Your Bound to Be Pokémon

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Pokemon are Unique and this is a quiz only based on 001-010, Unfortunately that only includes the Kanto Starter Lines and Caterpie, so ya. Enjoy and find your Bound Pokemon from this very short quiz!

Whatever you decided between these 10 choices may be good, bad extraordinary, true, incorrect or even ironic, but whatever the decision this is a quiz online, and every online quiz CAN have limits and this one reaches those limits quite early.

Created by: FIRE

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose a Pokemon Type
  2. Choose a Grass Move (f you picked grass)
  3. Choose a Fire Move (if you picked fire)
  4. Choose a Water Move
  5. Pick a Bug Move (if you picked bug)
  6. Pick your Pokeaura
  7. Pick an Creature
  8. Are your Skybound or Earthbound?
  9. Are you Eco-Friendly
  10. Are you Kind or Mean

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Quiz topic: My Bound to Be Pokémon