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  • Ashwinder Ash, and yes I am in Slytherin, haha! I'm not evil though, well, not entirely ;)

    GrayArtist Jan 20 '13, 8:23PM
  • Phoenix Feather, awesome.

    infrarojos Jan 8 '12, 1:13PM
  • Runespor Fang

    chaz55 Aug 29 '11, 6:28PM
  • Your Harry Potter Wand Core
    Your Result: Runespoor Fang
    Best for those who deal with Dark Magic. For example and auror, As it is not usually used for evil, just against it. It is fairly rare, but not as rare as the Chimeara Scale. a runespoor by the way is a three-headed snake from the African nation of Burkina Faso. Runespoor grow to six or seven feet. They are bright orange with black stripes. You may make a connection to Slytherin with this core, but in just as many cases, the owner of this wand core is a Gryffindor.

    lorelie Jun 5 '11, 3:52PM

    Horseluver May 5 '11, 3:03PM
  • This was a great quiz! My results were really accurate, though I think chimera scale is the core for me. But that and ashwinder ash are basically tied, so yeah. good quiz =D

    Your Harry Potter Wand Core
    Your Result: Ashwinder Ash
    Casts the best protection charms. In other words you are probably quite good at defencive work. This can also be quite a dark or even evil core, Im guessing you are in slytherin? no doubt. An Ashwinder, if you were wondering, looks like a pale-grey serpent with glowing red eyes. A bit like Lord Voldemort..! I daresay you are a deatheater? Thought so!

    Chimaera Scale
    Veela hair
    Phoenix Feather
    Dragon Heartstring
    Hippogriff Talon
    Runespoor Fang
    Unicorn Tail Hair

    rinabear Apr 23 '11, 9:12PM
  • Pheonix Feather.. very nice

    Music is Life Mar 26 '11, 8:54PM
  • Runespoor fang! Who would've thought of that?

    Roseheart Mar 21 '11, 2:44PM
  • Your Result: Hippogriff Talon

    Excellent for Charm Work. This wand commands respect. This is a more 'masculent' or Tough wand you could say. I'm guessing your strongest subject is charms? especially if your wand is made from Holly. In that case you are quite The Charms expert!

    ShatteredStorm Mar 19 '11, 1:08PM
  • Yes! I got a unicorn tail hair for wend core.

    Shadow Wind Nov 14 '10, 9:31PM
  • yay. mine is a phoenix feather!
    but I was expecting my wand's core to be a veela hair.:3

    corednaw Sep 8 '10, 8:33AM
  • It says that I have a chimera scale wand core, which is supposed to be very rare and powerful. Yay I get an extremely rare and powerful wand!

    rinabear Feb 10 '10, 9:11PM
  • I like your quiz. I don't think I've seen a Harry Potter quiz about wands before.

    omega13a Feb 6 '10, 10:17PM
  • Great quiz :)
    but why is it that Cedric's name is capitalized, whilst Ron's isn't? Doth I detect some favoritism? *raises eyebrow*

    Lexi Aug 8 '09, 3:08PM

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