What is your Kanto Starter?

Find out your perfect Kanto starter!You roll out of bed, just as your alarm clock beeps. You punch the alarm clock and jump out of bed, excited for the weeks ahead.. Yor becoming a Pokemon master!

You get changed and sprint to Professor Oak's house to get the Pokemon that will help you win it all! Rushing inside, you stare at the three Pokeballs in front of you. Who should you pick?...

Created by: claudia

  1. What clothes would you wear out of these:
  2. Would you rather
  3. Someone insults you. You...
  4. What food or drink would you rather have.
  5. In class do you..
  6. What team do you want out of these?
  7. If you had a Eevee would you evolve it into a..
  8. What is your favorite season?
  9. Pick out of these starters
  10. Thanks for taking this quiz!

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Quiz topic: What is my Kanto Starter?