What your Pokemon partner should say about you?

What does your starter pokemon say about you? The list is about Kanto pokemon. so..... Why do people even read this? Gah! Is this even nessassary? Man I hate having to right this...

Anyways.... Take my quiz and if you don't like the paragraph for this one.... I'm too lazy and there isn't much to write about the quiz. Why do we have to write this? It isn't nessassary. Gah!

Created by: Infinity 1000

  1. Your choice?
  2. -_-
  3. -_-
  4. -_-
  5. -_-
  6. It works for that question.... -_-
  7. >:(
  8. >:(
  9. >:(
  10. >:(

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Quiz topic: What my Pokemon partner should say about you?