What Kanto starter Pokemon are you???

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Hey guys! Dovewingfan again! I'm back with a new quiz; one that's different from all the others! It's a (drumroll plz) ..... Pokemon quiz! It's my first ever one!!!

I hope you enjoy the quiz! If you don't know what pokemon are it's ok. Please like or leave a comment. If you can i understand (i can't either D:)Anyway, enjoy!!! <3

Created by: Dovewingfan

  1. Dovewingfan: hi! I'm the host of this quiz! If you are taking this quiz, you probably know what Pokemon are. If you don't; GET SOME INFO BUB!!! Jk! I'm a nice person. If you don't know what Pokemon are, this might give you some basic info about it. Well, each of my Pokemon will ask one question, and i will ask 4 of them. So, the first question is (drumroll please)
  2. Dovewingfan: ok, the first question is what weather do you prefer?
  3. Dovewingfan: ok, please welcome my first Pokemon. From the Kalos region, he was my first Pokemon, and therefore my starter! Give it up for.... Fenn the Delphox!!!Fenn: hey everyone! I'm Fenn, and I'm here to ask you a question. What do you expect in a freind?Dovewingfan: ooh nice question.
  4. Fenn: welp, bai everyone! Dovewingfan: ok, welcome my second pokemon... Fletch the Talonflame!!!Fletch: hey!!! My question is... What do you think of Pokemon?
  5. Fletch: welp see ya!!Dovewingfan: ok for the fourth question we have Rala the Gardivoir!!!Rala: ok what is your favorite color?Dovewingfan: um aren't you supposed to be the smart one???Rala: shut up or i will release a black hole on you all.
  6. Rala: bye yall *uses teleport*Dovewingfan: *sigh* ok next up is my Florges, Flora!Flora: hi dere :3 !!! My question is where would you like to live?
  7. Dovewingfan: Flora you have to go nowFlora: awww do I has to???? D:Dovewingfan: yes. I know you're clingy and all, but it's someone else's turn to ask a question.Flora: awww byeDovewingfan: and next up we have Bulba the VenasuarBulba: hello! Ok, so what do you like to do in your spare time???
  8. Bulba: bye guys!Dovewingfan: ok here's my last pokemon, Eva the Sylveon!!!Eva: hi! Ok what's your favorite Eeveelution???Dovewingfan: oh no...*face palms*Eva: choose me OR ELSE I WILL MURDER YOUDovewingfan: Stop it Eva you will scare them all away :|Eva: NEVA!!! >:3
  9. Dovewingfan: um ok all my Pokemon have asked there questions so ima ask this last one. What's your favorite Kanto pokemon? (besides the starters)
  10. Dovewingfan: well, i has to go, so bye now!!! *waves*

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Quiz topic: What Kanto starter Pokemon am I???