Which Starter Pokemon is Your Partner?

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Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokemon! Instead of asking whether you're a boy or a girl, I'll ask you a series of questions to determine which of the starter Pokemon, from the Kanto and Johto regions, is best suited to be your partner.

The humble starter Pokemon is the very basis of your entire team. And even more than that, it is the first Pokemon you form a bond with. That is why it's important you have compatible personalities. This quiz has the starter Pokemon from the first two generations as results. Be warned: this is not a quiz you can "cheat" on. The questions and answers are not obvious, so answer honestly instead of trying to get a particular result. What you end up with may surprise you!

Created by: Mikey Morimoto
  1. Is it easy for you to stay relaxed under pressure?
  2. Do you enjoy trying new things? Or do you prefer sticking to what you know?
  3. What do you do when somebody disagrees with you?
  4. How do you react when faced with a problem or upsetting situation?
  5. What do you fear the most?
  6. What is the most important thing when it comes to raising Pokemon?
  7. Which description sounds the most like you?
  8. Which sounds the most like you when going on a Pokemon adventure?
  9. What would you most like to be admired for?
  10. Which of these flaws in your ideal partner - Pokemon or human - would you find the most endearing?
  11. Which of these is closest to your greatest flaw?
  12. You're walking through the woods on your way to the next town when you encounter a cave. You check your map, but the cave is nowhere to be seen on it. What do you do?
  13. You're in a new city and are offered a foreign food you've never heard of. Do you try it?
  14. Speaking of being in a new city, aside from being offered food, what's the first thing you do when you arrive?
  15. Finally, how would you react if you lost a battle?

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