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  • Your Result: Dylan

    "John is bringing Dylan over!" mom shouts 2 you from down stairs. You take another look in your bedroom mirror, hair is not beautiful but presentable, face has a few spots on it, freckles sprinkled across your nose. Ok so maybe you aren't the most gorgeous girl in school but hey, your happy. John is my dad's closest friend and Dylan is his son. You have known each other since u were young. He is like you, not outrageously attractive. He is more, subtle sexy. You have grown to like him. The knock at the door sound to alarm in you head that must be Dylan. Your answer the door and come face to face with, not Dylan, but Jason, your boyfriend. It may sound weird, but you like Dylan more. "Um, hey," You mumble, slightly unhappy he is here. "Wanna come for a spin?" Jason asks, glancing at his new car. Ugh, the car, it is all the jock talks about. I see a new car pull into your driveway, Dylan *sigh* you are head over heels. "You know what Jason..."

  • Beck hmm I LIKE HIM

  • Lol, Taylor. I don't wear glasses, but I think it's just unfair to be associated with the 'nerdy' type just because you wear them. Me for example, am extremely nerdy and I don't wear glasses, but even though I am a nerd loads of people hang out with me, and we're friends. Sorry, just making a point, and good quiz :]

    Loony Luna
  • TAYLOR!!!

  • beck :P

  • Like, wow that was cool. You totally got me. Can't wait for your next quiz...............

    Patty Cakes

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