Which Kanto Starter Suits You?

Ah yes pokemon! Even if you haven't seen/played it yet its worldwide popularity makes it a very common thing, so I prepared this quiz about the original pokemon generation! Kanto!

You'll be looking at which of the 5 kanto starters ( eevee and pikachu included ) suits you best, in case your re-playing any kanto games or playing a pokemon game for the first time, consider using your results as a way of choosing your starter.

Created by: Falco
  1. Are you a boy or a girl?
  2. You come across a troublesome trainer with higher level pokemon than you, what do you do?
  3. Wdy do you play pokemon.
  4. Which gym leader did you find hardest?
  5. Which type of trainer are you?
  6. Which kanto game is your favourite?
  7. Which one? Your least favourite pokemon but incredibly strong or your favourite pokemon but really weak?
  8. If you were a gym leader what would your type specialty be?
  9. Now which if you were an elite four which of these would be your type.
  10. Wealth, fame , power. What does that remind you of.
  11. Which secondary type is best for you?
  12. Kanto or Kalos which would you choose your starter in? ( kanto starters are available in both of these regions )
  13. Which evil team would you join?
  14. You're facing of against champion Cynthia how does your starter manage?
  15. Are you red or blue? ( the pokemon characters )

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