suggested to the Golden Trio that it'd be best to go back to the common room early
  9. Thanks guys! I hope you liked it! Please comment, rate, the usuals! Also please deck tummy series on Wattpad!!! I would prefer you read both, but if not please read 'The Lost Daughter of Hogwarts'! Thanks, bye! Accio results.
  10. Sorry it has taken me forever to update!

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