your conversation with one direction

this is my first quiz ever. it will probably suck. no mean comments please. smooches:). *directioners only* i hate that we have to have 150 letters or more. i dont know what else to write. Lol. Spongebob

see how your conversation with one direction will go. will they love you, hate you or will you creep them out. take the quiz to find out. peace:p random time

Created by: kiarra

  1. hi im harry and this is niall louis zayn and liam
  2. whats your name?
  3. pretty name for a pretty girl
  4. so whats your favorite color
  5. whos your favorite member
  6. what do you like to do
  7. cool. well we gotta go. nice meeting you
  8. random time
  9. please comment and rate
  10. bye

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Quiz topic: My conversation with one direction