Your Ballooning Superpower

Caution: This quiz is for people who are fans of any type of body inflation, and would like that to happen to them someday. If this doesn't sound anything like you, just leave.

What if you were gifted with the power to inflate yourself like a balloon? What if you can just concentrate on inflating any or every part of your body, and it magically begins to expand? What would you do? How big will you become? Out of the questions and answers provided, we'll see what happens next...

Created by: HummerSnacks of Patreon
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  1. If you were told to inflate yourself however you please, what would you wear while performing this stunt?
  2. If you were to inflate to any size, how big would you be?
  3. Which of these body parts would you try to inflate first?
  4. What do you like best about becoming a balloon?
  5. Would you want to deflate afterwards?
  6. If you were going to inflate yourself, where would be the best place to do it?
  7. If you were a balloon, would you enjoy keeping or losing your limbs?
  8. If you had a belt, would you want to keep it, or have it burst off?
  9. If you were a balloon, what evidence of your human self would you leave behind?
  10. You decide to give yourself a challenge to test your new power. What is it?
  11. Once you complete your challenge, how would you feel?
  12. According to the challenge you took, what would you want to do next?

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