How much do you know about 1D?

The boy band One Direction is a worldwide hit! Almost everyone has at least heard their name. They released many songs, like "Up All Night", "What Makes You Beautiful", and "I Want".

One Direction is so popular, that they even have a title for a big 1D fan: a "Directioner". True "directioners" can only be determined by how much you know about One Direction. In my quiz, you can find out how much you REALLY know, and how much of a "Directioner" you are.

Created by: 1D_4_ever

  1. What is Niall's natural hair color?
  2. Who is Kevin?
  3. Who came up with the name "One Direction?"
  4. Who sings this part of "One Thing"?: "I can't ever be brave, cuz you make my heart race"
  5. What is Zayn's birthday?
  6. Which fact about Harry is true?
  7. How many times did Liam audition for X factor?
  8. Who does Louis share an apartment with?
  9. What country is Niall from?
  10. What year was One Direction on Britain's Got Talent?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about 1D?