What Pokemon Starter Are You?

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Ever wonder what your starter pokemon in you is now find out with this awesome quiz it is realistic funny and sweet please take this quiz and enjoy! (:

Also well if you get CHESPIN you loveeeee kitty pet food lol just kidding and well this quiz is my first and I'm young so that's why I'm crazy lol XD yeah.

Created by: AuroraFire
  1. What element do you prefer?
  2. Nature?
  3. You are walking and you see you bff getting attacked by a bully what will you do?
  4. What move do you like?
  5. What is your fav final evolution?
  6. Color?
  7. Vacation time!!
  8. Last one food?
  9. Just kidding here's another ugh Legendary?
  10. Eevee evolution?

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Quiz topic: What Pokemon Starter am I?