which basic pokemon are you?

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many pokemon fans wonder if thay would be charmander squirtle or bulbasur the three starter pokemon are you the happy and cute squirtle the hot and brave charmander or the wierd yet charming bulbasuar

well just find out in this simple and fun quiz the answers have pics on them and the questions are random! do what are you waiting for huh just start taking the quiz alredy!

Created by: violet679

  1. your walking in the woodz and you see a apple in a tree but its so far away how do you get it
  2. you eat the apple and you get cold (its winter) and you see a nice empty house
  3. whatever you clicket you went in and you see a murderer hideing in the shadows
  4. (this question is for girls onley if your a dude just pick "im a dude bro" (unless your gay)) your sitting on a bench and the man that you love walks up to you you say "hi" and he says "hi" and he stairs in your eyes the sun is sitting and he KISSIS YOU
  5. (this questinon is for guys onley (if your a girl just "ua pick im a girl.")) your sitting on a bench and the women you love walkes up to you you say "hi" hand she says "hi" and she stairs in your eyes the sun is sitting and she KISSES YOU
  6. what color do you purfur better out of thise
  7. if you had to poop and pee relly bad but you could onley do one witch one would you choose
  8. do you like chocolete vanilla or strawberry
  9. witch is your fave whether
  10. (this will not effect your answer) did you like this quiz and will you comment/rate

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Quiz topic: Which basic pokemon am I?