Which starter Pokemon are you

All Starter Pokémon are very cute. And all have different personalities. Did you assume Cyndaquil because he's cute, or did you feel, he resembled you, in a way?

Well, with the help of this Pokémon personality quiz, you can discover which 'Mon's personality is most like you! In a mere three minutes, you will be either Charmander,bulbasaur,squirtle,cyndaquil,chickorita,totodile,treeko,torchic or mudkip

Created by: Aditya parihar
  1. Which dual type you prefer for you
  2. What is your nature
  3. If you are given a choice to live somewhere. Where will you live .
  4. Do you have friends
  5. Which of the following Pokémon is your favourite
  6. Do you like mega evolution
  7. Do you support your friends every time
  8. What will you do when you get caught by a trainer
  9. What do you want to be in future
  10. Lastly are you worried about results

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