Big Lebowski Trivia Challenge

You think you're a Lebowski fan. You think you know the movie inside and out. Well, we'll see about that. These aren't hard questions, but you have to really know your Lebowski.

Will you be in the next round-robin? Or will you be out of the tournament? Will you throw a strike? Or leave a 7-10 split? Will you be Logjammin, or will it be Gutterballs? Concentrate and good luck.

Created by: Mike Gardner
  1. How many times is the word "f---" and its variations said in the movie?
  2. How many times is the word "dude" spoken in the movie?
  3. How many times does the Dude say the word "man"?
  4. What type of car does the Dude drive?
  5. What was the subject of Larry's homework?
  6. Not told in the movie, but in an early draft of the script, what was the source of the Dude's income.
  7. What did Bunny's licence plate read?
  8. What was the amount of the Dude's check in the opening scene?
  9. What was the date of that check?
  10. What band did the Dude tell Maude he was a roadie for?
  11. What is the name on the Dude's last bowling shirt?
  12. How many White Russians does the Dude drink?
  13. What was Bunny's real name?
  14. Where was Bunny from?
  15. How many times does the Dude bowl?
  16. What term does Monty the landlord use to refer to his dance performance?
  17. Where did Jesus Quintana serve time for being a pederast?
  18. What is the name of Autobahn's only album?
  19. What color were the Dude's jelly sandals?
  20. In the first bowling scene, what did Donny say hew was throwing?

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